How To Jump Higher | Reactive Stretch Cord Broad Jumps

How To Jump Higher | Reactive Stretch Cord Broad Jumps

The Reactive Stretch Cord Broad Jumps allow athletes the ability to develop power and explosiveness through assisted broad jumps. By utilizing the Reactive Stretch Cord athletes will find it easier to extend their abilities and build power jumping farther than thought possible. Increased power will allow athletes to increase their sprint speed and jump higher. Each athlete needs to take time and focus on technique and approach to maximize their results.



Reactive Stretch Cord Broad Jumps | Set Up And Technique

When focusing on how to jump higher athletes need to set up this drill properly. By properly spacing 4 speed and agility cones athletes will challenge each jump distance during every set. It is important to extend the cone length distance that requires maximum broad jump power each and every rep. 5 to 6 cones can be used for more advanced athletes. Though, beginners should begin with only 4 cones to maintain proper form and execute each broad jump properly.

Before beginning the workout complete several broad jumps to gauge the distance needed for proper jump distances. Be sure to use the Reactive Stretch Cord to ensure the distances match the assisted jump length. Jump distances may increase up to 1 to 3 feet with assistance, so it is important to challenge cone length for optimal results.

Reactive Stretch Cord Usage

When beginning the drill it is important that all anchors start at a distance that engages the Reactive Stretch Cord. The Reactive Stretch Cord stretches up to 20 feet so it is essential that anchors do not go beyond this point. Begin adding enough resistance needed to assist each jump while maintaining proper technique. (Reactive Stretch Cord will begin adding resistance when stretched 8 ft.) As the rep begins anchors will need to quickly drop step and move at the same pace the athlete is jumping to maintain consistent assistance throughout the drill. Without keeping tension on the Stretch Cord throughout each jump athletes will struggle to keep their center of balance. Consistent assistance will allow athletes to focus on being explosive each and every broad jump. As the anchor continues to drop step quickly, be sure to use the Anchor Hand Strap to help ensure safety for all athletes. Wrap the Anchor Strap around the wrist and then through the hand to ensure secure placement.


Reactive Stretch Cord Training


Broad Jump Reps and Sets

Complete 3 to 4 assisted sets followed by two unassisted broad jump sets to complete the drill in it’s entirety. Keep in mind that rest is essential when working to maintain explosiveness each and every jump. Assisted reps should be completed under control adding just enough assistance to maintain proper technique. Too much assistance added will cause athletes to land on their heels and have a slower turnover. By utilizing the proper amount of assistance athletes will be able to quickly center their bodies and explosively jump to the next cone.

Arm technique is also very important to maintain explosive broad jumps. Every time the athlete lands they must quickly swing their arms through the power position and explode to the next cone. Slow arms will cause drag, leaving athletes with less power for the following jump.

Knee drive is also a key to an effective broad jump. Landings should be made with a centered overall body position. As the athlete lands and shifts his or her weight to the balls of their feet knee drive becomes very important. Explode with the arms and drive through the ground. This powerful drive phase will leave the body extended. To properly get in position for the next jump athletes must flex the core and drive the knees back to the power position for the next jump. Without focusing on knee positioning athletes will struggle to maintain power throughout the Broad Jump Drill.

The unassisted broad jump reps are utilized to help the athletes move within their own strength level. Without the assistance athletes will now use their own power coupled with the muscle memory of the assisted reps causing more efficient turnover and power. 

How To Jump Higher

The Reactive Stretch Cord Broad Jump is a great drill to help athletes build power and jump higher from a stationary position. Power is essential in sprint speed as well as vertical leap. To jump higher athletes can utilize this drill to build instant power for more explosive acceleration as well as vertical leap

Broad Jumps Wrap Up 

Utilize this drill in your training 2 to 3 times a week to enhance your skills quickly. Athletes can also find more explosive drills in our training section to help with vertical as well as speed gains. 

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