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Track Workout Ideas To Increase Speed

Will High Knees Make You Run Faster

Let’s explore the benefits of high knees and increasing your speed.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Long Jump Drills For Track Training

Long Jump Drills For Track and Field

Improve your long jump in track and field with the explosive Kbands split jumps.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Track and Field Bounding Starts

Bounding Starts | Speed Training for Sprinters

Bounding drills can help runners develop both muscles strength in the core and hip flexors, and body position at the starting block. The added resistance of the Kbands will maximize both strength and stride length.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones
Increase Stride Length For Sprinters

Increase Stride Length For Sprint Speed

Increase your stride length with this simple drill. We will also explore what stride length is and how optimizing it can increase your sprint speed.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Hurdle
Dorsiflexion And Planter Flexion Drill

Dorsiflexion and Plantar Flexion Drill

Understanding how to strike the ground will improve your speed Greatly. Let’s take a closer look at this planter and dorsiflexion drill to learn how to strike the ground efficiently.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Kbands Wall Drill

Increase Sprint Speed

Run faster and increase sprint speed on the field with this powerful strength training superset. This exercise adds targeted resistance in these areas, which can help athletes increase speed quickly.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Track Drills For Youth Sprinters

Track Drills For Young Sprinters

Young sprinters need to spend time completing drills that teach the fundamentals of running form. Utilize this sprinting drill for youth athletes.

Equipment Used: Kbands
RSC Agility

Best Resisted Partner Workouts

Developing strength and body control are keys for superior athleticism. Using the Best Resisted Partner Workouts forces athletes to work on their explosive power, sprinting speed, and abdominal strength in the same workout.

Equipment Used: Reactive Stretch Cord
1-2-3 Wall Drill

Track and Field Workouts: Wall Drill

Effective speed training requires close attention to body position and control during explosive workouts that target the hips and core. The 123 Wall Drill allows athletes to concentrate on knee drive and foot position while stabilizing the upper body.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Hip Flexor Exercises For Runners

Hip Flexor Exercises For Running Faster

Increase your hurdle times with better knee height and range of motion with this drill.

Equipment Used: Kbands
RSC Motion

Overspeed Agility Training Exercises

TAny athlete who needs great footwork and explosive movements to excel in their sport can benefit from performing overspeed training with the Reactive Stretch Cord. This equipment allows partners and coaches to provide a varied amount of resistance and assistance to challenge athletes as they perform speed and agility training..

Equipment Used: Reactive Stretch Cord
Speed Training For Track Sprnters

Explosive Speed Training for Sprinters

To generate speed and explosive force on the track, sprinters should commit to a resistance-focused, high intensity speed training program.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Resisted Partner Sprints

Maximum Sprint Training

The best sprint training drills require athletes to increase stride length and turnover. While the Victory Ropes Maximum Sprint Training emphasizes increasing stride length it also aids in athletes increasing the speed at which their legs can move.

Equipment Used: Victory Ropes
Track Warm Up

Dynamic Track and Field Warm Up Exercises

Dynamic warm up moves like the ones demonstrated here work on several levels simultaneously. While they loosen and lengthen the muscle fibers of the legs and hip flexors, they also increase blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Equipment Used: Kbands
KB Duo Track Resisted Runners

Resistance Sprints with the KB Duo

Resistance sprints and resistance running exercises like the one demonstrated in this video can help sprinters focus on the most important aspect of the running stride: the dig phase. For short sprints, the race can be won or lost in the first few seconds. So a strong emphasis on the start can build explosivity and give the sprinter a powerful advantage.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Single Leg Drive Track Drill

Single Leg Drive Through: Running Form Drill

Sprinters and athletes who are looking for ways to increase running speed can benefit from running drills that focus on knee drive. The single leg drive through drill is a simple exercise that lets athletes focus fully on the motion of the leg through the sprint, from hip to foot. This drill requires very little equipment and can be completed alone or with a team.

Equipment Used: -
Run Faster on the Track

Increase Running Speed with Hamstring Exercises

Gain speed on the track by supplementing running workouts with hamstring exercises like these. Use the KB Duo to build functional hamstring strength two to three times a week. Learn more....

