What Does The Football Shuttle Run Measure

What Does The Football Shuttle Run Measure

Published by Trevor Theismann on 29th Jun 2021

What Does The Football Shuttle Run Measure

‏The shuttle run has many names in the game of football. You may have heard it called the pro agility, 5-10-5, or shuttle run. This drill is an amazing drill to measure change of direction and acceleration. The reason why this drill specifically is handy for scouts and coaches, is because it tests lateral movement with linear speed. When you begin this drill you will have to make transitions in your hip movement to accelerate properly forward. It also challenges vertical balance and sprinting technique from a low start position. In the game of football these elements become very important. As defensive backs need to open their hips and accelerate after a receiver, coaches must understand if a player has the ability to compete at the next level. Let's take a look at the video below and breakdown the setup of the shuttle run and how you can perform better.

First Phase Of The Football Shuttle Run

To begin the shuttle run you will start at the middle cone. You will have a cone to your right and to your left 5 yards apart. Next, you will open your hips and gain ground forward. This means you must plant your right foot and drive over with your left leg. You're first step should not be with your right leg. Your left leg should step over the right so that you gain ground forward on the first step. Next, you will quickly breakdown, find your center of gravity and touch the line. After you touch the line, you will then change direction and accelerate to the farthest cone. You will then touch the line at the third cone, position your shoulders, and head back towards the middle cone. Make sure that you face the same direction on each of your turns. The time will stop this soon as you cross the line at the beginning cone.

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How Do You Improve Your Shuttle Run Time

Of course increasing your general speed will decrease in your shuttle run time, but there are several elements throughout the drill that you can improve on to increase your speed.

1. Stay low on the turns.
2. Gain ground driving forward off the inside leg rather than taking a step.
3. Stay loose.
4. Utilize aggressive arm action.
5. Lean forward and dig at every turn.

Utilizing these simple tips will help you shave time off your shuttle run quickly. If you have bad footwork and take terrible turns, you have lots of room to improve.

How Often Should You Test Your Shuttle Runs

The only way to get better had a shuttle run is to complete it frequently. We suggest doing the shuttle run at least once a week when you are getting close to test out times. If you're months away from a shuttle run test out, it is important to start a speed and agility program that can help you learn how to change direction and run faster. Take a look at Speed 101 or Agility FX on our website. These two training programs can help you learn how to move explosively through plyometrics, resistance training, and acceleration drills. Each training program should be completed for five weeks before you complete your post test. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions below.

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