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Thigh Exercises Are Not Just For The Thighs

It might come as a surprise to many, but the benefits of thigh exercises and other leg training workouts are not limited to just legs. For starters, the thigh exercises mentioned on this website will give you sizable quads to match your upper body. It might sound counter-intuitive, but lower-body training is known to stimulate the upper-body muscle growth. The benefits are not limited to sheer aesthetics: the leg workout will increase your testosterone levels which in turn will boost your muscle-building and metabolism. What’s more? Scientific research has proved that squats and other thigh exercises enhance your body’s potential to burn fat, meaning that you no longer have to snub your favorite food, just to stay in shape.



Now that we know about the role of thigh exercises and how this leg workout is a game changer in the one’s daily fitness regime, let’s find out how it can help professional athletes. The power generated from your lower half of the body is essential for nearly every sport. It is particularly useful in sports where speed matters; the lower body workout makes you faster and more explosive, making you better at sprinting and jumping. Even the endurance sports like boxing and MMA rely heavily on the core strength and conditioning, which again calls for strong legs.

Lower-body strength also reduces your chances of sports injury; multi-joint compound exercises like squat jumps promote stability in the knee and the posterior chain, besides increasing your balance, developing your proprioception. Additionally, the thigh exercises such as squats and lunges mentioned here will widen your range of motions, improving the mobility in your joints for an enhanced output. Therefore, the exercises for thighs mentioned on this page mean much more than mere leg workout and will promote your overall body fitness, keeping you at the top of your game.

Innovative Thigh Exercises With KB Duo Suspension Straps

Whether you are a gym junkie or an outdoor fitness enthusiast, beginner or a fitness buff; regular gym-goer or always on the move, our KB Duo Suspension Straps are a perfect answer to all your fitness needs. All you need to do is find the right place to strap on our KB Duo Suspension Straps and you are set for a challenging workout that is fun, too. These suspension belts use your own bodyweight for resistance and give you the mobility in your workout that you are looking for. Take your athletic abilities to the next level with the KB Duo which will turn the thigh exercises into a grueling workout for an enhanced your body control and core stability.

Working out with our KB Duo Suspension Straps for as little as two times a week will make all the difference and bring you closer to your fitness goals. You will notice the difference as your quads grow stronger, your core becomes stable and overall strength in your legs goes through the roof; your body will experience intensely high energy levels that can carry you through most of the daily chores with superhuman abilities. Even the pro-level athletes stand to gain a lot from these thigh exercises using KB Duo Suspension Straps, which will boost their mobility, endurance and core strength, ultimately giving them a leg up on their competitors.

Getting Started With Thigh Exercises: Squat Jumps

The only thing you would require for this exercise for thighs is a firm anchor point at a good height above your head to secure your KB Duo Suspension Straps. With two adjustable straps that can be hung from either a mounted bar or a door frame, these highly-portable straps will get you set for an intense workout.

To get in the right stance, keep your hips back, back straight and your head facing forward, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Walk away from the KB Duo and try to jump as high as possible; this is good for cardio vascular muscles and spikes up your heart rate. When you land, lower your body back into the squat position, keeping your hips back to complete one rep. You need to carry out the rest of the reps in similar fashion for one whole minute. When you are done, take a short break of 30 seconds before trying our lateral drill, which is discussed in the next section. These squat jumps primarily work the legs and midsection – majorly, the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, abdominals, quadriceps and calves -- by alternately stretching and contracting the muscles. Your core and abdominal muscles are also doing hard work to keep your spine aligned and your upper body straight, making it a great all-body workout, instead of just exercise for thighs.


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Getting Started With Thigh Exercises: Side Lunges

This thigh exercise follows the squat jumps mentioned in the earlier section and is an equally effective way to tone up your lower body. After completing the squat jumps, relax for 30 seconds before reaching for the suspension straps again. To get the stance right, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and the toes pointing forward. Maintain a straight lower back and tight core as you hop on to one side, bringing your hips down until your thigh is parallel with the floor. Hold this stance for a while and slowly push yourself back to the starting position. Since the glutes on your leading leg do most the work in this thigh exercise, make sure you do the same number of reps on each leg to work both sides equally. Continue this drill for a minute and repeat this set for six sets before taking a break or moving on to the next exercise. The side lunge with KB Duo Suspension Straps is a great variation of the lunge and is an excellent workout for developing the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Step Up The Resistance In Your Thigh Exercises With KB Duo Suspension Straps Anytime And Anywhere

As mentioned earlier, the exercises for thighs serve a bigger purpose in your workout routine than just giving you strong legs. Incorporating suspension training into your leg workout routine will boost your fat-burning ability, besides enhancing your core stability, strength and stamina. The best part about our KB Duo Suspension Straps is that they are highly portable and can be tucked away in one corner of your suitcase if you are on the go, ensuring that you do not miss out on workouts even if you miss the gym.

There is a whole range of full-body drills that can be performed with our suspension straps to break you into a sweat and give you an intense workout. Explore the world of health and fitness as you go through our products section and add a zing to your monotonous gym routine with our unique products. If you feel really perked up for a grueling workout, all you need to do is order a pair of KB Duo Suspension Straps and see your fitness levels soar in just a few workouts.


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