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Kbands Live 104: Upper Arm Exercises

Kbands Live 104 will increase upper body strength and targets the biceps, shoulders and triceps. This is an extremely dynamic upper arm exercise routine that will target every major upper body muscle group. This is a workout that is essential for anyone looking to simply tone the upper body or athletes who are searching for that workout to improve throwing distance. Move through each exercises while choosing the resistance right for you and activating muscle groups for extreme burn and power. Kbands Live 104 is packed with intense upper arm exercises that will result in increased strength and amazingly toned arms. These exercises are designed to increase burn and end with total fatigue of the muscle in order to build strength and endurance.

This upper body workout is comprised of seven intense upper arm exercises. Each exercise will target and burn out that muscle group. This video utilized the KB Powerbands with adjustable mounts and multiple resistance bands so that the workout fits the needs and fitness level of the user with ease. Also easily build upon this workout by adding greater resistance as the upper body gains strength, endurance, and tone.




Utilize the KB Powerbands Fusion Wall Mounts during these exercises. These make for a very versatile and user-friendly system that allows the user to workout anywhere, anytime and get an intense and calories burning upper arm exercise.

Upper Arm Exercises: Biceps

KB Powerbands Curl Combo is the first two upper arm exercises that will target mainly the biceps. The user will be performing both wide arm and neutral arm bicep curls for an arm exercise that will burn and result in muscle fatigue. When performing these arm exercises the palms will be face up but take pressure of the joint by turning the handles in slightly and holding the elbow tightly at the side. Maintain a flat wrist throughout the exercise and focus on bringing the wrist toward the armpit rather than the knuckles toward the armpit. In the wide grip position rotate the arms so that the arms are flared out.

Complete 15 reps in the wide grip position and then move to the neutral position. For the neutral position arm exercise simple bring the arms in so that they are parallel to each other rather than creating a wider angle. Complete another 15 reps. Take a 30 second rest then jump right back into these arm exercises. Perform a total of 4 sets and work to failure. The bicep muscle should be completely fatigued, if not then be sure to increase the resistance level.

Upper Arm Exercises: Shoulders

Target the shoulders with KB Powerbands Lateral Raises, utilize however many of the 4 levels of resistance to increase the intensity of this arm exercise. Maintain full range of motion but work to failure. The KB Powerbands will be mounted on the lowest level fusion all mount. Grip the handle, palm facing the hip, and raise the arm to chest level for an intense way to activate the shoulder muscle. Only bring the arms to shoulder height in order to properly activate the deltoid. Keep the arms wide and the chest open to get the most shoulder activation out of this workout. Perform 10-12 reps taking an extended 30-45 second break between sets. Jump back in keeping a strong pace and those upper arm muscles activated for a total of 4 sets.

Target the rear deltoids next with a KB Powerbands Straight Arm Pull. This upper arm exercise will optimize the rear deltoid muscle for shoulders that will be toned and strong for athletic performance as well as everyday fitness. Mount the Fusion Wall Mount at about chest height. This system is highly versatile and will allow the user to use KB Powerbands anywhere with ease while activating muscles for a highly effective upper arm exercises. Now, grip the handle close to the wall and pull the resistance band across the chest and maintain a good speed across the plane of the chest. Maintain muscle activation through the full movement, both away from the wall as well as back toward the wall. Do not relax and just allow the arm to fling back toward the wall. Perform 8-12 reps for a total of 4 sets. Take 30 second breaks in-betweens sets and remember to work toward muscle fatigue during all of the arm exercises.

KB Powerbands External Rotators are the next arm exercise in this workout. Mount the KB Powerbands again at chest height. Position the body so that the chest is square with the wall. The arm should be at a 90-degree angle with the palm facing the floor. Grip the KB Powerbands handle and rotate the shoulder; bringing the arms up, palm now facing the wall. Rotator cuff is being targeted specifically during this arm exercise. Throwing athletes can benefit greatly by increasing rotator cuff strength and stability. This arm exercise will increase strength, throwing speed, as well as reduce risk of injury. Perform 15 reps on each arm and then take a 30 second break between 4 sets.

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Upper Arm Exercises: Triceps and Final Burn

Mount on the top-level Fusion Wall Mount for KB Powerbands Tricep Kickbacks. This arm exercise will target specifically the outside of the tricep muscle to build strength and power. Grip the handles with a supinated hand position, palms facing the wall. Stand in a lunge position, creating a straight line from the head to the heel. Proper posture is important for optimal muscle activation and a strong tricep muscle. Pull the KB Powerbands handle back, extending the arm and activating the tricep muscle. Complete 12 reps one arm at a time for 3 sets. Keep the elbow tightly next to the rib cage and the shoulder down away from the ears to target that tricep muscle. After the third set perform a fourth set of 20 reps. The muscles of the arms will be burning during this arm exercise, this is where change in the muscle takes place. Push through the burn for results that are unmatched.

Move immediately from the kickbacks into the final exercise, which is a KB Powerbands Tricep Pull Down. Simply turn the palms toward the floor and grip the handles. Step closer to the wall and perform 3 sets of 20 tricep pull downs, performing with both arms at the same time for this particular arm exercise to increase the final burn. Take only 15-20 second breaks in between.

Upper Arm Exercises: Intensity and Recovery

Maintain and consistent and high pace and really look for the burn out when switching to the dual arm tricep pull down. This is where change takes place, keep the muscle under that resistance on the way up and down, through the full range of motion. This is the most incredibly effective arm exercise because the KB Powerbands are increasing intensity and targeting every major muscle of the upper body. This workout also allows the user to control level of resistance and build up as strength and tone are gained.

Recover well by stretching out the upper arm muscles and refueling with water and nutrient rich foods.


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