At Home Core Workout | Kbands Live 103


At Home Core Workout | Kbands Live 103

We have designed these unique at home workout sequences that you can perform in the comfort of your house. By performing this core workout consistently, you will be surprised to see great results without an expensive gym membership.




At Home Core Workout: Wood Choppers

The wood chop is a great at home core workout because you can do it within the comfort of your home using a Stability Ball. It challenges the core muscles and is superior to the static plank workout since the wood chop targets your middle while it is in motion, making this move a great core workout.

To get in the position, place your hands on top of the Stability Ball and lie down in the plank position with your feet about shoulder width apart. Get in the chopping position right in the middle for targeting your upper body activation. The beginners are advised to keep their elbows down; however as you advance, you can take your elbows as far above your ears as you want to get more activation. But the target area here is the hip. Keeping the hips in a tilted position reduces the pressure on your lower back. After 10-15 reps, begin the rotational movement, moving around the ball for 10-15 seconds in both the clockwise and counterclockwise direction for activating all the parts of the abs. Take a short 30 second break and jump right back in to finish 5 sets of the chops before moving on to the next core workout. Since abdominal muscles provide support to our entire back and spinal column, the wood chopper will engage these muscles to improve balance and reduce the risk of sustaining back injuries. It is a great at home workout for core conditioning, improving metabolism, balance and overall posture.

At Home Core Workout: Victory Rope Lemon Squeezer

Grab the victory ropes tightly around your wrist and slide the rope out of the Fusion Wall Mount to target core muscle activation. To do this exercise, visualize an imaginary lemon kept on your abdomen that you must squeeze when performing this exercise. The trick here is to create the right amount of resistance. Now, get down in the lemon squeezer position, with your hands and feet working at the same time and meeting in the middle (imagine squeezing a lemon). If you are more advanced, you can go for more resistance and lift your hips off the ground. Keeping your hips off the ground for a sustained longer duration will fire up the muscles in your core and strengthen it further. Challenge yourself and try to keep your hips in the air for as long as possible. Use the Victory Rope as a lever to come back down in the original, relaxed position. Take a break of 35-45 seconds and then jump right back in for 4 more sets.

At Home Core Workout: Reverse Lunge And Press

This core workout is performed with a lighter Ballistic Band and the trick here is to use your legs to accelerate your hands. Step on the band with your front leg and work back in a reverse lunge. The arm holding the band should stay chambered by your shoulder because you will use the forward movement to accelerate your arm up. Remember to use the momentum from the bottom up. Complete 10-12 reps on each side before heading for a break. At any point, resist leaning your hand forward, always maintaining the chamber high position. As you tire, your lunges will begin to fail as well, so ensure that your knee stays behind the toe during the lunges and work down on the hips. Keep the high arm on the chamber position and then accelerate that arm up. Almost 4-5 sets of this exercise are enough for effective core activation.

This workout improves the endurance, flexibility and balance. A reverse lunge by itself helps build hip stability and the overhead press helps challenge the shoulder stability. By combining these two exercises and increasing the intensity by adding a resistance band, you will get a little more of core stability function plus all the benefits mentioned in other core workouts.

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At Home Core Workout: KB Duo Challenger Sequence

This core workout will push your upper body during the suspended movements. You need to lie down and tuck your legs in the foot cradle. Next, you need to get in the plank position with your hips slightly lifted up. This core workout is divided in four short segments:

Atomic Pushup:  This exercise works out your chest, shoulders, and triceps while challenging your entire core. To do atomic push ups, drop down in a push up position and drive your knees in. Finish 8 complete reps and immediately switch to the pike position.

Pike: This variation of push-ups directly targets the shoulders and can help improve weak areas, leading to muscle development all over. Keep your hands in the lock position under your chest and push your hips up. As soon as you finish 8 reps of the pike, switch to the knee up stance.

Knee Up: This core workout helps in building the hip flexors and quads. Continue for 8 reps, driving your knees in, and squeezing your abs, and finally finish the sequence with a mountain climber.

Mountain Climber: Continually raise your legs back and forth, activating your hip flexors and your core. The key here is to stay in proper alignment. The mountain climber is the best core workout that provides a complete abdominal and cardio training.

Include these at home core workout sequences in your daily workout routine for a truly effective core workout. Developing the core muscles gives you the following benefits - improves stability in the torso and aids in the prevention of injury; improves spinal and postural control of the body; tightens the tummy. Also, by improving the neuromuscular efficiency throughout the body, it improves balance and coordination of a person. We hope that you will follow this easy-to-perform at home core workouts to develop balance and stability in your body. You can visit our shop section and purchase the Ballistic Bands and the Victory Ropes.


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