Track Drill For Young Sprinters

Track Drill For Young Sprinters

Below you will see a video demonstration of a great young sprinting drill. Younger athletes need simple but effective workouts to help them mimic proper running form. During this drill each athlete will begin learning the fundamentals of stride frequency. Let’s take a look at the video and continue learning more about how to build an effective young sprinting drill.



Workout Video For Young Sprinters Overview

Analyze the video above. There are a couple key points that we want to make sure that we are doing properly.

1) Chop step element must also maintain quick arms.

2) Utilize a rhythmic jogging motion between chop steps.

3) Complete no more than 20 second sets.

Beginners of this exercise should not use resistance bands. Notice I mentioned beginner. Beginner is different than young. Some young sprinters are well developed and have great body control. Others on the other hand, take some time to get used to this drill.

What Is The Right Age For This Type Of Drill

This type of drill can be utilized by beginners of all ages. There really is no limitation on the age a sprinter can begin learning sprint mechanics. The earlier a young athlete is introduced to sports specific drills, the earlier they will develop their coordination. Coordination, or center of gravity, is very important for young athletes to develop. You will notice, in the drill above, the athlete moves quickly and then slows down. As the athlete accelerates, they are able to mimic the running motion with both their hands and legs. This method of training will help sprinters get extra repetitions without the fatigue of running long distances.

Rhythm Is Key When Increasing Speed

Another major benefit of this specific drill, is learning rhythm within your body. Sprinting is a rhythmic motion. Being able to utilize your arms to accelerate your body forward, ratcheting your legs to a chambered power position, and driving off the ground is all about timing and power. With proper timing, a sprinter can increase sprint speed quickly. Often times young athletes have terrible timing. By utilizing the drill above they can improve their timing and increase their sprint speed dramatically.

Young sprinters may also want to incorporate different types of cone drills to help with change of direction. Sprinting is often linear on the track, but younger sprinters must also develop the ability to change direction. Dedicate yourself to your craft and you will be successful.


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