Football Training With Kbands

Performance Enhancer | Kbands Resistance

Kbands offer football players the ability to utilize speed camp training year round. Faster, more explosive athletes are not created over night.  They are molded day after day, month after month of hard training. The power needed to get to the next level in football, is through strong legs and a core that can utilize this power.  Without a strong core an athlete may be able to pick up the gym, sort of speak, but any sudden movements will leave the athlete on his back.  For example, large linemen that weigh 305 pounds may be able to bench press 485 pounds, but can’t seem to move their opponent from the line of scrimmage. Many things such as technique or leg strength may account for this problem, but more than likely a weak core is to blame. All the strength in the world can be wasted if an athlete does not have the means to transfer power from their legs into a sport specific movement. 



Defensive Backs need:

Defensive backs need to be able to move in every direction quickly and effectively.  They must be the fastest players on the defense since they cover so much ground.  Kbands will develop d-backs' hip strength and stability which enables them to change direction and accelerate. 

Lineman Need:

Linemen need strong legs and a strong core for leverage to get a good push off the line.  They also need to be able to change direction and move laterally with ease.  They must hold their ground on offense or be able to get past that offensive lineman on defense.  Kbands Athlete Performance Pack will give linemen the tools they need to get to the next level. 

Receivers Need:

Receivers must be able to accelerate down field as well as make quick cuts laterally across the football field.  They must be agile and quick off the line to beat that defensive player.  A reciever's vertical is also critical in being able to make the catch over a defensive player.  Use our training program to increase receivers top speed.

Quarterbacks Need:

Quarterbacks need mobility along with core strength to increase throwing velocity.  An agile quarterback will have more confidence in their ability to avoid the rush and have more time in the pocket.  A strong core and footwork training will help quarterbacks in the pocket.

Backs Need:

Backs need footwork, leg strength, and core strength to shake off defenders. With every resisted stride in Kbands, football players will feel their legs feeling lighter and lighter with use.

Football Players | Become a Better Athlete

Football is a sport of strength, power, and agility. Lift to match those requirements. (2-5 explosive quick reps of three sets. Make sure multi joint movements are the focus of each lifting session.) During this power/strength building phase, football players should then begin an agility/core stability training program.  Kbands Speed and Core Training DVD is ideal for these needs.  The leg bands will increase an athlete's hip stability, work the glutes, and add resistance to every sprint and agility move.  Resistance to the legs will increase leg power and give athletes a feather like feeling when they compete. This DVD is also packaged with a core strengthening routine that is second to none.