Kbands Advanced Progressive Speed Workout

Kbands Advanced Progressive Speed Workout | Speed Training Workouts

The best way to increase your speed is by focusing on running mechanics, as well as using speed workouts such as the Progressive Speed Drill. During this speed workout we are going to be utilizing three phases to challenge our dynamic sprint speed. We will also be utilizing Kbands to provide resistance during every sprint. Kbands will help increase muscle activation and fire the hip flexors. This powerful combination will greatly increase your speed.

Speed Workout Set Up

To begin, we need to set the drill up properly. You will need to place your speed and agility cones at the distances that you most often run. Most sports work within 10 to 20 yards, and some need top-end speed near the 40-yard mark. For this speed workout we will be completing reps at the 20-yard mark, as well as the 40-yard mark. This will help us build speed through the dig phase as well as top-end speed near the 40-yard mark.

Sprint Workouts | Face Down Sprint

Our first phase of the Advanced Progressive Sprint Drill will focus on our dig phase. By beginning in the face down position, our center of gravity will be forced to be lower than the natural running position. Often times in sports we must be able to accelerate from a face down position. This phase of the drill is ideal to help footwork, as well as exaggerate the dig phase through the first 10 yards. There are two important elements to accelerating out of this position. The first is arm action and the second is knee drive.

Arm action must be explosive. You must drive your arms through the ground, lifting your center of gravity. Next, the arms must begin to fire in an exaggerated motion to begin momentum.

As the arms accelerate, the next important element of digging out of the face down position is knee drive. You should never come out of the dig phase before 10 yards, so the focus must be on driving forward and not getting to the upright position. Knees must accelerate to provide power through each step. Keep your body shifted forward and drive all the way through the 10-yard mark.

Sprint Workouts | Roll And Sprint

The Roll and Sprint portion of the speed workout is going to help us learn to accelerate from our backs. Often times on the field, or on the court, we may be lying on our backs and required to quickly accelerate for an offensive attack or defensive shift. By focusing on our technique, and utilizing Kbands, we can help develop speed through the dig phase, just as we did in the first sequence, as well as challenge core strength on the roll. During this portion you are going to be alternating reps, rolling from your right and from your left. The same techniques will apply to the dig phase as we discussed in the first section.

Speed ad Agility


Sprint Workouts | Slide and Sprint

This phase is going to be relatively basic, but it is important to maximize our acceleration from a lateral slide. During competition we are always moving from side to side, but what makes an athlete fast? It's the ability to accelerate from any position on the field. Focus on your slide technique and quickly accelerate to the other cone. As you get more comfortable with the drill you can alternate between slow and fast slides to mix things up. Remember, we must keep things as game like as possible to mimic game like situations with both quick movements and explosive movements.

10-20 Yard Sprinting 

The drill structure will help maximize our results. To begin the sequence we will be moving through 2 Kbands resisted rounds of each of the listed sequences above. The focus here is going to be on our starts. Be conscious of technique and accelerate through the resistance. Every resisted stride will help develop knee drive and focus as we complete the 10-20 yard sprint section. Be sure you utilize Kbands to your advantage. Kbands will challenge knee drive throughout your sprint, but can exponentially be felt through the dig phase. Concentrate on driving your knee through the resistance to optimize gains. 

As you complete 2 resisted reps, of each sequence, we will now move onto 1-2 un-resisted reps of each of the sequences. 

40 Yard Sprinting 

With completion of our 10-20 yard sprint work, it is time to move our focus to top-end speed at the 40-yard mark. Complete 2 resisted reps of each of the start positions followed by 2 un-resisted reps. Here our challenge will be to maintain proper running form through resistance. The extra resistance will help build power in your stride leading to faster times. The average Olympic sprinter has tremendously more power produced off the ground in each stride then an amateur. It is essential that we focus on utilizing Kbands to help develop our hips for max power. Power, coupled with stride frequency and stride length, will help us increase our sport specific speed. 

Athletes, be sure to utilize the Beginner Progressive Sprint Drill if you are just starting with Kbands. This speed workout will help you with starting running technique, as well as, 40-yard dash start technique.

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