Kbands Defensive Lateral Stack: Football Agility Drills

Kbands Defensive Lateral Stack: Football Agility Drills

Published by Trevor Theismann on 15th Dec 2021

Kbands Defensive Lateral Stack: Football Agility Drills

Speed, agility and the ability to handle an interception while staying in control of velocity and footwork are fundamental aspects of football training, and the football defensive drill in the video below addresses this set of overlapping skills. Football coaches and football players can follow along as the Trevor Theismann walks viewers through the key components of the drill. Once they understand the basics, coaches can work this drill into their training regimen and watch players build speed and control as they move sideways into an interception.

This drill focuses on mental skills, including balance and coordination. And since it relies on the added tension of the Kbands resistance training equipment, it also builds strength in the muscle groups responsible for lateral speed.

Kbands Lateral Defensive Stack Football Agility Drills: Setting Up

Required Equipment:

  • 1 Speed Ladder
  • 1 set of Agility Training Cones (five to nine cones total).
  • 1 set of Kbands resistance training bands for each player
  • 1 football

This set of football speed and agility drills will require some agility cones, a speed ladder, some Kbands Training bands and a football. (Most of this equipment can be purchased through the Kbands website; visit the site for details).

While players are warming up for this set of football agility drills and attaching the Kbands to the straps around their upper legs, football coaches can start laying the equipment on the field. Drop a single cone at the starting point, then move five yards away from this cone and arrange four to eight cones in a line about two to three feet apart. At a distance of about five yards from the agility cones, lay the agility ladder along the ground parallel to the line of cones. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Cones two to three feet apart
  • Four to eight cones total
  • Ladder laid parallel five yards from cone line

Ideally, the cones and the rungs of the ladder will offer slightly different space intervals, which will force athletes running the drill to take different sized steps. This variation will build coordination and strengthen different muscle groups.

Lateral Defensive Stack Football Agility Drills: Moving Through the Drill

At the start of each round, the football player will stand at the starting cone facing away from the cone line and the ladder. At the signal, the athlete will backpedal as fast as possible to the end of the line of agility cones, and then scramble down the line placing a foot between each cone. During this run, the knees should stay high and the arms should stay engaged.

When he reaches the end of the line of agility cones, the player will backpedal again till he reaches the agility ladder. Then he’ll move laterally down the rungs of the ladder in the opposite direction. As the football player reaches the last rung of the agility ladder, he’ll receive an interception thrown by a partner or coach, grab the ball, and run upfield in a full sprint.

Lateral Defensive Stack Football Agility Drills: Areas of Focus

There are several areas of focus that football players and coaches should keep in mind during this drill. Most important, players will need to emphasize speed control, body position, and balance. Players should concentrate on the arms, the chest, and the core, and coaches should make sure that players are noticing and paying attention to areas of weakness. Here’s a quick checklist:

1. Players should stay under control during all aspects of the drill 

2. Maintain their balance 

3. Maintain efficient body position 

4. Stay focused at every step.

One of the key aspects of body position that players will need to consider will be the back pedal. The success of the drill may depend completely on a player’s ability to say fast and efficient during the back pedal, so players and coaches should both keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Rock the chest forward: the chest should lead the motion during forward shuffles, and during the backpedal, the chest should still stay proud and elevated, not hunched over. 2. Keep the chest over the toes: the chest should stay directly over the toes as the body moves backward. 3. Stay in athletic position: The body should stay positioned around the core, as in all well-balanced motions. 4. Pump the arms: If the arms are bent at the elbow and pumping with each stride, the body will move faster and the heart rate will stay elevated.

Football Agility Drills: Elements of Lateral Motion

Lateral motion becomes quicker, more explosive, more efficient, and better controlled when players keep these tips in mind:

1. Focus on the hip line: Players should not let the hips open up, or they’ll lose lateral speed. Keep the hips in line and squared all the way down the row of rungs or cones. 

2. Stay explosive: Keep the energy concentrated in the core, and move in a burst of speed that lasts all the way down the line. 

3. Focus on knee drive: the knees should drive the motion and lift high at every step. 

4. Pump the arms: again, keep the arms in motion. This works to increase speed on the lateral drive as well as the backpedal.

Football Speed and Agility Drills: Catching the Ball

The final move of this drill will involve intercepting the pass and moving forward with the ball in hand. Football players should keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Keep the eyes on the ball at the last stage of the lateral motion 

2. Catch the ball and tuck it immediately and reflexively 

3. Accelerate up the field with explosive speed for at least five to ten yards

Football Speed and Agility Drills: Reps and Sets

This football agility drill will involve both resisted and unresisted sets. Football players should tackle the resisted sets first with the Kbands clipped in place. They should move through the drill from both sides for 6 to 8 resisted sets followed by 4 to 6 unresisted sets. Players should stay in control and at maximum speed the entire time.

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