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KB-Duo (Suspension Home Training Straps)

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  • Included with your purchase of the KB Duo: Dynamic Strength XP Downloadable Training Program, 2 Adjustable Straps, Door Stopper, Extension Mounting Strap and Travel Bag.
  • Adjustable straps allow for multidirectional exercises at all ceiling heights.
  • KB Duo Mounting: Overhead | Door
  • KB Duo Chest Press
  • KB Duo Partner Pulls For Multi Directional Strength
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  • KB Duo Athlete Training
  • KB Duo Fitness Training
  • KB-Duo is a full body toning product that can hang from your doorway or around a high bar. With the Duo you will receive a bag, both adjustable straps, and an anchor strap or secure use.
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 Product Description

KB Duo Suspension Straps


The KB Duo Suspension Trainer makes training easy. This training tool will give you the mobility in your training you are looking for. Whether you're looking to install the KB Duo Suspension Trainer in your door or hang it from a secure mount the KB Duo will deliver. Build muscle, get in shape and take your athletic abilities to the next level with the KB Duo. Every exercise will challenge body control and core stability leading to explosive results. Working out with the KB Duo Suspension Trainer as little as two times a week can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

KB Duo Includes

  • Two Adjustable Suspension Straps (Up To 10ft)
  • Door Mount and Travel Bag
  • 2 Comfort Grip Handles, and Mounting Strap
  • Dynamic Strength XP Download Training Program

Learn How To Train With The KB Duo Supension Trainer

KB Duo Suspension Trainer Door Mount

Door Mount

  • Place door mount on the inside of the door pulling the door closed. Be sure the door mount is close to the hinge side of the door.
KB Duo Suspension Trainer Overhead Mount

Overhead Mount

  • Spin the Overhead Mount around a sturdy overhead anchor three times. Place one end through the last loop and pull until the strap is tight. Next place each strap carabiner around the bottom loop.

Adjusting The KB Duo Straps

Shorten The KB Duo Suspension Trainer


  • Squeeze the cam to release. While holding the cam open, pull the green strap down to desired strap length.
Lengthen The KB Duo Suspension Trainer


  • Squeeze the cam to release. While holding the cam open, pull the black strap down to desired strap length.

Adding Training Resistance

Increase Resistance By Moving Closer

More Resistance

  • Pull the KB Duo straps tight. For more resistance slide your feet closer to the mount and get started training.
Less Resistance By Moving Farther Away

Less Resistance

  • Pull the KB Duo straps tight. For less resistance slide your feet farther from the mount and get started training.
KB Duo Athlete Training

Athletes Build Strength, Core Stability and Power

If you are an athlete looking to benefit from the power of suspension training you will find amazing benefits utilizing the KB Duo Suspension Trainer. By training for strength throughout the upper and lower body you will have to stabilize your core developing the core stability needed to perform at your best during competition. With sport specific training programs and exercises hosted here on KbandsTraining.com you will find the exercises you need to get results fast.

  • Build functional core strength.
  • Strengthen muscles through full range of motion stability training.
  • Become more explosive with increased body control.
  • Build muscle anywhere with suspended body weight training.
KB Duo Fitness Training

Enhance Strength Gains and Shed Fat

Combine the power of the KB Duo Suspension Trainer with your current strength/weight loss program or utilize Dynamic Strength XP today for enhanced results. By incorporating suspension training into your everyday routine you will be able to target every muscle in your body leaving you with shorter more effective workouts. Whether you are looking to target your upper body, abs, or lower body the KB Duo Suspension Trainer will fulfill your needs.

  • Burn more calories with full body suspended movements.
  • Enhance core stability for relieved aches and pains.
  • Build strength anywhere with the KB Duo Suspension Training.


Dynamic Strength XP

Dynamic Strength XP

Dynamic Strength XP will push you to limits maximizing your results with every set to failure. By utilizing your own body weight you will find the perfect amount of resistance to take your body to the next level. Build strength, core stability and power with Dynamic Strength XP.

KB Duo Workouts

Endless Workouts

KbandsTraining.com offers hundreds of workouts for you to utilize with your KB Duo. Whether your goals are athlete driven of looking to achieve fitness goals we have created a workout for you.

Kbands Training Discounts

Group/Team Discounts

We offer group/team discounts on all orders of the KB Duo. If you have a team or group looking to enhance their results with the KB Duo save today with your order.


 Warranty Information

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Product Reviews

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  1. Like a cross cable machine

    Posted by Gino on 17th Jan 2017

    Fast Shipping and very durable suspension trainer. I like how you can separate each strap and have a wide point to pull from. It makes her feel like a cross cable machine.

  2. Perfect

    Posted by Becky on 9th Nov 2016

    Great quality product. Durable design, Easy-to-use and a pretty cool color.

  3. kb duo

    Posted by Matt on 12th Sep 2016

    Great price for the suspension straps. I like how each strap can independently be clipped. The other suspension trainer I had you had to hold both handles the entire time. Good product!

  4. Great

    Posted by Nancy on 21st Jun 2016

    We have set 10 of these up in our gym and they worked perfect. They are adjustable and very durable.

  5. Five stars

    Posted by Quinn on 18th May 2016

    Great set of suspension straps. The quality is very high and I haven't had any problems with it over the last year. There is no sliding in the straps like other suspension straps I have used.

  6. thumbs up

    Posted by James on 6th Jan 2016

    Fun exercise equipment for the house. My wife and I use it throughout the week for home workouts. Great videos too!

  7. Works perfect

    Posted by Carl on 7th Dec 2015

    I use this when I travel. It is great to travel with and fits in my bag. The straps are very durable and you can adjust them which works well for me at the hotels when I'm on the road. I also use it in the hotel gyms so the strap makes it pretty easy to hook up.

  8. Perfect price

    Posted by Don on 21st Oct 2015

    I ordered 10 of these for my gym and they have worked perfect. They extend up to 10 feet and are adjustable. After training with them for several months now they're very durable. Suspension training is the way to go.

  9. Suspension training

    Posted by Ashley on 1st Sep 2015

    Suspension training is a great workout. I do workouts outside all the time with the Duo. I like how the straps can move up and down. I have a couple places picked out at the park that are different heights so this makes it easy for me to hook them up. I will be getting some kbands next for me legs.

  10. Love this

    Posted by Cindy on 31st Jul 2015

    I love the KB Duo. I train with it outdoors weekly. Adjustable straps makes it easy to attach it to anything at the park.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 62 | Next

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