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Workouts and Training Tips

Football Training




Kbands Wall Drill


Speed Is Key – Increase Sprint Speed Now

Football players need to be able to change direction often and cover a lot of ground quickly.  With the Kbands Wall Drill football players will develop strength and power in their hips building speed fast.

Equipment Used: Kbands 


Knee Up For Speed and Cuts


Knees Up Help Speed Up

Most athletes look for ways to get faster.  Developing leg strength through sport specific agility drills you can increase quickness with game like cuts. 

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Speed 101 Training Program


Football Speed Trainer

Football players look to build speed with our Speed 101 Video Trainer. This program will help build football player's hip flexor strength, core stability and running speed.  

Equipment Used: Kbands


Football Core/Speed Training


Core Strength and Speed Training for Football

Since every motion in the body begins in the center, or core, core conditioning is a vital component of speed, agility and power. Core strength is especially important to football players who rely on control and explosivity for success on the field.

Equipment Used: KB Duo 


Lateral Stack


Kbands Defensive Lateral Stack

Defensive Lateral Stack involves a set of football speed and agility drills that can help players and coaches elevate their performance on the defense. Use this drill to build strength in the hip flexors, which can improve lateral quickness.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones, Ladder


Football Agility Drill With Kbands


Build Your Quick and Effective Lateral Moves

We often see football players who do a shuffle step or side step to juke their defender.  Speed and Agility drills that work the lateral shuffle and create great footwork give football players the extra skill they need.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


4 Corner Drill


Train to Gain Footwork Training

There are good running backs and there are great running backs.  Footwork matters!  Being able to effectively move in every direction quickly is a key component.  More info….

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones 


Football Crescent Jumps


Football Crescent Jumps

The Football Crescent Jumps are great way for football players to build power and explosiveness through lateral bounds. By incorporating a catch after each individual jump football players will enhance their skills greatly.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Progressive Sprinting Drill


Kbands Progressive Sprinting Drill | Sprinting Workouts

Sprinting workout: With three start variations you will build your speed with the progressive sprinting drill. Spend time focussing on start technique as well as top-end speed throughout this Advanced level sprint drill. 

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Resisted Runner


Football Drills: KB Duo Resisted Runner

To generate power and explosivity off the line, football players need strong hip flexors, a stable core, and fast reflexes. This drill can help build all three, and it requires only a partner, a KB Duo for each pair, and a few yards of sprinting space on the field.

Equipment Used: KB Duo 


Cone Drill FX Video Trainer


Build Explosive Acceleration and Deceleration 

Football is all about being able to stop, change direction and accelerate quickly around defenders. Build explosive acceleration and deceleration today with our Cone Drill FX Video Trainer. 

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones 


Plyo Push-up


Football Power and Strength Training 

Strength training moves like the plyometric push-up and the inverted push-up rely on suspension training principles to increase power in the upper arms, chest and core.

Equipment Used: KB Duo 


3 Cone Drill


Get Ready For the Draft Using the 3 Cone Drill

The Kbands 3 Cone Drill will help football players build circular speed. Use resistance training to opitmize your results and build better footwork for quicker times. 

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Side To Side Agility


Muscle Up – Football Bag Drills to Run Faster

Compete at a higher level and maximize your potential with Kbands football speed and agility bag drills.  Develop quick feet and fast legs to fire off the line.  Read on….

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Kbands W Drill


Football Defensive Drills: The Kbands W Drill

Defenders trying to intercept the ball need a low center of gravity, fast feet, and powerful hips. The maneuvering and backpedalling involved in the W drill can build skill and strength in these areas.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


1-2-3 Reaction Pro Video Trainer


Foot Speed With Ladder Training

RLadder training is one of the best ways for football players to increase foot speed for better jukes and cuts. Work through 1-2-3 Reaction Pro's ladder sequences for big results. 

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Overspeed Accelerator


Overspeed Accelerator Training Program

Utilize assisted sprint training techniques to improve your top-end speed with Overspeed Accelerator. The Overspeed Accelerator Training program includes full video demonstrations as well as downloadable breakdown sheets to help you train anywhere. 

Equipment Used: Reactive Stretch Cord


Kbands Dynamic Suicide Sprint Drill


Dynamic Suicide Sprint Drill

Build your conditioning today with the Dynamic Suicide Sprint Drill. With three sequences you will challenge both drop step quickness, as well as, leanear speed. Get started today with a complete workout breakdown linked above. 

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Football Explosiveness


Strength Drills For Football Players

Real strength and performance on the football field come from total body training exercises that tax the muscles of the core, quads, hip flexors and upper body all at the same time.


KB Duo Partner Pulls


The KB Duo Dynamic Row

Dynamic core strength training can help football players build the stability and power they need for success in any position. Both offensive and defensive maneuvers benefit from flexibility and agility in the muscles of the lower back, abs, and hip flexors. 

Equipment Used: KB Duo


Football Warm Up Drills


Warm Up to Prevent Injury

Get the blood flowing with a good warm up that will get the legs and body moving and ready to perform.  Learn why it is important to improve performance and decrease the chance of injury.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Kbands Scramble Pro


Scramble Pro Drill

Increase multi-directional speed and quickstep agility movements with the Scramble Pro Drill. This unique intense drill will challenge every movement building faster feet and more efficient body control.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Vertical FX Training Program


Vertical FX Training Program

Increase your jump height with Vertical FX. Each plyometric jump training drill will be enhanced with the Reactive Stretch Cord. By adding resistance to each drill you will increase muscle activation and build your vertical fast. 

Equipment Used: Reactive Stretch Cord




Footwork Matters – Receiver Drills

Breaks and cuts training for receivers to improve their footwork.  See how high knees and great footwork drills will train you to be a step above the competition.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Lineman Power


Strength Off The Line 

The resistance training exercises demonstrated here can help a lineman develop the skills and explosivity he needs to gain the advantage over his opponent.

Equipment Used: KB PowerBands


Throw With Power


Quarterback and Pitcher Workouts

Try these moves if you’re a pitcher or quarterback looking for ways to increase your body control and throwing speed on the field. This workout will help build the strength you need to perform better.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Kbands can Increase Power, Speed and Strength in Football Players


Performance Enhancer with Kbands Resistance

Kbands offer football players the ability to utilize speed camp training year round. Faster, more explosive athletes are not created over night.  They are molded day after day, month after month of hard training.


Advanced Progressive Sprints


Advanced Progressive Speed Workout

Take your Progressive Speed Work to a higher level with this advanced version. Build quick step sprint speed from the ground during each resisted rep.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


Receiver Catching Drills


Wide Receiver Drills for Strength and Accuracy

Wide receiver drills like the one demonstrated in the video below can help all football players – but specifically receivers—increase catching accuracy and build a strong snapping reflex in the muscles of the arms.

Equipment Used: KB PowerBands


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