Speed Resistance Training | Fast Feet Speed Taps

Speed Resistance Training | Fast Feet Speed Taps

Published by Trevor Theismann on 15th Dec 2021

Speed Resistance Training | Fast Feet Speed Taps

If you're looking to perform with the best, it is important that you complete the right speed resistance training drills. Speed drills that focus on knee drive and footwork will optimize your results. During this resistance training video we will demonstrate the proper technique needed during the Fast Feet Speed Taps Drill. This stationary drill can be done anywhere and provide you with faster feet and power off the ground.

Speed Resistance Training Equipment

To complete this drill you will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and a Speed and Agility Cone. If you do not have a Agility Cone, be sure not to utilize anything that can roll or move easily. Safety must come first during this speed resistance training workout.

With Kbands you are going to be able to complete the speed agility drill with full range of motion. Even with resistance placed just above your knee, it is easy to maintain natural range of motion while getting the muscle activation of the resistance bands. Utilize this drill at home, the gym, or at the football field in addition to a dynamic warm-up and ladder drills for a great hour-long training session.

Fast Feet Technique and Positioning

This single drill can create amazing results for your speed, but we must use proper technique to translate it to linear movements. During the first phase of this drill you will be working with the Inward Knee Up. This will provide us with outer hip stimulation and stability getting us ready for the second sequence. Stay tall and utilize your arms during each individual fast feet tap.

Speed drills require focus. To maximize your intensity it is essential that you focus on the next step. Being methodical and moving your knees up through this resistance drill will only slow your results. Complete muscle activation combined with 110% intensity will help you see the gains you're looking for. Spend time focusing on the mental side of things, working on the next movement before it comes.

Stationary Fast Feet Taps

As we transition into the Stationary Fast Feet Taps we must be quick. There is no time for hesitation or repositioning. Your chest position will help make this transition much quicker. Slide your chest back slightly and let your knees drive forward eliminating any hesitation from the Outward Knee Ups.

In this position we now have the full muscle activation of our hips from the first sequence, and will be working on our linear quickness and power off the ground. The term linear quickness often refers to sprinting forward, but our focus will be developing the body positioning needed while in a stationary position. By maintaining more of an upright relaxed position through the Fast Feet Taps you will find your top-end speed increase because you are more natural in the linear sprint position. The Fast Feet Speed Taps Drill allows you the ability to mimic sprint techniques in a smaller area, building better running form anywhere.

Arm action in this position is also very important. You want to work with 90 degree angles in your elbows. Each arm should extend past your midline and hands should reach near your face. Spend time looking in the mirror to perfect this. Correct arm action with no wasted side to side movements will dramatically increase your speed.

Finally, Plantar and Dorsey Flexion comes into play. To create more power off the ground utilizing your hamstrings and quads, you must have correct footwork. Each individual knee up should be paired with proper Plantar and Dorsey Flexion. As you raise your knee you will drive your toes towards your shin. This will help stretch the opposing muscle groups getting them ready for a more powerful stride on the next rotation. It may be a good idea for you to film yourself completing this drill so that you can maximize your results with proper speed resistance training technique.

Train With Purpose and Intensity

These two body positions are combined to optimize muscle activation. Complete each variation in one set with 6 to 8 seconds at each position. Also, rest for one and a half minutes between each set to maintain a high level of intensity.

For a complete speed and agility training program, grab your set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands today. Kbands come with a great program called Speed 101 that will help you with your training throughout five weeks. You can also spend time in the My Plan section where there are several speed and agility programs that you can utilize there in your training today. Use 1-2-3 Reaction Pro or Cone Drill FX for multidirectional movements.

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