Football Drill You Can Do By Yourself | Agility and Speed

Football Drill You Can Do By Yourself | Agility and Speed

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th May 2021

Football Drill You Can Do By Yourself | Agility and Speed

‏Football has become a year-round sport. Athletes are training for speed and agility every month out of the year. As soon as the season has been completed, athletes are looking for new drills and ways to make them better. It is not everyday that you have the opportunity to train with your team and or partners. That is why it is important that you have a good foundation of drills that you can complete by yourself. This football drill is a great drill that you can complete by yourself. You will set up several speed and agility cones at distances that fit your speed and agility needs. Let's take a look at the video and build an understanding of how to increase your speed with this drill.

Football Drill Set Up

In the video we describe the distances at which you should set your cones. Setting your cones too far apart will cause a lot of bad habits. You want to set the distances at a range where you can maintain your explosiveness. Transitioning between movements must be quick. If the distances are so far apart that each transition requires slow footwork, you must move the cones closer together. In the game of football most all movements are completed in a very small area. Of course, linear speed is required to score touchdown or breakaway from a defender, but if you want to make a defender miss, it is always done in close quarters. The cones should mimic the distances that which you must change direction quickly in the sport of football.

One Of The Best Tips For Working Out Alone

Working out alone trying to achieve speed is very different than weight training by yourself. Weight training time is not as important. Lifting heavy loads through reps and sets can be completed with focus and structure relatively easily. You can take print-out sheets and have the entire workout map before you get there. Speed training on the other hand is very different. You must maintain 100% intensity and explosiveness to achieve greater speed. Working out alone makes it difficult to workout at this level. The key to working at max velocity is to maintain proper rest times. Utilize a stopwatch and allow one minute to one minute and 30 seconds in between active sets. If you pile too many petitions together you will become fatigue and your body's ability to explode will diminish. Resting too long will allow your mind to wander and your workouts will take the back burner. It is essential that you workout at a high-level maintaining proper rest periods in between sets.

Football Crescent Jumps Enhanced With Kbands

How Long Should You Workout By Yourself

When setting up a workout it is important that you do not overtrain. Working quickly is the key to increasing your speed. Focus on max velocity sets for 45 to 50 minutes before moving onto any other type of training. Speed training should always be completed before weight training. If you do not have the ability to separate the workouts, then speed training must be first. If you are able to complete speed training and weight training at different times of the day, then you can complete either or first.

Track Your Progress When Working Out Alone

One of the best ways to stay motivated when working out alone is tracking your progress. Every two weeks record your times in the drills you are utilizing. We suggest timing yourself in 4 speed and agility drills. Next, complete speed training for 2-3 weeks and time them again. Whenever you workout by yourself these times can be the difference in pushing through a workout and taking breaks. Finding ways to push yourself well help you achieve your goals for the next season. Browse through for more speed specific drills that you can utilize each week to help increase your speed. 

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