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The best way to improve athletic abilities is to have a training plan. Strength and conditioning does not just mean lifting weights. Lifting weights can improve the body’s strength, but it does not always translate to sport specific abilities. Plyometrics are a great addition to strength training. Drills such as the box jump are an excellent transition from strength and conditioning to explosive power throughout the legs and core.



Strength Training | What Height Box Should Be Used

To begin with the plyometric box jump athletes should choose the correct box type. Athletes will often challenge themselves and grab the tallest box they can find in the weight room. This is the exact opposite of what needs to be done during the plyometric box jump. If an athlete chooses a box that is too high he or she will not be able to quickly jump from the top of the box to the floor and back up again. There will periodically be hesitations at the top or bottom because the height is too great. The box height should be challenging yet achievable. As athletes progress they can increase the box height for continuous improvement. Remember the key to every plyometric exercise is getting off of the ground as fast as possible. So as long as quickness can be maintained athletes must challenge themselves with the box height.

Get Results Faster | Leg Resistance Bands

The box jump is not only a plyometric exercise, it can also be considered a great drill for strength training. Every explosive jump with Kbands will fire the hips, glutes, and lower core with every movement. The leg resistance bands are designed to add resistance through explosive sport specific moves. They add resistance while still allowing full range of motion. Muscles will respond with greater muscle contraction each and every rep. The goal of a plyometric exercise is to overload the muscle with a higher muscle contraction over and over again to train the neurological systems and muscle recruitment during exercise. Kbands allow the body to reach the optimal goals of muscle recruitment very easily.

Kbands also have an added bonus. The glutes and hips are in charge of internal knee rotation. This is where most athletes find themselves in trouble. Making turns and cuts with instability in the joints will often lead to ACL injuries or even meniscus tears. When using Kbands athletes will strengthen the muscles and ligaments in charge of knee stability with every sport specific training session. A training program must have an injury prevention element or it is not complete. Athletes must work to stay safe while becoming as explosive as possible.


Strength and Conditioning | How Many Is To Many

Athletes should be careful with the time durations of this exercise. The box jump should never be used as an endurance workout. The body is made to only be explosive for a short duration. Short bursts of the box jump will be very beneficial to increase speed, explosiveness, and vertical jump height. More advanced athletes should be completing a box jump set with a 12 to 16 second working duration followed by a minute and a half of rest in between sets. A beginner athlete should begin with sets of 8 to 12 second working durations followed by a minute and a half of rest in between sets. Each athlete should complete the box jump for a maximum of 3 to 4 sets. Completing plyometric drills for longer durations or more sets will defeat the purpose of the exercise. Take long-duration 4 to 5 minute rest periods between plyometric exercises and combine them with 3 to 4 drills for an excellent plyometric training day.

Faster Results | Ready to Get to The Next Level

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