Modified Football L-drill- How To Increase L-drill Running Speed

Modified Football L- Drill To Increase L-Drill Speed

‏Football players need to continuously practice and increase their power, speed and agility. L-drills for football are designed to increase the speed and the power of the football players. The modified football L- drill to increase L-drill speed gives the player not only power but agility along with superior muscle activation as well. the difference between a basic football L- drill and a modified football L- drill is that the modified football L- drill is finished off a broad jump. The broad jump adds extra explosiveness to the entire workout which helps make a football player faster and more powerful. By including more broad jumps in the drill, more leg separation is achieved by the player which helps in increased glute activation. The broad jumps should be concluded with soft and solid landings. The players needs to consciously work on explosiveness, if he does not do that there will be no improvement in speed at all. The drill when done strictly in accordance with the guidelines can help develop the football player in developing the right muscles that will not help in developing power but also the ability to cover larger distance in a single sprint.



Method Of Modified Football L- Drill To Increase Speed With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

The modified football L-drill is similar to a regular L-drill except the drill is finished off with a broad jump. The drill begins with a broad jump in the same motion with a circular speed. The player wears the Kbands leg resistance bands just above the knees. While maintaining the circular speed the athlete accelerates towards cone 3 and after making circling movement around it he goes over to cone 2. At this point the player has to gather and take in the momentum and the power he has gained from the sprinting and make an additional broad jump. Using the momentum that has been built up, the player will also cover the additional distance.  The player has to make the broad jump by spreading the legs apart. This helps in achieving better muscle movement and a better broad jump as well. After making the landing, the players will need to accelerate using a crossover step. The player should not reach with the inside leg. He should cross over the inside and accelerate to the inside of cone 3. Then the player will wrap around and accelerate further around that second cone for a complete ten yard sprint out. When you turn, stay as tight as you can and then accelerate to the second cone. This entire motion will be done for five reps and then the player will begin the modified end. At the end, an additional cone will be used to make that last broad jump. The objective is to do all the jumps, accelerations and other motions explosively. If not done in an explosive manner, then the player will not be able to get any faster. The broad jump at the beginning will help with building muscles power rather than just focusing on increasing the L- drill speed.


Football Crescent Jumps Enhanced With Kbands


Things To Keep In Mind While Performing The Modified Football L- Drill

The primary objective of the modified L- drill is not only increasing speed but also power along with muscle activation. Therefore it Is very important that the drill is performed strictly in accordance to the method so that maximum benefits can be extracted out of the entire drill. Firstly, while making the broad jumps, the legs should be separated so that glute activation can be achieved, the purpose of the broad jump is not only to focus on the muscles that help us cover the distance but also muscles that give us the required power to push through. While making the jumps the players need to focus on the hands as well. The player should throw the hands out and then achieve that muscle activation through that broad jump. The player should stay in control the entire time and maintain the correct chest position. Correct upper body posture is vital. If while landing or when taking off for broad jump, if a person leans downwards too much he can fall flat on the face. The jumps need to be very explosive. the speed can be achieved only if the jumps are made explosively. The player needs to make controlled movements and land from the jumps in nice and solid position. Then he should get ready to take in the next set. The tight turns that are made while accelerating around the cones are helpful to the football player in developing circular speed and rapid footwork. Football players need to be aware and agile and the modified football L- drill helps them with agility as well as power. When a player practices proper and guided landing from the broad jump, he improves his balance and upper body control. Football requires a player to have solid foot work and leg movements along with upright and controlled upper body posture so that while sprinting on the field he can give his maximum output. The player should take care of the position of the arms as well. The sprinting movement can be absolute and complete only if the arms are thrown back and brought forward while landing.

Advantages Of Doing Modified Football L-drill with Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

Any drill or sports training, when combined with any form of resistance maximizes the benefits of the training. When a football player practices with the Kbands leg resistance bands on, he can push himself harder to achieve more glute activation as compared to non resisted training. Also, sprinting with resistance increases the drag force on the body which can make the upper body tight and strong which is required in almost all the sports. A player can himself notice the difference between resisted and unresisted training. When practicing the same drill with resistance, more tension is felt in the muscle which is indicated by mild burning sensation along the muscle fibers. 

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