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Ankling Sprints

Sprinting Workouts for Track and Field Athletes

Sprinting workouts like the one can help athletes develop speed on several levels. These drills build power in the hip flexors, which are essential for explosivity during the sprint.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones
Track Split Jump

Track Split Jump

This deceptively simple track drill allows athletes to push the fast twitch muscles of the core and hip flexors to another level. Advanced runners can use this drill to develop an even higher level of speed and power during the sprint.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Progressive Sprinting Drill

Kbands Progressive Sprinting Drill

Sprinting workout: With three start variations you will build your speed with the progressive sprinting drill. Spend time focussing on start technique as well as top-end speed throughout this Advanced level sprint drill.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones
Run Faster With Kbands Dot Drills

Run Faster With Kbands Dot Drills

Can foot speed and dot drills help track athletes run faster? Yes, especially if these drills involve added resistance.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Speed 101 Training

Increase Sprint Speed | Speed 101 Training Program

Every second counts on the track. Speed 101 will increase your over all speed from start to finish.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Parachute Training Drills

Running Parachute Progression

The Running Parachute Progression workout is a great way for athletes to improve their top end speed. By utilizing our Dual Running Parachutes athletes will be able to run at top speed with just the right amount of resistance to improve muscle activation.

Equipment Used: Dual Running Parachute
A-Skip B-SKip C-Skip Varation

Skip Sequence For Sprinter Speed

This track and field skip sequence involves a set of two that provide multiple benefits. They stretch and warm up the muscles, improving circulation and oxygen delivery. And they also help increase strength in the quads and hip flexors.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones
Victory Ropes Power Training

Victory Ropes Power Training

Build explosiveness in your stride with the Victory Ropes Power Trainer. With resisted drag sprints and activation lunges you will build strength and power in your hips and core leading to power off the ground during your start and help to create an efficient stride length.

Equipment Used: Victory Ropes
Conditioning Doubles Training

Conditioning Doubles Training

Build endurance and condition your muscles for competition with the Victory Ropes Conditioning Doubles Digital Trainer. With 40 feet of resistance, using two Victory Ropes, you will be able to train multidirectional movements efficiently.

Equipment Used: Victory Ropes
Maximize Explosive Power for Track Athletes

Track And Field: Generating Explosive Speed

Track athletes depend on explosive speed and velocity for success. To maximize explosive power while running, track athletes should focus on resistance training moves that build the hip flexors.

Equipment Used: Kbands
KB PowerBands Shoulder Progression Training

Increase Workout Intensity With Overload Sprints

This sprinting workout provides an opportunity for an athlete to improve on both stride length and stride frequency. By performing partner sprints athletes are able to perform assisted sprints while being pulled and an overload sprint pulling partner.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Build Core Strength for the Track

Core Strength for Track Athletes

Increase velocity on the track and build core strength with targeted core exercise moves. Rotate with KB PowerBands for a more explosive core leading to faster top end speeds.

Equipment Used: KB Powerbands
1-2-3 Reaction Pro

1-2-3 Reaction Pro

Decrease your 100 yard dash or shave time off your 800 meter relay. 1-2-3 Reaction Pro will take your speed and agility to the next level.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Ladder
Overspeed Accelerator

Overspeed Accelerator Training Program

Utilize assisted sprint training techniques to improve your top-end speed with Overspeed Accelerator. The Overspeed Accelerator Training program includes full video demonstrations as well as downloadable breakdown sheets to help you train anywhere.

Equipment Used: Reactive Stretch Cord
Arm Swing Drill

Arm Swing Drill

The motion of the arms can have a powerful impact on speed and efficient energy expenditure during competitive activities on the track. With that in mind, this arm swing running drill can help both advanced and beginner athletes learn how to get better at sprinting by isolating the upper body.

Youth Partner Chase

Speed Drills for Kids

The best speed training drills for kids teach running technique and build strength in the hips and core. But they also encourage young athletes to have fun. Speed drills for kids like this one, the Partner Chase Drill, spur a competitive instinct and a sense of teamwork among young sprinters.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones
Resisted Victory Rope Tempo Runs

Resisted Tempo Runs

Use this muscle building workout to help athletes of all ages build strength and stability in their lower body. Adding a change of tempo and resistance to this drill will help with muscle activation and to get the legs burning as athletes work through this great exercise for legs.

Equipment Used: Victory Ropes
The Benefits of Resistance Training and Track Training

The Benefits of Resistance Training and Track Training

Kbands offer track athletes the ability to increase speed, leg power, vertical jump height, foot speed and explosiveness. With Resistance the options are endless.