Martial Arts


Martial Arts Training With Kbands

Martial Arts is an area where Kbands will really enhance training. Martial Arts is all about balance, technique, core strength, and power. Kbands can help recruit more muscles fibers with every kick. Look to achieve higher more powerful kicks with every training session. Kbands will help give tighter chambers as well, leading to more powerful kicks.

No More Long Deep Stance Training Sessions

Tired of the knee pain that comes with Deep Stance Training? Strap Kbands on and receive the same effects with less stress. No longer do you need to work as deep to strengthen your hips, glutes, and core. Of course working deep will increase a martial art expert's flexiblity and leg strength, but these benefits can be achieved with less stress on the joints. Kbands offer resistance through full range of motion and this resistance will fire your leg muscles easier without needing that straining depth. Use Kbands to achieve explosive fast kick results.

Martial Arts

More Sparring, Grappling, & Self Defense

In a tradition martial arts workout, in order to build cardiovascular endurance you have to do techniques up and down the floor, but strap Kbands on and you can get that same workout in half the time which gives you more time for self defense, sparring, and grappling. Kbands achieve this through its resistance strengthening effects. When the body is under resistance, muscles begin to fire to work against the resistance. This muscle recruitment requires more oxygen which will lead to a higher heart rate. Train with Kbands and build your cardiovascular endurance much easier while strengthening your core muscles to be a faster more powerful kicker. 

Kbands Build Center of Balance and Core Muscles

Using Kbands is simple. Wrap each strap around your legs and clip the resistance bands together. As soon as the resistance is clipped in you will begin to feel the effects of immediate glute activation. Work your hip flexors with ease with every kick and front raise. Kbands will develop your core muscles which are essential to balance and body control. Work the building blocks of your body to see major gains in your martial arts performance.


Martial Arts Kicks 

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