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Kbands Live 105: Fat Loss Workout

Kbands Live 105 workout routine is a high intensity cardio and fat loss workout. This routine will increase the heart rate for intervals, which will target fat burn. Push the intensity level during each movement and push the heart rate for the greatest fat burn possible. High intensity intervals are how to lose weight fast and burn that unwanted belly fat. Get in amazing shape with this Kbands Live 105 fat loss workout.

Utilizing Kbands will help burn more fat and lose weight fast by increasing the resistance of a workout routine and activating multiple muscle groups at once the body is burning more calories and building muscle. The more muscle on the body the greater the metabolism. An increased metabolism means that with each and every move of the body more calories are being burned. Utilizing Kbands and building muscle are transforming the body into a fat burning machine. That is how to lose weight fast and target specifically belly fat. Belly fat is not eaten away by simply performing crunches; the heart rate needs to be up for calorie burning so that the fat can melt away.




Fat Loss Workout: Skater Jumps

Skater jumps utilizing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will help improve side to side power and cardiovascular ability while increase heart rate for maximum fat burn. Strap the Kbands comfort straps just above the knees and clip on the appropriate resistance bands to correspond to fitness level. Start by bending the right knee to explosively accelerate off the ground from side to side, and extend the left leg to catch the full weight of the body and then spring off the left leg. Use the glutes and hips to spring in that lateral movement and activate every leg muscle for an incredible fat loss workout. Utilize the arms to get even more power out of the movement and accelerate the heart rate for increased fat burn and muscle building. Perform three 30-second sets of the Kbands Leg Resistance Band Skaters.

Fat Loss Workout: Victory Rope Exercises for Fat Loss

Victory Rope lateral and vertical lifts are the key to this fat loss workout. Utilizing the Victory Ropes will allow the user to activate almost every muscle group in the body and burn calories and belly fat. This fat loss workout will also build shoulder strength and get the heart rate up for major fat burn from this intense workout. Mount the Victory Ropes at a low point on the wall. To perform the vertical lifts bend the knees and keep the core tight for even greater muscle activation. Keep proper spinal alignment during the vertical rope lifts and do not allow the elbow to flare for greater leverage, use the muscle of the shoulder to bring the rope up and down quickly. When the Victory Rope is up the user should be using that momentum as resistance and pulling back down, do not allow the rope to fall on its own. Enact the same rule when performing the lateral lifts, moving quickly so that that you are working against the resistance of the rope. Perform 15 reps per arm for both vertical and lateral lifts. Maintain this for 5 minutes with 30-second breaks between 15 horizontal and 15 vertical on each arm.

Next, use the fusion wall mount to mount the Victory Rope at chest level. Start with the right side next to the wall, shuffle from the wall and then drive the Victory Rope across the chest with the right arm. Use the torque of the hips to power through this movement, which will be an extreme belly fat burning movement. By utilizing multiple muscle groups this increases fat burned and muscle built. When the body has a greater amount of muscle this increases the fat loss with each movement. Perform 12 reps on each side. Take an extended rest of one minute to 90-seconds between sets and complete 4 total sets.

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Fat Loss Workout: Kbands Squat Kickers and Knee Ups

Kbands Squat Kickers will challenge the muscles of the legs and core while increasing the heart rate. This extreme Kbands muscle activation as well as increased heart rate is what will burn that belly fat quicker than simply performing crunches on the floor. While wearing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands perform 4 butt kickers and then a squat and then 4 butt kickers, repeat this sequence for a minute straight. The Kbands are going to force the user to activate the glute muscles and core for stability, this will increase muscle and fat burning throughout the body by utilizing multiple muscle groups in this simple fat loss workout. Perform 3 sets at one minute each with 30-45 seconds rest in between sets. Take a minute to 90-second break before moving to the next exercise in this fat loss workout.

Kbands Resisted Knee Ups are the next fat burning exercise. Start in a slight front lunge position and drive that knee up through the resistance of the Kbands with speed and control. Bring the arms down at the same time the knee comes up for core activation. The Kbands will force the user to activate muscles for control and stability thus increasing that essential fat burn. The resistance of the Kbands will increase muscle activation and heart rate for fat and calorie burn that is through the roof. These moves combined are sculpting the body you want and burning fat with each movement. Power through the burn for incredible results that will not disappoint. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds on each side for a total of 3 sets. Take 30 second breaks in between each set.

Kbands Live 105: Results and Recovery

All of these high intensity moves are utilizing muscular strength as well as cardiovascular for a well-rounded workout that will burn fat quickly and effectively. Burn belly fat fast with these simple yet intense moves that will bump up the heart rate and torch calories during and after the workout.

After a high intensity workout like this fat burning Kbands Live 105, recovery is vital so that muscle can be built and taken care of. Muscle is built during recovery after an intense workout and it is this muscle that will burn stubborn belly fat and help to achieve a perfectly toned body.


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