Kbands Full Body Fitness 20 Minute Workout Video


Kbands Full Body Fitness 20 Minute Workout Video

Before participating in any sort of physical activity fitness participants need to warm up and prepare their body for physical exertion. Performing this 20 Minute Workout without stretching or warm up will make this workout less effective because the muscles are not ready for the activity and this also increases the risk of injury.




Before performing this 20 Minute Workout the body and muscles must be assessed. First off, excessive soreness or stiffness in any part of the body needs to be addressed before the 20 Minute Workout. Sore, tight, or stiff muscles and joints can be first stretched with the Recovery Foam Roller. The Dynamic Foam Roller works to loosen and warm up tight muscles while increasing blood flow to the targeted areas. Blood carries the vitamins and nutrients that help with muscle recover and reduce muscle inflammation. Fitness participants can go to the Recovery Section to learn about Foam Rolling Techniques that can be used to relieve inflammation and soreness. After using the Recovery Foam Roller to foam roll targeted areas, fitness participants can also perform static stretches with the Kbands Stunt Strap to increase range of motion and flexibility. Any limits in range of motion can result in a sudden injury (pulling a muscle) or in a more chronic injury that develops due to repetitive motions being performed with improper body movements because of tightness or soreness.

Before performing the 20 Minute Workout, fitness participants should also perform a series of dynamic stretches. These stretches will allow for increased blood flow to the muscles, increased lubrication of the joints, and increased levels of exertion. These all lead to better performance, more intense workouts, and benefits greater long-term fitness.

Beach Body 20 Minute Workout Video

After a great warmup consisting of both Recovery Foam rolling, static stretches, and dynamic stretches fitness participants are ready to begin the Kbands Full Body Fitness 20 Minute Workout. To perform all of the exercises in this 20 Minute Workout fitness participants will need one set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and one set of KB Powerbands (with two handles). The 20 Minute Workout will begin after the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands have been attached just above the knees.

The first set of exercises in this 20 Minute Workout Video is designed to elevate the heart rate by taxing both the upper and lower body. Begin by performing jumping jacks for 10-15 seconds and then moving directly into a resisted high knee for 10-15 seconds. Alternate between these two exercises 4 times before taking a 15 second break while moving into the push up position. Begin by performing 5 full range motion pushups before alternating with a 6-8 second pushup pulsing motion. Alternate between the full pushup and the pulse pushup 4 times before taking a 15 second break and moving back into the alternating jumping jack high knee combo. Both exercises in the first stage of the 20 Minute Workout Video should be performed 4 times before moving into the next set of beach body exercises.

The next two exercises in the 20 Minute Workout Video will be hammer curls with the KB Powerbands and a resisted alternating leg forward lunge. Begin by placing the middle of a KB Powerbands under either one or both of your feet, rotate your hands so the palms are facing in toward each other, and perform full range of motion curls for 30 seconds with a 10-12 second pulse at the end of the hammer curl set. Fitness participants will then quickly set the KB Powerbands aside and perform alternating leg forward lunges for 20-30 seconds. To complete this portion of the 20 Minute Workout Video complete 4 sets of each exercise with 15 second breaks between exercises.

The next portion of the 20 Minute Workout Video combines another upper body exercise, the single arm tricep kickback, with a low body, high intensity exercise, the squat jump. Begin by placing the KB Powerbands on the ground and placing your foot on top of the band, in a place that provides an adequate amount of resistance. Begin the kickback by bending at the waist keeping a flat back, rotating the hand so the palm is facing the same way as the head. Start the exercise by extending the arm backward and maintaining the elbow in line with the torso. Perform 10-12 repetitions on each arm before moving into a jump squat. Perform the jump squat for 30-40 seconds before taking a 15 second rest and moving back into the single arm tricep kickbacks. Both exercises in this portion of the 20 Minute Workout should be performed 4 times before moving onto the next portion of the workout video.

Finish The 20 Minute Workout With Beach Body Abs

The final exercises in the 20 Minute Workout will target the most important part of that beach body physique, the abs. Begin by moving onto the ground and lying on your back. Pull your feet in toward your butt and alternate reaching for each ankle. Work to keep the shoulder blades off the ground and the abs tight as you alternate reaching for each ankle for 20-30 seconds. After completing the heel touches move directly into a tuck and roll motion in which the legs and upper body extend, straightening out the body on the ground, and then simultaneously bringing the knees to the table top position, 90 degree angle at the knees and hips, while reaching the hands behind the butt and hamstrings. Perform the tuck and roll for 20-30 seconds with a 6-8 second hold in which the fitness participant brings their knees all the way in to their chest, they raise their low back and hips off the ground, and hold this position. Perform 4 rounds of each exercise to finish the 20 Minute Workout Video.

Perform The 20 Minute Workout With Great Form

Great form must be used on all of the exercises in the 20 Minute Workout Video. This will keep the 20 Minute Workout effective and greatly decrease any sudden or chronic injuries that may occur due to the use of improper technique or movements. For tips on how to properly execute the exercises in this 20 Minute Workout Video go to the Training Section or use the Live Chat Box for any further assistance with form and execution.


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