Football Offseason Training Tips and The Drills You Should Be Doing

Football Offseason Training Tips and The Drills You Should Be Doing

Published by Trevor Theismann on 25th May 2021

Football Offseason Training Tips and The Drills You Should Be Doing

‏During the football season you will have the ability to enhance your speed and agility. Completing sport specific drills can help enhance your ability to compete at our level on the field in the following season. Training at a high intensity with drills I will help incorporate the proper muscle groups Will lead to better results. The two exercises in the video below are beginner level exercises. If you are an advanced athlete you can use these exercises as a warm-up. If you are new to speed and agility training, these exercises can be a great place to start door speed and agility journey. Let's take a closer look at the video where you'll see tips on how to complete each exercise properly.

The first exercise is going to be a simple knee drive drill. The knee drive drill is an exercise utilized to help build hip flexor strength. Be sure that you concentrate on moving your legs quickly up-and-down and don't rush to get to the 10 yard point too quickly. The exercise is not meant to gain ground forward as much as it is designed to move slowly forward. Also focus on arm action. The arms must move simultaneously with your legs to create more running speed. Utilize your Kbands to help increase muscle recruitment. Your glutes will fire during contact with the ground, and your hip flexors will fire when driving a knee up above the waist.

Beginners Vs Advanced

If your are beginner and can't quite maintain full range of motion during this drill, then complete the exercise without Kbands. As you become more advanced you will be able to add the resistance to each repetition. Begin with 8 to 10 yards. As you become stronger, move the distance up to 12 to 15 yards. Be explosive and review the video several times to understand the movements that you must complete properly.

Football Crescent Jumps Enhanced With Kbands

Duck Walks! What Are Duck Walks?

You will soon learn to hate the word duck walks. This specific exercise will roast your legs and hips very quickly. It is our goal in the offseason to develop leg strength and power. The duck walk is a great way to build endurance in your legs. Notice the athlete maintains a low athletic stands as they creep forward. The resistance will help fire the glutes and hips during each step. There're two versions of the duck walk that you can complete. One, you will keep one lead leg the entire way forward. Two, you will alternate legs almost as if you are crawling in a deep athletic stance. Either method will get the job done. Focus on chest position. Maintain an upright chest as your legs creep forward. Do not let your knees move inward, keep them naturally under your hips.

Train hard and train smart. Every exercise that you can completed in the offseason will only help you during the season. Spend time building endurance, strength and explosiveness. Browse through the football training section and locate the drills the best suits your needs. 

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