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Track Speed Training

Are you losing races or just short of a record pace? Do you need that heavy feeling in your legs to go away around the last turn? If you said yes to either of these questions then Kbands Training can help. Track is all about speed, quickness, and muscular endurance. To increase an athletes speed they must train hard and smart. How fast an individual can run is based on their stride length and stride frequency. So for an athlete to maximize their speed potential, they must increase one of the two, if not both. Research over the last decade has shown resistance running can help increase stride length, which in turn has helped trained athletes to perform better at their events. There are several forms of training that uses resistance such as: parachute resistance, partner band resistance, and weighted sleds. Each of these methods are great ways to improve your speed, but they are relatively high maintenance and require special equipment or assistance. 

Parachute Resistance

Parachute resistance is one of the worst.  Yes, it adds resistance to each stride, but this resistance is only added after ten yards of jogging to get the parachute full of air.  Then after an athlete finishes the sprint they have to make sure the parachute does not get tangled.  Not to mention they then have to take the time to set the next sprint path only to fill the chute again. (Parachute running: good concept, not practical) 



Partner Band Resistance

Partner Band Resistance is a good form of resistance training. Strength and conditioning coaches across the nation use elastic bands wrapped around a partner. As the sprinter accelerates into stride, their partner will then resist them, adding resistance to each and every stride. This method is much better than parachute running but its major down fall is each person must train with a partner. This can be very limiting to an individual working to improve his or her skills in the offseason without a team to train with. (Resistance running: effective, downfall must have a partner)

Weighted Sleds

Weighted sleds have been around for several years now. They, like the others, add resistance to every stride, but this method is by far the most high maintenance. If an individual would like to train with a weighted sled they first need to find a good surface the sled can slide on. Next they have to carry a heavy sled, body straps, and weights to that location. Now the athlete is finally ready to train. After a grueling speed training session the athlete then has to carry all those pieces back to his or her vehicle.  (Weighted Sled: inconvenient)   

Kbands Resistance

We at Kbands Training have come up with a solution. Kbands add resistance to individuals' legs strengthening their hips, glutes, and stride. The straps that are placed around each athletes thighs and hold the resistance securely in place. The minute an athlete clips the resistance bands together their glutes are activated. No longer do runners need to be sprinting to benefit from speed resistance training. Each and every hip, glute, agility, and hamstring drill can now be maximized with Kbands. After training with Kbands, athletes will also find their legs feeling lighter than ever before. The resistance added directly to the legs will fire more muscles fibers than the average stride, in turn, legs feel light and ready to perform. (Concept is similar to throwing weighted balls in Baseball)  Kbands will fit in any small training bag and no partners are necessary. They train at the root of running speed, the legs. (Kbands: efficient use of resistance)

How to Run Faster | Train with Kbands

Track is a sport all about speed. Stride length and stride frequency play a major role in developing speed. The thing to know about speed training is that just running with resistance will not make you faster. Every sprint, every drill, must be completed as explosive as each individual can possibly perform.  To become faster an athlete must change their muscle fiber type from slow twitch to fast twitch. If an athlete is working slowly then they will continue to be slow. The next thing to know, is rest is not a bad thing. Ideally athletes must explode with 100% intensity, and then rest so that 100% intensity can be achieved each and every rep.

Sprint work, agility training, and core training are all avenues that someone looking to improve their speed must work to optimize. Agility training will improve footwork, center of balance, and potentially stride frequency if done correctly. Sprint work with Kbands will improve stride length and make for a stronger runner. Core training puts all the tools together.  A strong core balances the bodyís movements, making each stride a more efficient use of power.  Core training is often overlooked but must be addressed to be a better athlete.
Kbands Training has put together a great training program to build athletes at each of these levels. Our Athlete Performance Pack will give you every element to make an athlete faster, stronger, more agile, and better balanced. It is a five week program that is sure to give you results.  The Athlete Pack will build a strong core, make you faster, improve footwork, and vertical leap fast. Work at 100% intensity and take your game to the next level.  If you are an athlete that is motivated to get to the next level, Kbands are a great tool that can help you achieve your goals.


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