Hip Flexor Exercises For Running Faster | Women Hurdle Drills

Hip Flexor Exercises For Running Faster | Women Hurdle Drills

Are you looking to increase your speed? If so, then it is important that you complete specific drills to help you develop the right muscle groups. The hip flexors are one of the most important muscle groups to help with stride frequency. This key element for female sprinters is very important to develop strength and explosiveness. This drill not only will teach women track athletes rhythm in their stride, but also build range of motion and power. View the video below as we discuss the proper techniques utilized to increase your results.

Why Are Hip Flexors Important For Women’s Hurdles

The hip flexors are a muscle group that helps bring your knee up from the ground. This motion is especially important for a hurdler. Each hurdle you must drive your knee up and over the hurdle before moving forward. Hip flexors will be less responsive than powerful trained hip flexors. The drill above will optimally ready your hip flexors for continuous repetitions. Without strong hip flexors you’ll find it difficult to raise your leg high enough to get over the hurdle.

Will Hip Flexors Make Me Run Faster?

Stronger hip flexors will not only allow you the ability to raise your leg high enough over the hurdle, but will also help develop stride frequency. When maintaining proper form through the lower half, a week hip flexor will slow your body’s ability to exchange your legs. You must be able to strike the ground and then drive your knee forward to accelerate past your opponents. Concentrate on each movement as you develop your hip flexors.

How To Become A Better Hurdler?

Young athletes often struggle with being able to raise their knee high enough. With this drill you will develop the proper chest and hip position to become a great hurdler. Notice in the video the female track athlete keeps her chest high as she raises her knees over the hurdle. The elevated chest position must be maintained. If you train with a hunch in your back you will not develop the hip flexors at full length. Stand tall and explode off the ground. Also, notice where her foot strikes the ground. You must chamber the knee up and over the hurdle, and then strike the ground under your body similar to when you are sprinting. These key elements must be completed to feel the benefits of this drill.

For More Hip Flexor Drills

After you complete this drill you may want to work on the wall drill. This specific drill is another great exercise to help develop your hip flexors. It also requires you to maintain an elevated chest position but rather than driving your knees over a hurdle, you will be running in place pushing off a wall or fence.




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