Football DB Drills | Kbands Modified Hip L Drill

Football DB Drills | Kbands Modified Hip L Drill

Published by Trevor Theismann on 14th Dec 2021

Football DB Drills | Kbands Modified Hip L Drill

‏Football DB’s are required to move in a much different direction than their teammates who are linebackers and defensive linemen. Although these athletes are occasionally called upon to drop into pass coverage they do not do nearly the amount of back pedaling as football DB’s. Football DB drills should reflect this volume of backpedaling in the movements which are performed during football DB training drills.

Football DB drills which require the football DB to move their hips, read and react, and quickly change directions will help football DB;s improve on their change of direction and coverage when moving from a backpedaling position. Adding Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to these football DB drills will further strengthen the hips, legs, and overall movements of the athlete making their change of direction quicker and their coverage tighter. Since these football DB drills are meant to mimic game like motions, football DB’s also need to practice moving side to side, and forward. Football DB’s can make a name for themselves by making big hits on unsuspecting running backs and wing backs as they try to move down the field.

The bottom line is a good football DB drill will help a safety, cornerback, or linebacker to develop the pass covering and play making skills which will help their defense have success.

Backpedaling And Multi Directional Football DB Drills

To perform the Kbands Modified Hip L Drill athletes will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, and four Speed and Agility Cones. Athletes will place the Speed and Agility Cones 5-10 yards apart based on the athletes’ level of athleticism. More advanced athletes will have the Speed and Agility Cones placed farther away, while younger, less advanced athletes will have the Speed and Agility Cones placed closer together.

One Speed and Agility Cone will be used as the start and finish line placing one Speed and Agility Cone 5-10 yards away, and directly in line with the starting Speed and Agility Cone. Athletes will then place the remaining Speed and Agility Cones on 5-10 yards to the outside of the second placed Speed and Agility Cone. The four cone set up should resemble a capital T.

After athletes have placed the Speed and Agility Cones they will securely attach the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above their knees and line up at the starting Speed and Agility Cone. Athletes will begin by performing a lateral backpedal with their hips facing the right side of the football DB drill. Once athletes reach the center Speed and Agility Cone they will plant their foot and laterally shuffle to the left Speed and Agility Cone, moving the opposite direction their hips were facing. Athletes will lateral shuffle to the outside Speed and Agility Cone, back to the center, then sprint toward the starting Speed and Agility Cone. After reaching the starting Speed and Agility Cone athletes will perform the same movement moving to the opposite side of the T formation, hips should be facing left as athlete laterally shuffles right.

Athletes will continue this alternating pattern for 20-30 seconds before stopping and allowing 40-60 seconds of recovery between sets of the football Db drill. Complete 4-6 resisted rounds of the Kbands Modified Hip L Drill before removing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and performing 2-4 unresisted sets of the football DB drill.

Backpedaling And Changing Directions

When moving through the Kbands Modified Hip L Drill athletes need to execute the football Db drill will great form and technique. The goal of all football DB drills is to get the athlete better and more comfortable at changing directions. Athletes need to be sure they are not taking wasted or false steps as they change directions. Athletes should instead focus on making small, shuffling steps as they make their directional transition, then plant their feet and accelerate in their new and desired direction. Football DB’s who use poor and uncertain footwork will find themselves struggling to get out of their backpedal to make a play and getting burned deep on stop and go moves.

To ensure football DB’s are as productive as possible they, and their coaches, need to be attentive when performing these football DB drills. Coaches and athletes should always be adapting their movements until they are smooth and flawless. Being weak at moving in a certain direction will limit the athletes’ ability to successfully defend an above average receiver.

Allow the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to strengthen the legs by working against the resistance and not allowing it to internally rotate the knees, or alter normal movements. This will allow athletes to build great power and strength during resisted sets, and great explosiveness and speed during unresisted sets of football DB Drills.

Advanced Football DB Drills

Athletes also need to focus on using additional speed and agility drills to increase their overall foot speed, hip speed, and footwork. Using the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands along with additional training equipment, like the Reactive Stretch Cord, or Victory Ropes, will develop greater leg strength to execute a great break forward while backpedaling, or making a great read and intercepting a pass thrown near you.

The ability for an athlete, especially a football DB, to make big plays like interceptions, pass break ups, and bone crushing tackles is all based on the football DB’s ability to react with great technique. “When preparation meets opportunity” should be the motto for every football DB. There may be very few chances for a football DB to make a great play but being unprepared or lazy will get you burned, but being prepared and always executing with great form will allow the athlete to capitalize on the opposing teams mistakes. It is like an outfielder making a great play in the outfield. They may sit for 2-3 innings with nothing hit their way, but when it is they are ready to make a great play on the ball.

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