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The title tells half the story. Often times things designed for beginners aren’t terribly useful for people of higher skill or experience, however this program was specifically designed to not simply be a workout plan for a beginner and then be ignored by more advanced athletes. This plan was crafted to ensure no matter the level of mover - or athlete - there will be great benefit.




We’ve done this by choosing a functional workout format, which is great as a workout for beginners due to its full range of motion focus. This format will also help reduce injury by strengthening joints at every angle of engagement. The other element to our formula for a great workout plan for beginners is our detailed breakdown of the movements.

If you’re an individual who already knows the nuances of our exercises you can breeze over this section. However, we have included it to ensure beginners have the most information in front of them to do each movement correctly and gain the most benefit from this plan. Pay close attention to the techniques to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Getting Started

The first thing a beginner needs for any workout plan is the tools to accomplish the exercise. In this program we will focus on using the Kbands Speed and Strength Leg Resistance Bands, the KB Duo Suspension Trainer, and the Kbands Stability Ball. The reason we’ve selected body weight based training and resistance band training is their low cost and high return value.

As a person just getting into fitness it is important to not spend an arm and a leg before refining your exercise tastes, and the entirety of the Kbands training catalogue is priced to keep money in your pocket and much of the training free. So pick up these three items and let’s get into our workout for beginners.

Kbands Jumping Jacks

This is our warm up movement. Strap on your set of Kbands and do a traditional jumping jack. Complete 4 sets of jumping jacks for 1 minute per set. Keep a log and record how many you can do in a minute, then challenge yourself to accomplish more each time. This exercise is a classic because it incorporates so many muscle groups and it’s simple to do well. Focus on widening your legs during the jumps, and don’t let the Kbands pull your legs back to center, rather control them back to center each time. This will ensure greater engagement from your hip abductors and get you warmed up faster.

Kbands Forward Lunge

Keep those Kbands on and stand tall with feet together. Step out with the right leg pushing against the Kbands and firing the hip girdle. Catch your body weight on your extended right foot and lower your body until your left knee nearly touches the ground then explosively move back up to standing. Do 4 sets of 20 per leg, each leg getting 20 in a row before switching. Take a 15-20 second rest between sets and get right back into it.

A tip for all lunges is to keep the chest back over the hips. Our tendency is to lean forward as we step forward. This moves our weight over our toes and robs us of some of our key muscle groups. By staying back over your hips the glutes are engaged to a greater degree, and we can avoid the injuries common with over-loading our knee joint during lunges.

Kbands For Fitness

KB Duo Single Arm Row

This might be the easiest exercise in the group as far as technique, but the subtleties is where you’ll find all of its value. Focus on being a plank from heels to head and only engaging the arm, which is doing the pulling. Rest the opposite arm on your body so you don’t accidentally cheat yourself by using momentum to complete the movement. Play around with how close you are to the hanging point of your KB Duo system, as this will affect how easy or hard the exercise will be. Our goal is to do 15-20 one-arm pulls and for the last pull in the set to be the last rep we can physically accomplish, so move your feet toward the anchor to make it more difficult, or away to make it easier so we are landing in the 15-20 rep range. We’re going to do 4 “to failure” sets per arm, alternating arms before we take our rest. Each arm gets its rest while the other works. This super setting will help maintain a higher heart rate and add a bit more cardio to this workout for beginners.

KB Duo Row Extensions

This is a combination movement and by far the most difficult as far as technique in this workout plan for beginners. The first movement is the double arm row from the KB Duo Suspension Trainer. Again, the closer the feet are to the anchor point the harder the movement will be. Explosively pull your body forward to the point where your wrists are level with your body, then continue to press your palms down and behind you to complete a tricep extension. It may take a little messing with to get the movement and weight just right, but once you have it complete 4 sets of continuous reps for 30-40 seconds followed by a rest period of about 20 seconds. Again we’re trying to do this movement to failure each set, so adjust your footing accordingly. Don’t forget to maintain a tight core and a plank position through the entire movement.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

The last exercise in our workout for beginners is the Stability Ball Hamstring Curl. This is another simple exercise designed for a beginner’s workout, which retains its value even to the advanced trainer. Not only will the hamstrings be worked in this movement, but so too will the core and stabilizer muscles as we try to maintain our position on the Kbands Stability Ball. Complete 8 reps with both feet, then immediately switch to 6 one-footed reps alternating feet. This will further challenge our balance and engage our core and hamstrings even more, so make sure to focus on keeping the hips high and inline with the knees. Don’t let them drop between reps. Complete 4 total sets of this exercise with roughly 20 seconds of rest between each set, then move on to the lightning round. With both feet back on the Kbands Stability Ball, hammer out as many reps as you can in 30 seconds recording how many you completed so you have a goal next time you revisit this exercise.

Kbands Live, Workouts for Beginners and Experienced Athletes

This was only one exercise in our Kbands Live series. If you liked what you saw feel free to move on to one of our other workout programs in the series, you can find them all here. Again, if you are new to training, and this workout for beginners feels like your style be sure to check out the whole series. In each workout we try to break down the movements so anyone can get a great at home workout.


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