Best Cardio Workout Routine With Resistance Bands | Kbands Live 102

Best Cardio Workout Routine With Resistance Bands | Kbands Live 102

Published by Trevor Theismann on 10th Nov 2021

Kbands Live 102

We have incorporated some of the best cardio workout sequences and modified them in this cardio routine to give you a high level of cardiovascular endurance. Cardiovascular endurance is measured as the amount of oxygen carried in the blood and pumped by the heart to the active muscles. Therefore, this cardio routine gives you stronger heart and lungs, boosting the supply of oxygen, which in turn boosts the overall strength in your body. It also helps you with your weight loss goals. This cardio routine involving cardio resistance bands increases the muscle strength and muscle size at the same time, decreasing the body fat in a manner similar to free-weight training programs.

Best Cardio Workout: Kbands Jumping Jack

We have added a slight twist to the traditional jumping jack with the help of cardio resistance bands, which makes it a unique warm-up exercise that also gives the added benefit of increased muscle activation around the hips. To get started, first you need to slightly bend your knees and push them to jump up by spreading your legs and hip wide apart. Simultaneously, raise your hands up and out smoothly until your hands meet above your head. Complete 4 full minute sets to get your body warmed up and get the body ready for other workouts.

Jumping jack is a great warm-up exercise that improves metabolism and blood circulation in the body. By including jumping jack with other cardio exercises mentioned here, you will have access to one of the best cardio workouts and reap maximum benefits from this drill.

Best Cardio Workout: Kbands Modified Squats

Squat is a great exercise that challenges your leg strength and can be paired up with other cardio routines that spike your heart rate. Strap on the Kbands just above the knee – long band in the front, short one at the back and work for depth in your squats. Avoid bending your knee as you go down. Kick your hips back, drive down into the squat and keep your chest high during the butt kicks. Finally, drop back down into the squat and finish up the entire minute set. After performing Kbands squat kicks for 3 minutes, take an extended rest period and get ready for the next exercise.

Traditionally, squats have been known to build leg muscles but the modified squats mentioned here comprise an extreme cardio routine that works the thighs and the glutes, the buttocks at the back and also gets the heart rate up.

Best Cardio Workout: Kbands Speed Skaters

This exercise increases the activation in your hips and helps to enhance your balance and coordination, which will help prevent lower-body injuries. It’s a great workout routine for improving cardiovascular endurance and power from side to side. Each movement that we make during this exercise needs to to be explosive but controlled.

After one jump through the resistance, stabilize for a moment and accelerate again with your arms. Don’t forget about the top half; remember that you have to use powerful arms to get powerful jumps. After you complete an entire 30-second set, take a short break of about 30 seconds and jump back in for 5 more sets. This drill spikes your heart rate and builds power in your legs when you move explosively from side to side.

This powerful cardio routine improves your endurance and increases mobility; increases your leg power when pushing out to the side and also prevents lower-body imbalances by making both legs equally powerful.

Best Cardio Workout: Kbands Cardio Knee Up

Resisted knee-ups help in strengthening the hip flexors and quads. Hold your hands slightly in front of your face and drop the back leg down through the resistance of the Kbands. Now, drive up the knee and bring the arms down simultaneously. Avoid slouching or drooping and focus on lifting your leg using the hip flexor and the quad. A 30-second rep on each side with 2-3 sets is all we need to get strong quads.

Resisted Cardio Knee Up is a great cardio routine because when you are pushing through the resistance (cardio resistance bands) during these explosive workouts, not only do you challenge your core, particularly the hip flexors and quads, but your heart rate also goes up.

Best Cardio Workout: Shuffle Power Turns

Victory Rope shuffle torque exercise is great for building cardiovascular endurance. You need to mount the Victory Rope on the Fusion Wall Mount and move away until you get the right amount of resistance. Wrap the anchor straps around your wrists and shuffle from the wall, explosively, aiming for failure, that is, the stage where you can’t do any additional reps. Since torque is all about building power through our hips, drive your bottom foot, turn the hip, torque the upper half and then extend the hand to develop the most amount of power. Avoid over-rotating: if you find the band restricting your movements, it means that you have turned too far. All you need to do is aim for a good, extended position that will foster muscle activation. Continue these explosive movements for about 12 repetitions before moving to the other side. Take an extended break of a minute or a minute and a half before resuming the exercise on the other side. Challenge yourself as quickly as possible through each torque rep and push through four sets before winding up your workout.

Our Victory Ropes work your cardio levels to the max, simultaneously enhancing your grip, strength and conditioning. Consistently working out with the Victory Ropes will improve both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, which means that you will have an awesome workout that combines both strength and endurance training. Another advantage of shuffle power turns performed with Victory Ropes is that they are a great low-impact form of training anyone can do to even out strength imbalances and improve balance. Push your pace during the entire workout period and use minimum breaks. Enjoy the workout and visit our shop section for any of your fitness needs.

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