Speed and Quickness Agility Workouts | Kbands Scramble Drill

Speed and Quickness Agility Workouts | Kbands Scramble Drill

Published by Trevor Theismann on 15th Dec 2021

Speed and Quickness Agility Workouts | Kbands Scramble Drill

Athletes in almost any sport utilize multi-directional speed and quickness. The agility drill Kbands Scramble Drill is an excellent agility drill to help athletes develop their speed and acceleration. By utilizing the resistance of the Kbands athletes will work to improve their hip flexor strength, as well as knee drive.

The agility workout is simple and easy to set up, requiring only 5 Speed and Agility Cones and a set of Kbands. The multi-directional aspect of the agility workout will quickly translate into game like situations. Athletes who work this agility drill into their regular training sessions will see an improvement in both lateral and linear quickness.

Athletic footwork will also be tested during the agility drill, helping athletes to be more efficient when making cuts on the field or avoiding a defender. The added hip flexor strength and accelerated knee drive will help athletes be more explosive when making a quick change of direction during competition.

Agility Workouts | Kbands Scramble Drill: Setting Up the Agility Drill

To set up the agility drill athletes will need 5 Speed and Agility Cones, a set of Kbands, and a partner. Place one Speed and Agility Cone in the center of the agility drill. This will be “Home Base” for the agility workout. The remaining four Speed and Agility Cones will be placed 4-6 yards directly in front, behind, and to both sides of the “Home Base” Speed and Agility Cone.

After the Kbands are secure around the leg, athletes will go to the center Speed and Agility Cone to begin the agility drill.

Agility Workouts Technique And Intensity

Beginning from the center Speed and Agility Cone athletes will begin to drive their knees up and pump their arms in a running motion. Once the athlete begins this motion the partner’s role in the agility workout will begin. As athletes drive their knees and pump their arms partners will call out a Speed and Agility Cone for the athlete to accelerate toward.

The athlete will explosively accelerate toward the called out Speed and Agility Cone. Upon reaching the Speed and Agility Cone the athlete will begin to chop their feet and decelerate, as they touch their hand to the top of the Speed and Agility Cone. The athlete will then begin to drive their knees and accelerate back to the center Speed and Agility Cone.

Upon arriving back at the center Speed and Agility Cone athletes will again drive their knees and pump their arms. Athletes will continue this motion until their partner calls out the next Speed and Agility Cone. Dorsiflexion is defined as the position of your foot when your toe is extended up towards your shin. Athletes need to use Dorsiflexion during the stationary portion of the agility drill to help load the calves during the stationary knee drive.

How Many Sets Should You Do

Active sets of the agility drill will be performed for 12-15 seconds per set. This amount of time should allow the athlete to reach two or three Speed and Agility Cones before time expires. Athletes will perform 4-6 resisted sets of the agility workout. Once these sets are completed athletes will finish the agility drill with two un-resisted sets of the Kbands Scramble Drill.

This agility workout is designed to be performed with maximum intensity. Athletes need to focus on accelerating through the drill, utilizing the resistance from the Kbands, and driving the knees. This means athletes need to be given proper rest between sets of the agility workout. 90 seconds to 2 minutes is the recommended rest between sets. During the agility workout athletes need to keep a good pace with the knees and drive to the Speed and Agility Cone and quickly come back to home base.

An important aspect of the agility drill is footwork. Athletes should utilize the turns and change of direction in the agility drill to challenge and improve their footwork and acceleration out of the turn.

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