A Partner Chase Drill Is An Easy Way To Get Better At Defense

A Partner Chase Drill Is An Easy Way To Get Better At Defense

23rd Aug 2019

How To Get Better At Defense

‏The easiest way for athletes to learn how to get better at defense is by breaking down the particular skills which are needed to be an effective defender in the athletes particular sport. Football, basketball, martial arts, soccer, volleyball, and tennis all require quick lateral movements and great foot control to play good defense and keep the opponent from scoring.

Tools like the Speed and Agility Cones, Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, and Speed and Agility Ladder are great tools for improving lateral quickness, and foot work. The combination of external stimuli (Speed and Agility Ladder, Speed and Agility Cones), along with the resistance from the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will force athletes to build power in their legs as they master different foot work and agility training drills.

How To Get Better At Defense Using Defense Drills

One of the great defense drills which closely mimics intense game situations is the Kbands Partner Chase Drill For Defense. To complete this defense drill athletes will need 6 Speed and Agility Cones placed 3-4 feet apart in a circle. Athletes will also need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands securely attached above the knees and a partner who is also wearing a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands.

Athletes and their partners will line up on opposite sides of the Speed and Agility Cone defense circle and begin the Partner Chase Drill For Defense. Before athletes and partners begin the Partner Chase Drill For Defense they will need to decide on which athlete will be the “chaser” and which athlete will be chased. As the defense drill begins the “chaser” athlete will begin to laterally shuffle around the circle and attempt to tag their partner. The opposite athlete will laterally move around the defense circle to avoid being tagged by the athlete. Athletes will continue to move around the defense circle for ten-seconds and if the athlete has not been tagged yet then both athletes may begin sprinting around the defensive circle as well as move laterally. This sprint should help to ensure that the athlete is tagged. However, if the athlete is not tagged within 20-30 seconds then athletes should stop the Partner Chase Drill For Defense Drill, rest, and move onto the next set of the defense drill.

Athletes will perform 12 total sets of the Partner Chase Drill For Defense with each athlete being both the chaser and chased athlete for 6 sets each. Athletes can either alternate which role they are playing, or perform 6 consecutive sets in each role before switching which athlete is being chased around the defense circle.

Football Crescent Jumps Enhanced With Kbands

How To Get Better At Defense Using Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

When athletes are performing the Partner Chase Drill For Defense with Kbands Leg Resistance Bands they need to ensure they are maximizing their training with great form and technique. As athletes laterally shuffle they need to keep a good base with their feet and body by keeping the feet a good distance from each other and keeping a slight bend at the hips and the knees. Athletes should be powerful with each step, whether laterally shuffling or sprinting, and not allow the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to excessively pull the knees together. Maintaining a big chest will also allow the athlete to utilize their abdominal muscles as they switch direction. This extra core stability will keep the torso from moving side to side as they quickly change direction.

The Partner Chase Drill For Defense also provides for a great team or large group defense training drill. Athletes can set up 3-4 defense circles and perform the defense drill with multiple sets of athletes. This will allow for athletes and coaches to maximize their training time to allow for training of other defensive, offensive, or general sports skills. Athletes can also go to the Training Section to research additional defense, strength, and cardio drills which could be added to make a defense training circuit.

Advanced How To Get Better At Defense Drills

Athletes and coaches always need ways to motivate themselves and their athletes. A great way to add incentive to one athlete to be successful during the Partner Chase Drill For Defense is by adding some sort of sprint, up down, or other short conditioning exercise. This will give both athletes performing the Partner Chase Drill For Defense an incentive to complete their objective.

Athletes can also finish the Partner Chase Drill For Defense by performing one un-timed round of the defense drill from both positions. This will be a great way to finish a defense workout and end the training session. After all resisted repetitions have been completed athletes also have the option of performing 1-2 unresisted rounds of the Partner Chase Drill For Defense. These unresisted rounds will add an extra challenge to the athletes’ cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Since athletes will more than likely be fairly fatigued after completing the Partner Chase Drill For Defense they should perform sports specific and more technical training prior to completing the defense drill. This will allow their minds, muscles, and motor skills to be fresh and ready to learn new movements, new team strategies, and practice their sport fundamentals.

Both before and after defense and sports training athletes need to be performing some kind of Recovery Rolling and Flexibility Exercises. Using the Recovery Foam Roller, Ballistic Bands, and Dynamic Warm Up Stretches will allow athletes to better perform during training helping them take a greater athletic skill set into their competitive situations. Being proactive with Foam Rolling and Flexibility Exercises will help athletes increase their athletic performance while greatly reducing the amount of strain and stress they are putting on their muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The simple stretches found in the Recovery Section will save athletes and coaches from having to sit out due to pulls, strains, and aches

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