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Full Body Workout Routine With Triple Lunges

Perform this combination exercise of forward, side and reverse lunge in a spacious room where you can stretch your limbs freely. Lift your right leg off the ground and take a big step forward. Lower your body toward the ground until your right upper thigh is parallel to the floor and your right knee forms about a 90-degree angle. Focus on maintaining a good posture - chest held high, shoulders wide open, and knee staying behind the toe. Now, do the side lunge by bending your right knee and set your hips back, keeping your left leg straight and both feet flat on the floor. Side lunges strengthen your lower half and improve flexibility. We are going to finish up by pushing the right leg in a reverse lunge and continuing this circle of forward, side and reverse lunge for an entire 20 reps. This drill fuels fire in your legs, increasing the strength and endurance in them. So continue the cycle for 20 rounds before moving around to the other way. Utilize Kbands triple lunges for 2 complete sets on both legs and avoid taking too much rest in between.




Full Body Workout Routine With Speed Skaters

This exercise increases the muscle activation in your hips and helps to enhance your balance and coordination, which reduces the risk of lower-body injuries. It’s a great workout routine for improving cardiovascular endurance and power from side to side. During every movement that we make during this exercise, we have to ensure to be explosive yet under control. After one jump through the resistance, stabilise for a moment and accelerate again with your arms. After completing an entire 30 second set, take a short break of about 30 seconds and jump back in for 5 more sets. This drill spikes your heart rate and builds power in your legs when you move explosively from side to side.

Full Body Workout Routine With Kbands Power Splits

This drill includes long forward lunges and hands sliding up in the air simultaneously to match the flipping movement of the legs. It’s a high-intensity workout and will send your heart rate shooting up, so keep this set short for 15-20 seconds, switching through the legs and powering up with our arms. Be conscious of your chest position as you push through 4 sets of Kbands Power Splits.

Full Body Workout Routine With Kbands Lateral Raise

Lateral Raise an excellent shoulder exercise performed with KB Powerbands. Stand with our feet placed shoulder width apart to get the proper amount of resistance and slightly bend the knees, bringing your arms down at your sides. Now, hold the ends of the resistance band securely in your hands while the middle of the band is held down under one of your feet. We are using KB Powerbands in this drill which come in four levels of resistance, so make sure to choose the right level which will allow you to maintain the full range of motion. While lifting your hands, don’t raise them too high, just shoulder high is enough; don’t bend your arms either. Move through the full range of motion for 10-12 reps before breaking for about 30-45 seconds of break. Keep it brief and move on to the next set keeping a strong quick pace. Follow through with four total sets and then move on to the next exercise.

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Full Body Workout Routine With Kbands Kb Duo Row

In this back-strengthening exercise, we will move closer to the mount or further away, depending on the level of resistance you need. Shoot for 15-20 rep failure sets, which means that stage when you are unable to continue the exercise due to momentary muscle failure and can’t do any additional reps. Push for 5 total sets, always maintaining proper form and avoid arching your back as leverage. When you begin to tire, walking a bit can make the weight slightly lighter, helping you maintain proper form. Also avoid curling your wrist as you fatigue and attempt to keep a great straight wrist, pull up and then decelerate down through each rep.

Full Body Workout Routine With Tricep Extension

This workout is great for challenging the strength in your triceps. Moving away from the KB Duo makes the movement easier, and moving closer to the mount makes it harder. The key is to have a good hand and elbow position while doing any suspension training movements. Place your hands just in front of your forehead so that we can get a good depth and bend your arms at 90 degrees. Now as we extend out, we are going near the lock position and then into the resisted rep. Avoid using too much momentum. As you become more fatigued, resist the temptation to slide your hands towards the back side of your head. Focus on keeping a good posture, keeping the elbows locked in place, then bending them at 90 degrees and finally getting them back to the locked position. Complete 10-12 reps before taking a bit of a break. It’s important to stick to short breaks on order to build the muscles and work through those resisted reps without taking too long. After taking 3 full sets, aim for an additional set with a steady pace, but after finishing 10 ten reps, pick up the pace just a bit, bringing the hands closer. Try doing additional 10 reps and then wrap up the entire round.

We hope that this full body workout routine will get you motivated to start working towards having a strong core. Grab a pair of Kbands suspension trainers or the KB Duo today and get started with your workout routine.


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