Reaction Speed Knee Up’s | Speed Workout

Reaction Speed Knee Up’s | Speed Workout

Published by Trevor Theismann on 10th Jan 2022

Reaction Speed Knee Up’s | Speed Workout

Speed workouts, such as the Reaction Speed Knee Up’s, are an amazing training tool designed to help improve your speed. There are three key elements to developing explosive speed. First, is having the ability to maintain a proper stride length to accelerate past competition. Second, is having the ability to increase stride frequency and leg turn over during sprinting. Finally, the third, is utilizing the strength and power to accelerate the body forward while maintaining proper stride frequency, and stride length. This speed work out will help us develop greater stride frequency as well as power off the ground. By quickly accelerating foot turnover, we will maximize our sprint speed on the field.

Speed Workout Set Up And Cone Placement

For beginners and advanced athletes the cone placement will be relatively the same. We will be placing each Speed and Agility Cone 5 to 8 yards apart. This will allow us to maintain quick and explosive steps throughout the entire sequence. Each Speed and Agility Cone should be in a line with the others, allowing us to focus on footwork rather than multi-directional movements.

Next, we will place Kbands one inch above our knee. The placement of the leg strap is essential for proper resistance during each natural stride. If each leg strap is placed too high, we will not have adequate resistance. If the leg straps are placed too low, the straps will prevent us from natural explosive range of motion.

The amount of resistance used will also be determined by the athleticism of each individual athlete. Stronger resistance is needed for more Kbands athletes, and less resistance, such as the red resistance bands, will be used for beginner or younger athletes. Keep in mind that you will want to place the short resistance band on the back, and the longer resistance band on the front to allow for natural explosive movements. The different lengths provide the correct amount of resistance needed for all multidirectional movements.

Reaction Speed Knee Up’s | Technique

This speed workout is very effective if done with the proper technique. To begin this speed workout, we will need to be in the ready position. Keep your weight towards the balls of your feet with your chest slightly forward. We will begin the active set with a cadence. Utilizing a coach or some noise that triggers the changing of the drill. When the noise is made, you will begin with the Speed Knee Up on the first speed agility cone. Begin driving your knees up to at least the parallel position, accelerating your legs with your arms.

Arm placement is essential for maximum speed during this speed workout. Concentrate on keeping your arms at a 90-degree angle, sliding each hand near face level and then brushing through the midline. Maintaining a proper arm swing is proven to help improve speed. So focus on the technique, and be sure to practice with the proper arm swing during speed workout.

Acceleration And Deceleration

When the cadence comes again you must be ready to react. Sport specific drills require instant reaction time. By utilizing a noise or coach to encourage the change of drill, will help us react faster during the game. As the trigger occurs, you will now shift your weight forward and explode, gaining ground forward with every stride. A transition between the Knee Up’s and sprinting should happen simultaneously. Use the momentum and power built during the Knee Up’s and accelerate into the dig phase.

As we approach the second Speed and Agility Cone, it's time for deceleration. Keep your weight centered and utilize the chop step slowdown method so that we have active legs as we approach the cone. Now explosively move right into the Reaction Speed Knee Up’s. Utilize strong strides and focus on the plantar flexion. Drive your toe up each individual leg lift and utilize the stretch reflex to build power. Keep in mind that strong plantar flexion to dorsiflexion is a major component of all speed workouts. To build power here, you increase your speed dramatically. Be sure to focus on the technique required to maximize your results.

The third Speed and Agility Cone will have the exact same approach as the second Speed and Agility Cone. Repeat the process and continue to focus on speed and quickness during each speed tap.

Speed Training Workout Turn And Sprint

Now that we have mastered the linear element of this speed work out, it's time to focus on our sprint speed. As we get the final cadence from our coach we will then drop and sprint to the left and right alternating each individual set. It is very important for all athletes to be able to accelerate during a drop step. When competing, transitions between offense and defense occur rapidly. It is essential that we as athletes can accelerate simultaneously between the two. Utilizing a drop step in during speed training can help us function better on the field.

The key to a proper drop step in sprint is all about body positioning. Keep your chest centered. When it's time to turn and sprint, shift your body over your front hip side. Now rip the front side arm through and thrust the back arm forward to accelerate momentum. During this portion of the speed-training workout we will be able to maximize our results with Kbands. As the bands stretch, your hips will fight against the resistance. We will drive our back knee around and forward pushing through the resistance developing hip flexor strength as we dig into the sprint. Keep in mind, you will never come out of the dig phase before 10 yards. With this being said, we must keep the forward tilt and drive through each and every step.

Optimize Your Speed Training

Complete 3-5 Kbands resisted rounds alternating drop direction. Give yourself about a minute to a minute and a half between active sets. This will help us stay fresh and move at 100% intensity. Move into one un-resisted round with a right drop step sprint followed by one un-resisted round of a left drop step sprint.

This is a very affective drill for increasing your speed by developing hip flexor strength and power off the ground. Combine this drill with the Scramble Drill or Scramble Pro Drill to take your training to next level. You can also order a set of Kbands here on our website. We have a 30-day money back guarantee and know you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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