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Increase Athletic Speed With Victory Ropes Running Workouts

In order for athletes to take their maximum sprint training to the next level they need to utilize running workouts which force them to increase their leg turnover or stride length. Great sprint training drills which can help athletes increase their leg turnover include the Kbands Fast Feet Speed Taps and the Kbands Wall Runs. Both of these running workouts force athletes to move their feet faster than they normally would increasing the fast twitch muscle fiber activation in the legs and hips.

In order for athletes to increase their stride length they need to use sprint training drills which force the muscles utilized during running workouts to strengthen and produce more force off the ground every time they make contact.



How Stride Length Can Be Increased Using Maximum Sprint Training Running Workouts

When athletes utilize some sort of outside stimuli such as the Kbands Running Parachute, Reactive Stretch Cord, Kbands, or Victory Ropes they are forcing their bodies to work harder to move a set amount of distance with each step. By incorporating this resisted running routine into the athletes sprint training they are able to capitalize and increase not the distance their legs travel with each stride, but instead how far the legs can move the body with each stride.

Increased stride length, mixed with running workouts which actively increase stride turnover, are the keys for athletes to make great increases during sprint training.

Mimic Games To Maximize Sprint Training

When athletes are performing any kind of sprint training or running workouts they need to be sure they are performing the sprint training at distances that match the distance athletes will run or sprint during a competition.

Although a volleyball player would benefit from performing longer running workouts to increase their bodies energy production, as they fatigue these sorts of running workouts will not make that volleyball player faster. As was stated in the previous section the purpose of this sprint training is to increase athletes stride length to increase speed. Different sorts of running workouts will train athletes in different ways. This is why it is essential that athletes perform a variety of running workouts and sprint training in their workout routines.

It is also important that the Victory Ropes Maximum Sprint Training is used in such a way that it provides the maximum amount of benefit to the athletes performing the running workouts. A baseball or football player can greatly benefit from the Victory Ropes Maximum Sprint Training due to its short distance and high intensity. These types of athletes are rarely called upon to run for great distances while competing.

Progressively and incrementally increasing the distance of the sprint training is a great way to translate these resisted running workouts into greater success on the field. Athletes who perform the sprints at distances of 20-40 yards will see the greatest gains from the sprint training. By using resisted running workouts over short distances athletes can focus on driving the legs and being more powerful with each step. If the distance of the resisted sprint training is to long the athlete will fatigue to much so they do not focus on good running mechanics and body positioning.

If athletes only take one thing away from this section it should be that all running has a place in training. It is all about how athletes periodize that training and make it specific to their particular sport.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


Set Up And Execute The Victory Ropes Maximum Sprint Training

To set up for the Victory Ropes Maximum Sprint Training athletes will need a large area in which they can freely sprint up to 60 yards. Athletes will also need 2 Victory Ropes, 2-6 Speed and Agility Cones, and a teammate or coach to add resistance to the sprint training.

Athletes can place the Speed and Agility Cones at distances of 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. Athletes should not exceed 40 yards as this will cause the athlete to fatigue beyond the point that the sprint training will be ineffective.

Partners will take both Victory Ropes, place both Anchor Straps, found at the end of the Victory Rope, securely around one hand and wrist. Athletes will place the center of the Victory Ropes comfortably around their waist as their partner secures the other two Anchor Straps around their opposite wrist and hand. Partners will place themselves behind the athlete being sure both Anchor Straps are secure and there is no slack in the Victory Ropes. On a verbal cue, given by a teammate or coach, athletes will actively and explosively sprint toward the target Speed and Agility Cone. Athletes will perform 2-5 resisted repetitions to each set of Speed and Agility Cones, beginning by sprinting through the 20 yard Speed and Agility Cones and progressing to the 40 yard cones. Once all resisted sets of the sprint training are complete athletes will remove the Victory Ropes and continue the sprint training unresisted. Complete 2-5 unresisted sprints at each distance to conclude the sprint training. Athletes should take 40-90 seconds of rest between sets of the sprint training.

Athletes need to use good running form and technique when performing running workouts. As athletes begin the sprint training they may begin from a slightly kneeled position or may begin with their hand on the ground. As athletes begin to sprint they need to keep their chest down and focus on powerfully driving the knees up and pressing the balls of their feet into the ground. As athletes become more comfortable with the resistance they should also begin to focus on the speed at which their legs are moving during the sprint training. As was stated previously, the only way to increase sprinting speed is by increasing leg turnover and stride length. The more athletes are able to focus on these sprint training skills the quicker they will see results.


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