Resisted Tempo Runs | Muscle Building Workout For Legs

Resisted Tempo Runs | Muscle Building Workout For Legs

When performing this muscle building workout and other workouts with the Victory Ropes athletes will be required to adjust the Victory Ropes for the muscle building workout. To prepare the Victory Ropes prior to this exercise for legs athletes will first locate the anchor straps placed at the end of each of the Victory Ropes. Loop one Victory Rope through the opposite Victory Ropes anchor strap and then loop this same anchor strap through its own anchor strap and pull tight. Athletes will then create a loop, which can be placed around their waist by grasping the middle of the Victory Ropes and feeding the Victory Ropes through the remaining anchor strap. This last step can be performed on one Victory Rope to create one loop or on both Victory Ropes to create two belts to be placed around the athlete’s waist.



When athletes are performing muscle building workouts with the Victory Ropes it is important they understand the spatial limitations of the Victory Ropes and how using two Victory Ropes is more advantageous for athletic training. Each Victory Rope has a maximal stretch distance of 20 feet. When the Victory Ropes are looped together they can be stretched up to 40 feet. Athletes will also not want to stretch their Victory Ropes to its maximal distance as this will make most muscle building workouts much more difficult to complete. By combining two Victory Ropes athletes are able to increase their working range for the muscle building workout they are performing.

Victory Ropes Exercise For Legs

To perform the Victory Ropes Resisted Tempo Runs athletes will need 2 Victory Ropes (attached together as explained in the previous section) and create a loop for each athlete to place around their waist. Athletes will also need a partner and 2 Speed and Agility Cones for the Victory Ropes exercise for legs.

Athletes will place one Speed and Agility Cone 34-36 feet away from the anchoring partner. Athletes will then place the Victory Ropes around their waist, stand just at the point where there is no slack in the Victory Ropes and place another Speed and Agility Cone at this spot, around 18-22 feet. Athletes will begin the exercise for legs from the Speed and Agility Cone placed closest to their partner and work toward the far Speed and Agility Cone. Athletes will face each other as the athlete performing the drill quickly begins to backpedal toward the Speed and Agility Cone to their rear. Once athletes reach this Speed and Agility Cone they will slowly walk in a slightly crouched position back toward the original starting point of the muscle building workout. Athletes will have a slight bend at the knees and hips while maintaining a straight back throughout this phase of the exercise for legs. Athletes will complete 5-6 sets of 60 seconds. Athletes will both have the Victory Ropes looped around their waist for the exercise for legs. This makes it quick and easy for athletes to switch roles after one athlete completes the Victory Ropes Resisted Tempo Runs. The active athlete becomes the anchor as the opposite partner performs the exercise for legs.

While athletes are backpedalling they need to focus on quickly moving their feet and really pushing the distance and tempo. Athletes do not have to go all the way to the back line set up with the Speed and Agility Cones but instead should work to a distance where they can still quickly move their feet and work against the Victory Ropes. As athletes slowly walk back toward their partner it is important they assume a slightly crouched position with a slight bend at the legs and the hips.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


Change Tempos For A Better Muscle Building Workout

Athletes bodies are made up of two different muscle types, fast twitch and slow twitch. Although there are different categorizations of both of these muscle types the main difference between these two muscle fibers is that one fires quickly using a large amount of energy, whereas the slow twitch muscles fire slowly but use less energy and can function for a longer amount of time. A great way to maximize the amount of muscle activation athletes achieve during a muscle building workout is to change tempos from slow to fast, or fast to slow. This forces both types of muscle fibers to activate, firing more muscle and helping to build greater leg strength. Combining the Victory Ropes with this exercise for legs helps to maintain constant tension on the muscles, generating greater muscle activation and making it a better muscle building workout for the legs.

Great Youth Muscle Building Workout

When performing muscle building workouts for the legs with youth athletes it is important to know the difference between executing muscle building exercises for the legs for youth and executing muscle building workouts for adults. Youth athletes often do not possess the muscular development to perform muscle building workouts like squats and deadlift. Performing exercises for the legs which require more movement and balance like the Victory Ropes Resisted Tempo Runs are more efficient at helping younger athletes develop strength and power in their legs and hips. Combining this muscle building workout with a quick movement will also help younger athletes to increase their stride frequency while sprinting forward or backward.

Although weight training is an excellent muscle building workout for the legs, young athletes who have not developed to the point of using heavy weighted exercises should stick to body weight exercises. These exercises for the legs will help athletes build balance and stability while still activating and building strength in the lower body. Using bodyweight exercises like the ones found in the KB Duo Dynamic Strength XP or the Hamstrings For Better Performance are great static exercises for the legs which athletes of all ages can use to increase their lower body power. These body weight exercises are especially beneficial for youth athletes who may not be quite ready to begin lifting heavy weights.


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