Speed Training vs Weight Training For Football

Speed Training vs Weight Training For Football

Published by Trevor Theismann on 29th Jun 2021

Speed Training vs Weight Training For Football

Which should you be completing to increase your football performance? Should it be speed training, or weight training? Each training method has its own place but it’s key to find balance between each to optimize your results. Speed training is known to build power and explosiveness but lacks the ability to mimic sport like movements. Speed training on the other hand is used to increase your football performance with sport specific movements. Should you be doing speed training, or weight training then? Now it’s break down both speed training and weight training so we can better understand how to affectively train to be a better football player.

The video above is a great example of speed training that is completed in a sport specific manner. This type of speed training utilizes resistance bands to optimize muscle stimulation. It is also considered a blend between weight training and speed specific work. Notice each movement is completed explosively and in the same manner that a football player moves on the field. Changing directions with resistance is much like changing directions to make a tackle. Building power with resistance will help the football player game the ability to change directions quickly.

Increase Speed With Kbands

What Is Weight Training Used For

Weight training on the other hand develops power and explosiveness within your body. It all depends on how you train. Moving slowly with light weights will not help your performance on the football field. Weight training with 60-80% of your one rep max will enhance your ability to develop power throughout your body.

Effective Weight Training Exercises

◦ Benchpress
◦ Power Clean
◦ Back Squats
◦ Deadlifts
◦ Sled Runs

These type of exercises are traditional movements that will help football players develop strength and power. By completing each of these exercises with proper form athletes can see their body change. The problem with strictly completing weight training is that football players will not gain the ability to translate this to football specific movements.

Kbands Training Results And Speed Training

Throughout the years we have found great success blending the two concepts together for maximum results. By developing products that stimulate muscle recruitment during speed specific movements we have found that 40 yard dash speed and general football speed is increased greatly.

What You Should Be Doing

To sum everything up, to get results on the football field, it can be rather easy with consistency and the proper training. Complete speed training exercises for 40-60 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. This training protocol has been very effective in encouraging muscle growth and not leading to over training.

Strength training on the other hand, or weight training, can be completed in many different formats. As long as you are alternating muscle groups, changing work out volume, and allowing enough time for rest, athletes can workout 4 to 5 days a week without over training. We recommend one day of rest for a specific muscle group worked. This means that if you complete bench press on Monday, the next time you will do bench press, at the earliest, will be Wednesday. It is important that you give your body adequate rest when trying to enhance your football skills. Power cleans, deadlifts, and bench press everyday will not make you perform better on the football field. Weight training should be utilized to build your core and overall body strength. Speed training on the other hand, should be utilized to magnify your strength gains in the weight room into explosive speed on the field.

An Example Workout Split

◦ Monday - Weight Training Upper Body
◦ Tuesday - Sprint Work
◦ Wednesday - Weight Training Lower Body
◦ Thursday - Agility Work
◦ Friday - Powerlifts
◦ Saturday - Agility Then Sprint Work

Speed Training Vs Weight Training Summarized

So what is the true answer? Which one is better? The answer is simple. They both are an amazing way to affectively transform your body on the football field. Proper planning and periodization is required to enhance your results. Blend speed training and weight training to become the best athlete you can be. 

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