Kbands W Drill for Football Players

Kbands W Drill for Football Players

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Dec 2021

Kbands W Drill for Football Players

The Kbands W drill is a simple drill with complex benefits for football players in every position, specifically defensive corner backs and linebackers. This drill can help players build the speed, control, and balance they need as they move forward off the line or backpedal in fast defensive maneuvers. These skill and strength areas can help players gain confidence as they intercept the ball and move with receivers.

Speed and agility are both important aspects of any effective set of football defensive drills. But in addition to fast feet and quick direction changes, defensive players need to build power in the hip flexors and balance while in rapid backward motion. Linebacker drills and corner back drills like the Kbands W drill can help football players build skill in all of these areas with just a few simple tools.

Both players and coaches can follow along with Trevor Theismann in the video below as he takes viewers through the drill and emphasizes important aspects of body position and technique. Coaches will need to pay close attention to players and offer pointers as they work their way through the W formation, and the tips in the video can help.

Kbands W Drill for Football Players: Setting up the Drill

To execute the Kbands W drill with a team, coaches will need a set of Kbands resistance training bands for each player and a set of five agility cones. The drill will also require space on the field about five yards deep and twelve yards wide.

The agility cones will be placed about five yards apart in a zig-zag fashion, a pattern resembling a large W. The three cones across the top line and the two at the bottom should be placed about six lateral yards from one another. Meanwhile, each player will be attaching a set of Kbands to the upper legs. The straps should be snug just above the knees, and the resistance bands should be clipped securely to the straps with the short band in back and the ling band in front. Once the players have warmed up, they can begin running the drill either one at a time or in constant succession. 

Kbands W Drill for Football Players: Executing the Drill

Each player will begin this set of football defensive drills by standing at the first cone in the W-shaped series. At the starting signal, the athlete will run forward to the next cone in the series, then maneuver around the cone without changing his body plane. He will then backpedal toward the next cone in the series, maneuver around that cone, and explode forward to the next in the line. This pattern will continue through the entire set of cones, and throughout the drill the player will never rotate his body plane as he shifts direction. As he reaches the final cone, the football player will then explode forward and sprint down the field.

This set of linebacker drills, if executed correctly, will help defensive players build power, agility and balance. The added force of the resistance bands will help players build leg strength during the back pedal, and during the explosive forward motion, players will be building power in the hip flexors and core. But in order to reach these goals, linebackers and running backs who move through the cones will need to rely on observant coaches who will monitor their body position and keep their technique on track. Here are a few pointers coaches will need to keep in mind.

1. Explode forward: players should be digging in and giving every ounce of energy to the first few steps off the line or away from the cone.

2. Keep the chest low: As players burst forward from a back pedal or a standstill, a low chest will help generate momentum and maintain balance.

3. Work the arms: During the entire course of this drill, the arms should be fully engaged and should stay bent at a 90 degree angle. Strong arms will mean strong legs, and lazy arms will mean the legs and core aren’t generating the necessary energy to keep the drill effective.

4. Repeatedly pump the arms: Coaches should keep close eye on players to make sure their arms stay in motion.

Kbands W Drill for Football Players: Body Position in the Chest

Body position in the chest will also be central to the success of this set of these football defensive drills. Here are a few chest position pointers for coaches to keep in mind.

1. Keep the chest low: When receivers make a move, defensive players need to be able to move with them, either in a forward or lateral direction. This direction shift is easier to manage if players keep the chest low.

2. Keep the chest under control: If the receiver makes a move and the defensive player’s chest and body position are too high, the response time will be slower and the balance will be easier to offset.

3. Maintain body line and center of balance: Again, the more the elements of the body move away from the core, the harder it is to stay balanced and centered.

Kbands W Drill for Football Players: Reps and Sets

The reps and sets for this drill will involve both resisted and unresisted rounds. The first six to eight sets should be completed with the bands in in place, followed by four to six reps without the bands. Beginners can shorten these sets, but as players advance, they should try to work these sets into the eight to ten range. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 6 to 8 resisted 
  • 4 to 6 ur-resisted 
  • Beginners can cut sets Advanced players should complete 8 to 10

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