Best 30 Minute Workout at Home | Kbands Live 106

Best 30 Minute Workout at Home | Kbands Live 106

Published by Trevor Theismann on 6th Oct 2021

What Makes the Best 30 Minute Workout

The Kbands Live series is all about efficiency. This at home workout will challenge the body using Kbands, KB Duo, and the KB Powerbands to maximize muscle engagement and results. The key to an efficient 30 minute at home workout is to push the standard body-weight exercises we all do to the next level. By adding the resistance bands in the KB Powerbands and Kbands the body will reach exhaustion earlier. The KB Duo Suspension Trainer will force the body to incorporate accessory muscles into standard movements and provide a more intense experience.

The focus here will be exhaustion. Every exercise will be to failure, which will push the muscles to the brink. This will cause the micro-trauma necessary to build muscle and see results. These exercises will leave you burning and out of breath, so have plenty of water on hand and don’t forget a sweat towel. This is the best 30 minute workout series, and that does not mean it’s easy.

Kbands Squat Kickers

Begin with the Kbands fastened just above the knee. The movement will be the same as a standard set of Body Squats but with 4 Butt-Kickers between each rep. Focus on moving through the full range of motion, however don't lose proper squat form. This means keeping your hips back and your knees over your feet. Go as low as you can each rep, fighting the Kbands all the way down and pushing back up through your heels. Each set is one minute so complete as many as possible in that time. Take a 30 second rest period then get back into an active set. After 3 sets take a rest period and move on to the next exercise.

KB Powerbands Tricep Kickbacks

This exercise utilizes the KB Powerbands to focus on the triceps. Start by facing the wall with palms up, grabbing the KB Powerbands. Remember we're working for exhaustion here so make sure you have enough resistance to make every rep count. Do three sets of 12 reps each in this palms-up position only stopping to rest for 30 seconds between each set, don’t forget to alternate arms.

Now we move into the burnout phase. Using the same supinated position of the tricep kickback, do 20 more then immediately turn your hands over and begin tricep push downs. Do three sets of 20 with 15 to 20 seconds of rest between each. This may sound complicated but remember our goal is to make the last rep of every set feel like the last one we could do. If in the end you feel like you could not push down one more time you've probably done it right.

Kbands Triple Lunges

Make some room and put those Kbands back on, and remember: you’re at home so you may have to move some furniture for this workout. In this exercise each leg will get it's turn so focus on one leg at a time for the entire set then alternate to the other leg. Beginning with left leg step forward into a standard lunge remember to keep the knee behind the toe, hips forward, and chest high. Next, step to your left entering a side lunge, always maintaining good lunge positioning with the knee behind the toes and exploding back to standing. The last movement is stepping back and doing an alternate leg lunge. After one full rotation of these movements you have completed one rep, do 20 of these for a set and don't forget your other leg. Do 2 sets of twenty for each leg and get some hydration during the rest periods.

KB Duo Challenger Series

Atomic Push-ups
Mountain Climbers

For this exercise you’ll be using the KB Duo around your feet to suspend your body while in the push-up position. Start with eight Atomic Push-ups, then 8 Pikes, 8 Knee-ups, and finish with 8 Mountain Climbers. Remember, this is a 30 minute at home workout so we're only going to spend about one minute resting before we jump right back in and do another set. Maintain a flat back in the plank position. We don't want to hyperextend, instead maintain a solid core and tight abs through the entire movement. If you are experiencing sore wrists, try using a set of dumbbells or doing push-ups on your fists.

Kbands For Fitness

KB Duo Hamstring Curls

Keep the KB Duo out and flip your body over. During this exercise the only part of your back that should touch the floor is at your shoulder blades. This means tighten your abs and consider the body a plank from the shoulders to the knee joint. Use the hamstrings to pull the heels back without bending at the waist. Complete 6, 25 second sets with about 30-40 seconds of rest between each. Again, we are working to failure in this 30 minute workout, so do as many reps as you can during each active set.

Straight Arm Pull

Now we’re back to the KB Powerbands. Attach one side to a wall or equally immovable object at chest height. Move away from the wall until the Powerbands are under tension with the far arm straight out in front of you. Move that arm in a straight line away from the wall until your hand is even with your chest, maintaining an immobile elbow through the whole movement. This is a shoulder exercise. During this exercise we want our muscles to be engaged both concentrically and eccentrically, meaning forward and back through the entire range of motion. Don’t be tempted to let the band pull you back to start, instead resist the pull all the way back. Do 8-12 reps per arm then alternate. No breaks between sets this time, go straight back to the other arm and complete 4 total sets with a break at the end.

Neutral/Wide Curls

Again we’re using the KB Powerbands, so detach them from the wall and grab each handle while standing on the middle. Each set will consist of 15 wide-grip curls followed immediately by 15 neutral curls with a 30 sec rest afterwards. Do 4 sets of these with enough resistance to fail on your last curl. The beauty of the KB Powerbands is in their versatility, so change the resistance as needed to get the most out of each set.

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