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Kbands Live 108: Resistance Band Workouts for Women

Kbands Live 108 is a resistance band workout for women that will target multiple muscle groups for an incredible workout. This is intense cardio and muscle activation, which mean heightened calorie and fat burn. The Kbands are perfect workout bands for women because they are going to allow the user to tone the body at their own pace and utilize the resistance level right for them. The Kbands resistance bands are designed to target muscles for intense burn and even more intense results and a toned body. These moves will target every muscle to tighten up the core, leg muscles, upper, and lower body.




Resistance Band Workouts For Women: Skinny to Wide Squat Jumps

Skinny to wide hop squats with the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands are the first move of the routine. First, strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and proper level of resistance so that the glutes and hips will be challenged to their full potential for great tone and muscle activation. Begin in a narrow stance, feet together, and perform four squats. Really focus on tightening the glutes and keeping the knee inline with the ankle. Next, hop the legs out to a wide squat position for four reps, and back in. Perform 30 seconds of this resistance band workout for women before resting. Rest for 30 seconds and then complete 5 more sets for a total of 6 sets. This is a great resistance band workout for women that will target the glutes, hips, and quads for intense results.

Resistance Band Workouts For Women: Kbands Speed Skaters

The next exercise will also utilize the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. These will be Kbands Speed Skaters. This simple yet dynamic move involves simply performing lateral jumps and will burn the outside portion of the leg muscles. This will help to tone up the saddlebag area of the hips. Start by propelling the body with the left foot, to the right and landing on the right foot. Maintain explosive but controlled movements. This move will target the hips for incredible lateral hip muscle activation. This move is using body weight and resistance to tone the legs and burn calories and fat. This move will challenge the body at a cardiovascular level as well as muscular which means higher fat burn. Use the arms to propel the body and maintain balance. Lunge through the resistance of the Kbands to build powerful and lean muscle. Perform this resistance band workout for women for six 30 second sets and take a 30 second break in between each set.

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Resistance Band Workouts For Women: Kbands Hip Flexor Circles

Kbands Hip Flexor Circles are a simple and highly effective resistance band workout for women who want to gain hip stability and strength in the hip flexor area. This move involves the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and is simply starting in a standing position, bringing the leg up to a 90-degree angle at the hip, and open up the hip. Then perform the resisted hip circles forward by driving the leg around in a circle, bring the knee forward, down, and then around, back to the open hip position. Perform the forward resisted hip circle for 15 seconds on each leg before moving on to the backward hip circle. The backward circle movement is the opposite of the forward and will have the user bring the knee straight up and then opening the hip and bringing the leg down and around, back to the front. Perform this movement for 15 seconds on each leg before taking a 30 second break. Perform this entire set two more times for a total of three killer sets. Maintain the 90-degree angle at the knee so that the hip is the primary muscle being utilized. The stabilizing leg will also be activated and the glutes and hips will be on fire. Push through the burn for an intense resistance band workout for women that are going tone the muscles of the entire body.

Resistance Band Workouts For Women: Victory Ropes Lemon Squeezer

Victory Ropes Lemon Squeezer is the next exercise in this dynamic workout. Start by mounting the Victory Rope on a low Fusion Wall Mount. This resisted exercise is going to challenge the upper body, lower body, and the core in one incredible movement. Activating multiple muscle groups is an incredible way to tone the body, so push through the burn. Start on the back and grab the Victory Rope behind the head, this will leave the body in a fully extended position. Now, pull the Victory Rope toward the legs at the same time that the legs are being lifted to meet the Victory Rope. The entire body is being squeezed together and every muscle activated. As a beginner, keep the hips on the ground and simply lift the legs and arms to meet. Advanced users, try to bring the hip up off the ground for maximized core activation. This move is intense so remember to breath. Take a 35-40 second break between sets and complete a total of 4 sets before moving to the next exercise.

Resistance Band Workouts For Women: Triceps with KB Powerbands

KB Powerbands Tricep Kickbacks are the next resistance band workout for women. This move will involve the KB Powerbands. Choose the proper level resistance and mount the bands on the top-level Fusion Wall Mount. The hand will grip the KB Powerbands handle in a supinated position and elbow will start bent. Step back from the wall and drop the chest slightly, in an almost lunge position create a straight line from the head to the ankle. Now, extend the elbow to activate the outer tricep muscle, keep the elbow glued to the side for this move, which will ensure the tricep is being activated and toned. Complete twelve repetitions on the right arm and then twelve on the left arm for three sets. Now, maintain the supinated position but utilize both KB Powerband Handles to perform 20 more reps of the tricep double kickbacks. This is going to burn out the tricep to ensure toned arms and calories burn that is through the roof.

The final move in this extreme resistance band workout for women will be tricep pushdowns. Step closer to the wall so that now the body is in a fully standing position. Turn the palms and grip both handles so that now the palms are facing down. Push the bands down quickly and keep the wrists straight. Perform 3 sets of 20 resisted tricep pushdowns, keep the elbows close to the rib cage. The arms will be on fire, but push through the burn for muscle activation that will build strength and tone the body. Take 15-20 second break in between sets and keep the pace steady and high while performing these pushdowns.

Kbands Live 108: Final Thoughts

Kbands Live 108 is an intense and dynamic resistance band workout for women who are looking to simply tone the body or increase power and muscle for sport performance. This workout is intense and will target every muscle in the body. Kbands are incredible workout bands for women because they will intensify and maximize every movement for quick and effective results.

After this resistance band workout for women is complete be sure stretch, take proper rest time, and refuel to ensure increased muscle growth and performance.


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