Victory Ropes Burpee Jump | Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Victory Ropes Burpee Jump | Strength and Conditioning Workouts

When coaches are working with a large group of athletes it is important they are efficient with their time and space. Utilizing strength and conditioning workouts which incorporate multiple athletes into the training session is a great way to maximize the amount of time coaches are able to spend with their athletes.



The Victory Ropes Burpee Jump is a great strength and conditioning workout which incorporates a burpee workout with a resisted broad jump to really push athletes and improve strength and endurance. Incorporating a resisted broad jump into this burpee workout will force athletes to be more efficient when producing energy for physical activities. This burpee workout can be performed inside or outside making it a great strength and conditioning workout to use anytime of the year in any climate.

Setting Up This Group Strength And Conditioning Workout

To perform the Victory Ropes Burpee Jump athletes will need 2 Victory Ropes and a partner. To begin the burpee workout athletes will need to arrange their Victory Ropes so they are attached at the anchor straps and there is a loop which the athlete can place around their waist. To link the Victory Ropes and create loops for the athletes to perform the strength and conditioning workout athletes will first slide one Victory Rope through the other Victory Ropes anchor strap. Once the Victory Rope is through the anchor strap athletes will loop the same Victory Rope through one of its own anchor straps. Now that the Victory Ropes are connected athletes will take the middle of each Victory Rope and feed it through its remaining open anchor strap to create a loop which athletes can place around their bodies.

Although athletes will not be maxing out the stretching capabilities of the Victory Ropes it is important for coaches and athletes to be sure they have enough room to safely and effectively perform this strength and conditioning workout. Two non-stretched Victory Ropes will be 16 feet long so athletes and coaches need to ensure there is at least 20-38 feet of unimpeded space before executing this burpee workout.

Build Strength And Stamina By Performing The Victory Ropes Burpee Jump

To begin this strength and conditioning workout athletes will first ensure that their Victory Ropes are securely attached together and they have created loops and placed the Victory Ropes around their waist. Athletes will begin the burpee workout by both facing the same direction. As one athlete performs the strength and conditioning workout the opposite partner will act as an “anchor” providing resistance and moving along with the athlete throughout the burpee workout.

To begin the strength and conditioning workout athletes at the front of the Victory Ropes set up will perform a resisted broad jump, jump the legs and the hips back, take the chest to the ground, and then quickly come up off the ground and move directly into another resisted broad jump. When more advanced athletes are coming up off the ground they may perform a pushup before driving the knees to the chest, coming to their feet, and repeating this process. Athletes will perform 8-12 resisted broad jumps before switching with their partner and becoming the anchor for the strength and conditioning workout as their partner performs the burpee workout. Athletes should complete 3-5 consecutive sets of the burpee workout using their partner's sets as their rest period.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


While athletes are performing their broad jump it is important they are explosive and powerful so their bodies have to properly adapt to the new stress being placed on it. While performing the broad jump portion of the burpee workout athletes need to utilize a strong and powerful arm drive to help accelerate their bodies and force greater muscle activation in the legs and hips. By powerfully swinging the arms athletes will be using momentum to push their bodies back into the ground, forcing the effected muscles to recruit more muscle fibers to compensate for the greater tension being placed on them. This will result in a more powerful jump and greater athletic development due to the increased amount of muscle activation.

As athletes move through the strength and conditioning workout partners need to maintain proper distance from the athlete so the correct amount of tension is exerted on the athlete as they perform the burpee workout. Partners need to ensure the Victory Rope is tight so the rope does not dip down toward the ground. Partners can also communicate with the athlete performing the strength and conditioning workout to determine if more tension is needed. Athletes can maintain a proper amount of resistance in the Victory Ropes by walking with the athletes, ensuring there is no slack in the Victory Ropes, and adding additional tension if needed.

Great Workouts To Increase Strength And Conditioning

The Victory Ropes Burpee Jump is a great strength and conditioning workout which can be implemented into a team or group setting. However, in order for athletes to continually develop strength and endurance a variety of strength and conditioning workouts must be implemented into an athletic training regiment. The Dynamic Strength XP utilizes the KB Duo for a high intensity strength workout which will challenge an athletes power and explosiveness. This strength and conditioning workout is a great addition to the Victory Ropes Burpee Jumps because it builds strength throughout the body which is important for improving overall athleticism. The Explosive Cardio | Weight Loss And Muscle Gain workout found in the Training Section incorporates the Kbands Speed Ladder into a high intensity strength and conditioning workout. This fitness workout will challenge upper and lower body endurance and strength as athletes work to complete this high intensity strength building workout routine. Athletes should try to mix in these different workouts so their bodies do not adapt to their training and to keep a lot of variety in the workouts. These higher intensity workouts should generally be saved for the end of a training session. Athletes will want to perform more technical or quick explosive workouts at the beginning of a training session when they are fresh and have not yet expended a large amount of energy.


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