How To Hit Harder In Football

How To Hit Harder In Football

Published by Trevor Theismann on 10th Jun 2021

Using The Whole Body When Tackling, Blocking, Or Running

‏Athletes and coaches may notice that elite athletes have some similar features such as big shoulders, thick thighs and calves, and well developed glutes. It is not a coincident these athletes share these features, but shows what muscles are largely used by these elite athletes.

Athletes who play football and are regularly asked to block, tackle, or avoid defenders needs to be able to have strong shoulders and legs which can work in unison to deliver a big hit on your opponent.

Get Fast Football Exercises

When athletes and coaches talk about fast during football training they usually are referring to an athletes ability to get from point A to point B. Athletes also need to be fast with their hips and their hands if they want to be great tacklers, blockers, and ball carriers. The glute and hamstring muscles are quick firing muscles which can produce a large amount of force in a short amount of time, the quads are some of the biggest muscles on the body and can be used to store extra energy for quick explosive movements. It is most advantageous for athletes to properly train these muscles in order to have greater success on the football field.

For example, a tackler who runs full speed at an opponent but does not extend (straighten) their hips or extend their arms to wrap up the opponent will lack power as they make contact with the defender. This lack of power can lead to missed tackles and injuries.

By simply quickly extending the hips and wrapping at full speed the athlete has made a better play, delivered a hard tackle, and reduced their chance of injury by producing more force on their opponent. The same idea of hip extension and quick hands can be seen with linemen as a hard blow and hand extension will help athletes quickly gain control over their opponent, and running backs who can quickly extend and drive their hips and legs for additional yards after contact.

Football Crescent Jumps Enhanced With Kbands

Ballistic Bands Squat And Press Football Exercise

One of the best ways to train to make harder football hits is by performing exercises which force the body to increase speed, strength, and coordination throughout the muscle groups. The Ballistic Bands Squat Press accomplishes all of these goals with additional positive adaptations from using a Ballistic Band versus free weights or body weight.

When athletes use a resistance band like the Ballistic Band they feel different amounts of resistance at different points of the football exercise. This kind of resistance allows athletes to focus more on accelerating with their legs and hips, transferring the momentum through the abs, into a quick and powerful shoulder press, followed by finishing in a great ab strengthening position.

To perform the Ballistic Bands Squat Press athletes will need a Ballistic Band placed under the arch of the athletes shoes, coming up the body, resting in the athletes hands which are shoulder width apart. Athletes will also place their feet shoulder width apart as they squeeze the shoulder blades back and down, tuck their elbows into their sides, and rock their hips back to begin a front squat. Keeping the knees in line with and behind the toes, athletes will keep a large chest and stable elbows as they lower their butt to the ground. Once the athletes has gone below their knees they will squeeze their butt, drive their feet into the ground, and quickly rise out of the squat.

Once athletes have returned to their starting position they will continue to accelerate their arms up into an overhead shoulder press position. To include some great abs into the Ballistic Bands Squat Press athletes can hold the Ballistic Band at the top of these movements for a few moments and squeeze their abs and butts. As athletes move into this top position they should think about controlling the Ballistic Band back to their chest for their next repetition of the Ballistic Bands Squat Press. Remember be quick on the way up, slow and controlled on the way down.

Athletes will complete 10-12 repetitions on each set, athletes will take 40-60 seconds of recovery between sets, or athletes can use lighter resistance and perform the how to hit harder in football exercise in a football circuit workout. Athletes will complete 4-5 sets of the Ballistic Bands Squat Press. Athletes and coaches need to be sure a challenging amount of resistance is used for the football exercise, but not so excessive that athletes cannot finish the first three sets of the how to hit harder drill. If athletes are going to go to failure on any of these sets it should be the last two.

Will The Ballistic Bands Squat Press Help You Develop Other Parts of Your Football Game?

The components of additional power are speed and strength. Both of these football skills must be advanced together in order to increase an athletes power and ability to deliver a big hit. Athletes who perform football exercises like the Ballistic Bands Squat Press will see improvements in speed, agility, and jumping ability.

Quick extension of the hips and stronger legs allows athletes to generate greater stride length. While additional football speed training drills with Kbands Leg Resistance Bands or the Reactive Stretch Cord will greatly benefit athletes looking to maximize their speed. This quicker hip extension and additional leg strength also help athletes plant their foot in the ground and catch that shifty running back, or jump into the air and make a spectacular catch.

Additional shoulder, chest, and arm strengthening can help athletes secure that tackle or ball and make a big play. Athletes and coaches can use the KB Power Bands, or KB Duo for additional resisted, and body weight strength training exercises. Athletes can also check out additional ab strengthening drills for added balance, stability, and strength.

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