Kbands (Leg Resistance Bands)

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Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

(Perfect For Speed and Agility - Essential For Leg Workouts and Fitness Training)

Kbands are the last set of leg resistance bands you will ever need. Kbands include a lifetime warranty on resistance bands, comfortable non-slip thigh straps, and strong swivel clip resistance bands for your hips. Exercising with Kbands can be used to optimize your athletic performance or fitness leg workouts. Simply add Kbands to your workouts you are already doing or utilize our Kbands Training Digital Trainers to achieve your goals.

Free Digital Training Programs With Your Order Of Kbands
  • Speed 101 Digital Trainer
  • Agility FX Digital Trainer
  • Full Body Toner Digital Trainer
  • Bonus 1-2-3 Reaction Pro Ladder Trainer
Choose The Right Set Of Leg Resistance Bands

Kbands Resistance Levels

  • Black Advanced Up To 140 lbs (12 & 11 in)
  • 2 Blue Resistance Bands Up To 125 lbs (10.5 & 9.5 in)
  • 2 Green Resistance Bands Up To 85 lbs (11.5 & 10.5 in)
  • 2 Orange Resistance Bands Up To 65 lbs (11.5 & 10.5 in)
  • 2 Red Resistance Bands 45 lbs (12 & 11 in)
  • 2 Yellow Resistance Bands Up To 25 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)
  • 2 Teal Resistance Bands Up To 20 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)
  • 2 Light Green Resistance Bands Up To 15 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)
  • 2 Grey Resistance Bands Up To 10 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)

Kbands Leg Resistance Bands - Speed and Hips Exerciser

Is Your Goal Speed and Agility?

Add Speed Kbands to your ladder drills, sprint training, and agility drills for unparalleled muscle activation in your hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Complete resisted sets of your favorite agility drills and then take them off for unresisted sets with insane muscle activation for enhanced results. Run 40's, 60's or even 100m in Kbands. They will not roll or slide up your legs.

  • Increase Hip Flexor, Glute, Quads, and Hamstring Activation
  • Progressively Add Resistance To Ladder Drills, Sprints, & Agility Workouts
  • Improve Acceleration By Completing Resisted Followed By Unresisted Sets
  • Enhance Your Ability To Change Direction and Accelerate

Is Your Goal Strengthening and Toning Your Legs?Kbands Hips and Butt Leg Resistance Bands

Target your hips, butt, quads, and hamstrings with resistance bands. Depending on the exercise you choose, you will be able to strengthen each area by adding resistance just like you do training with weights. Complete lunges, squats, pilates, bodyweight at home workouts, and more.

  • Bodyweight Workouts Can Now Use Progressive Resistance To Build Muscle
  • Shape and Tone Your Butt, Hips, and Thighs Easily
  • No Rolling Or Slipping
  • Great For Lunges, Squats, Pilates, Cardio Classes, Butt Toning, Thigh Sculpting

Why Kbands Are The Best Leg Resistance Bands

  • No Rolling Resistance Bands Up & Down Your Legs
  • Unique Design To Cut Fit Even The Smallest Thighs
  • Up To 9 Levels Of Resistance Bands To Choose From
  • Convenient Carry Bag
  • Lifetime Warranty On Resistance Bands
  • Digital Instruction Videos Included

Get rid of your old leg resistance bands and achieve your training goals. Increase speed or turn your leg workouts up a notch with resistance during body weight movements.

Stream 100's Of Workouts Online

Kbands Training offers weekly training videos so you can keep your leg workouts fresh. Join our social community and increase your performance now. Kbands Training will give you the technique tips you need to isolate the proper leg muscles. With repetitions, sets, and rest durations, you will have everything you need to update your workouts weekly.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee + LifeTime Warranty On Resistance Bands

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