Football Season Speed Drill With Resistance Bands

Football Season Speed Drill With Resistance Bands

Published by Trevor Theismann on 21st Dec 2021

Need for Power and Agility Of Football Players

Any sports team is considered to be only as strong as its weakest team member. Therefore, each team member needs to be at the peak of his physical fitness and perform as best as he can. Football is a sport which not only requires stamina but also power in each player. It also needs coordination between all the team players and intuitiveness which comes by playing a sport in which things move at a very rapid pace. Football players need to practice precision foot work with reflexes so strong that they can turn their moves and kicks within a matter of seconds. All these skills which are required in a football player can be developed by performing football season speed drill with the help of a partner and Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord. Practicing with Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord is a great way to develop resisted acceleration which improves power in a football player as well as his speed. In any football conditioning drill involvement of resistance can help in improving the player’s center of gravity which improves balance on the field. Stability in feet and ankles is achieved when the football player practices acceleration under resistance.

Setting Up The Drill For Football Season Speed drill

The football season speed drill begins with setting up the L- drill. The L- drill is set using the speed and agility cones at an increment of 5 yards. The football player begins with the 360 D ring and the Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord around his waist and the cord as well as the 360 D ring should be facing the front. The player begins with making the first broad jump from the first cone to second and then continuing by running to the third cone. Once the football player reaches the third cones he turns around attaining circular speed and accelerates again to the second cone. When the player is making broad jump, he should ensure that his ankles are stabilized because the player’s ankles will help him in making the leap for the next broad jump. The player should be accelerated by the other partner who is holding the Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord. The player should focus on developing power through the lunges.

How Does The Football Season Speed Drill Help The Football Players

When the football player uses the Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord and accelerates through the resistance, he can attain more power through his lunges. Working in tandem with a partner also improves the coordination, team spirit and the feeling of camaraderie. Different phases in a single session of football season speed drill help the football player in developing muscle memory which eventually helps the player in improving the distance travelled in a single broad jump. It also helps in making each movement more powerful. As the football player continues to practice this drill with the partner, the threshold of the power is increased gradually.

Things To Keep In Mind While Doing The Football Season Speed Drill

A football player can achieve the maximum output from a speed drill session only if the body form and posture is maintained throughout the drill. While running through resistance it is important not to bend too much. As a football player makes broad jumps the ankles should be stabilized as they give support to the football player while lifting the legs off the ground and also while landing back on the ground after making the jump. While making the broad jumps and lunges the football player should keep the body centered and the chest under control. While making forward acceleration movements the foot work should be kept in focus as well. While the foot work is crucial during football season speed drill, the correct movement of the arms is equally important. If the arms are not moved correctly along with whole body, then the football player’s centre of gravity will be off. Because of this at the time of landing from the broad jump, the player may twist his ankle and may suffer from ankle or hamstring injury. So the output of the workout can only be maximized if the player keeps in mind the correct posture of the body, the stabilization of feet and the ankles and the correct movement of the hands. The correct number of repetitions per drill is 8- 10, which should be followed by 2 sets of the drill with no resistance.

Benefits Of Resisted Football Season Speed Drill

Football drill helps the athlete in developing strength and power in different body parts at the same time. While the player accelerates with the resistance on, it helps in increasing the power of the player exponentially in comparison to unresisted acceleration. It also increases the player’s ability to cover more distance in a single sprint. Speed and agility drills can help in transforming the player’s power movements. Work outs with a partner can help in improving balance and coordination. The resisted set helps in improving the upper body core strength and explosiveness in the legs. Accelerating and turning around the speed and agility cones improves the reflex and the foot work. Resistance training helps the player to get accustomed to more drag in his body than usual which helps him in improving his speed. A combination of stabilized foot work and power is required to pull through and accelerate with resistance. Stamina and power can be developed in combination using Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord and Kbands speed and agility cones. You can experience rapid improvement in your overall performance, by including Kbands resistance in your football season speed drill. The results obtained by resistance training can help you to establish and affirm the benefits of training with Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord.

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