Football Agility Knee Drive Step Over

Football Agility Knee Drive Step Over

24th Jan 2019

Football agility Knee Drive Step Over

‏On feet agility, powerful hip action, stride frequency and stride strength as well as stability are important for a sustained performance in football. Both during season and offseason conditioning workouts are, therefore, designed to maximize leg muscle performance and agility. Football agility knee drive step over is a holistic workout designed to improve reaction time and knee drive. Using kbands for resistance and hurdles for developing explosive action, you can complete several drills for football agility.

The knee drive step over involves a hurdle course set up to take stagger steps and accelerate. Accelerate onto the high knee position and gain ground towards the landing position. After landing, take stagger steps and drive your knees back to land back at the beginning position. Repeat this drill for minimum 12 sets with resistance to build agility and activate muscles.

Lateral Movement Drill With Kbands

In addition to developing forward motion and improving knee drive for the same, it is also crucial to work on your lateral movement in football. Especially for the offensive linemen trying to block the defensive end during the game, lateral movement has to be swift and powerful. At the same time, working on balance and footwork is important. With Kbands lateral high knee drill you can develop powerful footwork and lateral stride.

Set up six rows of cones, three cones in each row to work on lateral shuffle. Strap on the Kbands above your knees and shuffle across the rows of cones at a steady pace. Sprint up to a last cone set up about 5 yards away, to make the turn and catch the football. This drill requires focus on footwork, balance and catching ability in the same set, proving to be a great simulation. Drive your knees high in swift motions to maintain the lateral motion and work with the resistance offered by the Kbands.

High Knee Wall Drill With Kbands

This drill is specifically designed to improve sprint speed by strengthening your quads and glutes, as well as enhancing sprint frequency. Put on the Kbands above your knees and assume a 45 degree angle against a wall. Your back should remain completely flat, maintaining a good base from hand and feet. Maintain stance on the balls of feet and avoid touching the ground with your heels. Drive the knees high up against the resistance and steadily build the strides while maintaining the technique and posture.

You can start with a 15 second interval of resisted high knees, followed by a 12 second interval of unresisted high knees. During the un-resisted high knees set, you will experience a feather light feeling in your legs and this is the time during which you can push your knees higher than normal. Your muscle fibre will start transforming during this high intensity phase of resistance-free workout and slow twitch muscles will start becoming fast twitch muscles. Repeat 5-6 sets of resisted-unresisted high knee wall drill, with two minute break between each set.

Football Crescent Jumps Enhanced With Kbands

Kbands Equipment for Agility Training

Different types of Kbands equipment are available to create a variety of resistance drills and workout for building football agility. You can buy speed and strength leg resistance Kbands to complete on the Knee Drive drills. These bands can be tied above the knees to provide resistance to the thigh and leg muscles. Forward and lateral movements while wearing the leg resistance bands enhance the stride frequency and stride strength by activating leg muscles.

You can also buy reactive stretch cords to work on your reaction time which developing knee drive and lateral agility. Combine other bag drills with these Kbands high knee drills for maximal impact and don’t forget to rest for 4-5 minutes between each drill. Working out at maximum intensity for 30-40 minutes per day can help you steadily improve your muscle strength and agility. Beyond this, the muscles will start to tire and break down.

Muscle drive and strength is consequential to the performance of any football player. Resistance training paired with un-resisted sets can maximize the impact of your workout, achieving improved muscle tone and an explosive performance on field. Choose your workout drills as per your specific need and adhere to the right technique for optimal performance. Find more information about Kbands assisted drills and work outs at Also explore a wide range of workout products at to complete your strength and agility drills

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