Body Weight Workouts With KB Duo Suspension Straps


Body Weight Workouts With KB Duo Suspension Straps

Body weight workouts performed with the KB Duo Suspension Straps allow athletes to perform full body weight movements while targeting certain muscle groups. When athletes perform an exercise like a dumbbell fly or bicep curl they are working these muscles individually. This type of training greatly limits the amount of calories that can be burned during the exercise due to the fitness participants’ heart rate never rising to a high level. Since only one muscle group is being targeted during these exercises the body does not have to exert itself at a high enough level to promote any fat burning while performing the exercises.




When athletes perform body weight workouts they increase their heart rate due to the increased number of muscles which must be activated to not only complete the exercise on the targeted area of the body but to also stabilize the rest of the body so the targeted muscle group can completely go through its full range of motion. Body weight workouts with the KB Duo Suspension Straps are a much more extreme workout when performed with good form and proper execution.

Continuous Training With Full Body Weight Workouts

Another great way for fitness participants to increase their heart rate during an extreme workout is to use a continuous training style of exercise. This continuous training style allows the heart rate to peak and the muscles to burn by only allowing active recovery sets, or very short rest periods, at the end of each set of exercises. Continuous training body weight workouts should consist of 2-3 exercises that target muscles which perform similar movements. For example combine the Reverse Fly and KB Duo Row, or exercises that perform the opposite movements, such as the KB Duo Pushup with a KB Duo Row. The continuous training circuit should also contain some kind of higher intensity movement that will allow the heart rate to spike. These key components, added together, will help to create challenging and intense body weight workouts that will enhance the size and definition of the targeted body parts and muscle groups.

Getting Comfortable With This KB Duo Suspension Straps Extreme Workout

When performing body weight workouts it is important that great attention is paid to technique and body position. Performing body weight workouts means exactly what is sounds like, you will be using your body weight as resistance during the extreme workout. We will spend some time in the next few paragraphs going over proper form and execution of the continuous training exercises that will be used during the Body Weight Workouts With KB Duo Suspension Straps.

The first set of exercises in the body weight workouts training routine is meant to target the back while accelerating the heart rate. Starting off with the KB Duo Suspension Straps Reverse Fly means participants will face the grounded point of the KB Duo Suspension Straps, rotate the palms so they are facing each other and separate the hands while maintaining only a slight bend at the elbows. Keep in mind that the straighter the arms, the more muscle activation which will be forced on the rear deltoids, the back of the shoulder. After performing 10-12 repetitions of the Reverse Fly participants will quickly move their feet forward, place their palms so they are facing each other, also called the neutral hand position, and drive their elbows back while squeezing their shoulder blades together. Participants should keep in mind that the farther forward their feet are the more tension will be felt in the targeted muscles, participants should find a challenging, but manageable, distance to position their feet. After performing 10-12 repetitions of each exercise athletes will release the KB Duo Suspension Trainer Straps and move into a set of jumping jacks for 30-40 seconds. This will allow the heart rate to stay high during the body weight workouts training.

Athletes will give the upper body a break by continuing the extreme workout with leg exercises. Participants will first perform squat jumps for 30-40 seconds before moving into a Single Leg RDL. Participants will perform the squat jumps for 30-40 seconds before performing 5-6 Single Leg RDL’s on each leg. When performing the leg portion of the extreme workout participants need to keep a good pace, continuously performing one squat jump right after another, trying to challenge themselves with the height of each jump. For both exercises participants will be holding the KB Duo Suspension Straps and should position themselves so they are a proper distance away from the anchor point.

After the first leg portion of the Body Weight Workouts With KB Duo Suspension Straps has been completed participants will continue the extreme workout with both upper and lower body exercises. Participants will begin with a bicep curl in which both palms will face up, and participants will attempt to bring their hands to their face while keeping their elbows at a high point, and keeping the upper arms in a stationery position only moving at the elbows. After performing 10-12 bicep curls participants will increase their heart rate by alternating with a lateral hop. When performing the lateral hops it is important that athletes push with the outside of their heel, land on one foot, alternating between legs, and keep moving for 30-40 seconds.

Participants will finish this portion of the extreme workout by leaning into the KB Duo Suspension Straps and performing 4 sets of 10-12 tricep extensions. Since this is working the antagonist to the bicep the same form and body movements used during the bicep curls should be used. Participants will then drop their feet back, and perform 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions of body weight workouts pushups.

Finish Up KB Duo Body Weight Workouts

After finishing the previous continuous training exercises participants should take a short break and prepare for the final portion of the KB Duo Body Weight Workouts Routine. Participants will begin with a reverse lunge in which they place their feet in one of the KB Duo Suspension Straps and face away from the KB Duo. Athletes’ will squat down and work for a 90 degree angle at the knee at the lowest point of the exercise. Participants will perform 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions on each leg. Participants who struggle with balance can use a chair or other sturdy object to help them balance during the continuous training exercise. After completing the Reverse Lunges athletes will finish the KB Duo Suspension Straps Body Weight Workouts with an extreme workout plank. Participants will take the same position they did for the tricep extensions but keep their arms straight. Participants will drive their arms and hands toward their body while keeping their arms as straight as possible. Remember the position of the feet in relation to the anchor point of the KB Duo Suspension Straps will determine the amount of resistance you will feel during this, and any exercise found in the KB Duo body weight workouts.

For more questions about form and technique refer to the Training Section or the Live Chat Section.


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