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Kbands Live 113: Bodyweight Exercises At Home

Any workout at home requires utilizing every muscle and utilizing Kbands resistance equipment to get the most efficient bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises are the perfect way to target every muscle in the body and build strength while working out in the comfort of the home. These bodyweight exercises will utilize multiple pieces of Kbands equipment including; KB Duo, Kbands Stability Ball and the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands.




Bodyweight Exercises: Kbands Single Leg Squats

This bodyweight exercises will require the use of KB Duo Suspension Straps. Mount the bands at the highest level with the Fusion Wall Mount. Slide the handle off to the side and create a loop with the fabric. Place the right foot in the loop with the band sitting across the shoes laces, not the toes but the shoelaces. Get in position to perform this bodyweight exercise as if it is a reverse lunge, the right foot is behind you and the KB Duo is hanging straight down. Begin to squat with the left leg, by lowering into the squat and sliding the right leg back. This bodyweight exercise will really challenge balance and activate muscles of the legs, hips, and core. If extra support is necessary, grab a chair and build up to performing the exercising without help. Hold tension in the muscle to get the most out of this bodyweight exercise and never allow the knee to go over the toes. Move quickly and powerfully, really focusing on the muscle activation both up and down in the squat.

Perform twelve repetitions on each leg for 5 sets. After the fifth set on each leg lower into the 90-degree angle squat position and hold that stance for 30 seconds. This bodyweight exercise is going to get the most out of every muscle fiber in the legs and burn calories as well as build defining muscle in a way weights can’t.

Bodyweight Exercises: Kbands Stability Ball Wood Choppers

This bodyweight exercise will require the use of the Kbands Stability Ball. This piece of equipment will require the user to tighten every muscle in order to maintain balance all while helping to build strength and stability. Begin in a plank position with forearms on the Stability Ball. Feet should be shoulder width apart and fingers clasped so the arms form a V-shape. Now, start the chopping motion by pulling the elbow towards the chest then pushing them back out, the ball will be rolling back and forth. This bodyweight exercise will leave the entire upper body on fire. By utilizing the Stability Ball and bodyweight the entire body is focused and muscles activated. To ensure that the core is activated and prevent lower back strain, maintain a tucked hip position and a flat back.

Perform 10-15 Reps of the linear movement and then move directly into a rotational movement. Roll the Stability Ball in a circular motion. Move the ball in a circular motion for 15 seconds in both directions. This is going to target multiple muscle groups in the core for cut and strong abdominals with this simple and effective bodyweight exercise. Perform 5 sets with 30-second breaks in between.

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Bodyweight Exercises: Kbands Stability Ball Reverse Rollers

This bodyweight exercise will have the user in a pushup position with the tops of the feet on the Stability Ball. Start with Stability Ball on the shin and the arms perpendicular to the floor. Now push the body back to where the ears are by the arms, rolling the legs back on the Stability Ball. Maintain a straight spine and keep the hips tucked under and the glutes tight to fully activate the core. This bodyweight exercise will tighten up the upper body and core by keeping the muscles under tension and using the weight of the entire body.

Perform this bodyweight exercise for 30-seconds before resting for 30-seconds. Perform a total of 5 sets. Push through the burn while maintaining form. Time under tension is the key to unlocking strength with these bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight Exercises: Kbands Hip Circles

Kbands Hip Circles are simple and highly effective resisted bodyweight exercise for the core and hip flexors. This move involves the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and is simply starting in a standing position, bringing the leg up to a 90-degree angle at the hip, and open up the hip. Then perform the resisted hip circles forward by driving the leg around in a circle, bring the knee forward, down, and then around, back to the open hip position. Perform the forward resisted hip circle for 15 seconds on each leg before moving on to the backward hip circle. The backward circle movement is the opposite of the forward and will have the user bring the knee straight up and then opening the hip and bringing the leg down and around, back to the front.

Perform this movement for 15 seconds on each leg before taking a 30-second break. Perform this entire set two more times for a total of three killer
sets. Maintain the 90-degree angle at the knee so that the hip is the primary
muscle being utilized. The stabilizing leg will also be activated and the glutes and
hips will be on fire. Push through the burn for an intense resisted body weight exercise that will challenge and strength the entire body and torch calories.

Bodyweight Exercises: KB Duo Row Extensions

Mount the KB Duo Suspension Straps on the highest Fusion Wall Mount. Grip both handles and work with footing to get into position. The closer the feet are the wall the more bodyweight will be utilized, the farther away from the wall the lighter and thus easier the bodyweight exercise will be. The angle of the body will determine how much work the user will be doing. Begin in a leaning position gripping the KB Duo handles and palms facing each other. Use the arms to row, bringing the body up with power and then transition the body to perform tricep extension at the top of the row. Then maintain activated muscle and lower the body back into the starting angled position. Maintain tension for the entire bodyweight exercise, this will get the user the most out of the whole movement. Really focus when decelerating and coming back down to the starting position. Perform this exercise for 30-40 seconds before taking a 30-second break. Perform 3 sets of this body weight exercise to tone the arms, chest, and core.

Kbands Live 113: Final Thoughts and More Bodyweight Exercises

These bodyweight exercises utilize Kbands equipment and are designed to keep the entire body activated through simple yet effective movements. By using bodyweight and challenging the balance these bodyweight exercises will increase heart rate, calories burn, and fat burn all while building strength in the comfort of home.

Another incredible bodyweight exercise video is Intense Full Body Workout for Steady Weight Loss. This workout will utilize bodyweight and Kbands equipment to torch calories and burn fat over time by utilizing bodyweight and interval training. Be sure to get all the equipment to help reach fitness and performance goals; Stability Ball, KB Duo, and Kbands Leg Resistance Bands.


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