Speed and Agility Training Drill Scramble Pro

Speed and Agility Training Drill Scramble Pro

26th Sep 2019

Speed and Agility Training Drill Scramble Pro

The best speed and agility drills utilize multi-directional movements and powerful leg drive. The Scramble Pro Drill is an amazing speed and agility drill used to target circular speed and explosiveness from left to right, as well as front to back. By challenging sprint speed from a dynamic movement, and lateral quickness, athletes will quickly improve their speed and agility.

Speed and Agility Drill Set Up

To lay out this speed and agility drill we will need five cones, as well as our set of Kbands. Each cone will be spaced according to athleticism. Advanced athletes should utilize 8 to 12 yards and beginners should utilize 4 to 6 yards. These distances will be measured from one central cone that most of our circular speed work will be around.

Now that the cones are laid out, we will be utilizing our agility training equipment, Kbands, for increased muscle activation during our Speed Knee Up’s, as well as our quick lateral step movements. Leg resistance bands are used to help with rehabilitation and to build strength and quickness for the hip flexors and glutes. Kbands are a very efficient way of providing us with the proper amount of resistance through sports specific drills.

Scramble Pro | Focus and Intensity

A key element in your success during speed and agility drills is to maximize your results with 100% intensity each and every rep. Completing half-speed reps will not activate muscles to build speed. Completing reps at half speed will allow your body to maintain its current level of athleticism. By training with resistance at 100% intensity, you will gain speed both laterally and linearly.

With the Scramble Pro Drill you will have to stay locked in and react to your coach or partner. It is important that we utilize some kind of signal to change direction during the speed and agility drill. Each time your coach or partner signals you to change direction, you will move from a clockwise high knee position immediately into an accelerated sprint to the cone called out. As you complete the cone tap, you will then immediately sprint back to the center cone completing high knees in the opposite direction. Active working sets should be 15 to 18 seconds followed by a 1 to 2 minutes of rest.


Kbands Pro Scramble Speed Training

Best Tips For Scramble Pro Speed and Agility Drill

Balance and Chest Position – To accelerate in any direction it is important that you have a stable center of balance. By maintaining a centered chest and head position you will be able to accelerate in any direction. Leaning back during the high knees segment will cause you to be late during the change of direction. Stay centered with your chest slightly over your knees so that you can react and sprint in any direction.

Speed and Agility Drill Arm Action – Arm action is very important when working to increase your speed. During the Scramble Pro, arms are very important to accelerate your knees. Powerful arms equal powerful leg drive.

Stay Small, Be Quick – By utilizing quick chop-steps you'll be able to dig out of each cone position. During the specific drill we are looking to utilize quick steps that work on our multi-directional movements. In some instances, like the Three Cone Drill, we will be utilizing more of a bound movement to optimize our times. But in this drill, smaller chop-steps can help us keep our center and change direction more rapidly. Check out the three cone drill take off to optimize your times utilizing bounds.

Speed and Agility Drill Footwork – It is important that when you approach the surrounding cones, you do not reach with your leg. Over striding and reaching for the cones is going to slow your momentum for the next acceleration back to the middle. Stay within yourself, get to the cone, and sprint back.

Scramble Pro Speed and Agility Drill Breakdown

The Scramble Pro is best used two times a week combined with some intense sprint work. Any time that we can combine multi-directional drills with linear sprints we're going to have a more complete workout. The Advanced Progressive Sprint Drill is a great combination workout for the Scramble Pro. For optimized results, complete 4-6 resisted rounds followed by 2 un-resisted rounds. Each un-resisted round you will have complete muscle activation. Training during this period will give you huge gains.

Agility Training Equipment

Optimize your training today with top rated agility training equipment Kbands. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and two sets of resistance bands to maximize your results. In addition to your agility training equipment you will receive Speed 101. In just 45 minutes, three times a week, you will notice tremendous gains in the way you move on the field or on the court.

Please let us know if you have any training questions, or would simply like to browse more of our great sports training drills. Feel free to contact us for information or help with navigation.

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