Building Core Strength: The KB Duo Dynamic Row

Building Core Strength: The KB Duo Dynamic Row

Regardless of position, all football players stand to benefit from a workout that targets the muscles of the core. This all-important muscle group adds strength, balance and stability to every other muscle group and every motion football players depend on both in offensive and defensive play. Typically, the “core” refers to four sets of muscle groups: the abs, diaphragm, pelvic sling, and lower back. In this case, the targeted areas extend to the hip flexors, chest and upper legs. When these areas are both powerful and agile, a defensive stance becomes immobile and offensive moves become unstoppable.

This workout is called the KB Duo Dynamic Row, and it consists of a simple move that actually attacks multiple areas of stability, flexibility, and power. The move requires very little equipment—just a KB Duo for each partner team—and it can make an excellent addition to any football cross training program. Football players and coaches can incorporate this move into regular workouts once or twice per week and watch rapid improvements in core strength and agility.



KB Duo Dynamic Row: Setting Up the Drill

These moves are also called KB Duo partner pulls, since they depend on the participation of two partners of similar size. Football players can pair off and begin this core strength training workout by clipping the two carabineers of the KB Duos together. Both players and football coaches can follow along with Trevor Theismann in the video below as he takes viewers through the fundamentals of the KB Duo Dynamic Row.

Body position and execution will be central to the success of this move, so players should make sure each element is in place and the targeted muscle groups are feeling tension and burn within a few reps.

The two football players who partner up for this move will stand facing each other, chest to chest and slightly staggered. They’re body positions will be about three or four yards apart, and each football player will hold one handle of the KB Duo. Partners can hold the handle in the left hand, or the right, but both should choose the same hand so the strap crosses their bodies.

If players choose the right arm, both partners will lunge forward with the left leg. The left leg will be extended forward and the center of gravity will be lowered to the ground for stability. If both bodies are properly aligned, the two left legs of the partners will be oriented in a parallel position.

As they begin this core strength training move, players should keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Stay under control: Players will need to exercise a give and take with their partners so they don’t lose balance or over-exert and fall backwards.

2. Stay in balance: Players should establish a rhythm and maintain the same rhythm throughout the entire set.

3. Maintain good position: Players shouldn’t get sloppy with the position of their chest, arms or lower back. If this happens, the benefit of the exercise will be diminished.

4. Focus: Players should stay tuned in to both their partner’s stance and their own body position at all times.

KB Duo Pulls


KB Duo Partner Pulls: Executing the Drill

As this dynamic core strength training exercise begins, one partner will pull his handle of the KB Duo toward himself while the other partner leans forward with his own handle. The leaning partner, even while he allows his counterpart to pull, should still maintain pressure and tension in the line. And the pulling partner should not snap the line toward himself, but pull with a steady consistent motion that allows the leaning partner to maintain tension as he moves forward.

Here are a few guidelines for players to remember as the exercise gets underway:

1. The movement should be front-to-back: Each player should lean forward and pull backward without disrupting the straight forward line of the body. Avoid leaning to the left or right.

2. Twist at the waist: each partner should allow the waist to twist as the arm and handle of the KB Duo move forward. The twist should be controlled, but powerful enough to apply tension to the lower back and lower core muscles.

3. Take chest toward partner: As players lean forward, the chest should stay open and elevated and should move directly toward the partner.

KB Duo Dynamic Row: Technique and Body Position

The lower to the ground the core stays during this move, the more stability each partner will have and the greater the benefits they’ll derive from the tension placed on the hip flexors, lumbar, core, and pulling arm. Here are a few key pointers regarding technique and position:

1. Full extension: At the height of the forward motion, the player’s arm should be fully extended, his chest should be open and leaning, and his back should be fully inclined.

2. Eccentric movement: At both ends of the extension and the pull-back, the player’s body position should be exaggerated.

3. Maintain posture: The shoulders should be wide and the back should be straight throughout the entire move.

4. Resist your partner: As the partner pulls a player forward, he should resist the forward motion and maintain constant tension. At the peak of the forward motion, he should begin pulling back and pull all the way, until his shoulder is slightly behind his body line.

KB Duo Dynamic Row: Sets and Reps

The sets for this core strength move will be measured in seconds. Keep the exercise in motion as follows:

30 seconds
20 seconds
15 seconds
10 seconds

As each round reaches its end, players should be working to failure. This means the longer 30 second rounds can allow more pace and rhythm, and the shorter rounds should involve maximum resistance. This may mean that the forward lean and pull back happen much slower than in the earlier, longer rounds.

For more football offensive and defensive drills and dynamic exercises like this one, visit the football training section of The site also offers plenty of additional information about the KB Duo and other resistance and suspension training equipment including the Kbands and the KB Powerbands.

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