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Kbands Resisted Knee Ups During Hip Flexor Exercises

Core training is one of the most important training requirements for boxers and MMA fighters. The core is a collective name for all the muscles in your abdominal and lower back areas- it includes all the abdominal muscles as well as the muscles associated with the spine and the hip flexors. A strong core forms the base of explosive, powerful movements; therefore, training hip flexors will improve your speed as well as your punches and kicks.



During the resistance training, the placement and type of resistance can affect the explosiveness of your punches and kicks. After all, the whole intent and purpose of this drill is to help you develop strong core muscles. Athletic resistance equipment like the Kbands Resisted Knee Ups is an amazing tool to help you improve your speed - it blows away any other speed training technique.

You need to strap on the Kband Resisted Knee Ups just above our knees; the placement of the leg straps is crucial for ensuring proper resistance during each natural stride. Placing the leg straps too high will prevent adequate resistance while placing them too low will prevent you from natural explosive range of motion. For this workout, you need to get down in a four-point position. The two resistance bands have different slightly lengths to apply individualized resistance to different muscle groups. The posterior and anterior (front and back) positioned resistance bands allow proper resistance to be placed on the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and abdominal muscles. The development of these muscles is crucial for boxing training athletes to develop a powerful punch, kick, or any other explosive movement.

Mountain Climbers and Cross-knee drills

The traditional mountain climber is a good workout for your core muscles, particularly the hip flexors. It improves your balance, agility and coordination. The proper alignment of the involved muscles is of great importance while performing the mountain climber. You need to make sure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders, and your legs and arms are straight. To perform the movement, you need to lift your right foot off the floor and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Then, you need to return to the starting position and repeat with your other leg. You can alternate legs with each rep or do sets of one leg at a time. We also add the cross knee to the mountain climber in order to get the most out of your hip flexor workout. These explosive sets challenge your body and strengthen your core areas.

A 45-second mountain-climber workout, followed by 30-second cross-knee is enough to give you a strong core. However, you must remember to focus on your posture and should not let your body sag. A great posture and power on your shoulders will produce top-notch results for the overall strength and agility of your core. In order to notch up the benefits from the workouts, we strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above the knees, and you need to push through the resistance throughout the rounds. After about 4-6 resisted sets, you need to follow it up with 2-3 unresisted sets for an amazing workout of those core muscles.


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Kbands Resisted Knee Ups: Resisted vs. Unresisted

When you perform resisted sets with Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, you need to focus on pushing through the resistance during these explosive workouts (mountain-climber and cross knee) that challenge your body. When you remove the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and perform the unresisted sets, you need to focus on being quick since speed training is crucial to this workout. After completing the resisted and unresisted training, following it up with drills that improve the cardiovascular ability and strength is advisable.

Optimize your core strength training

The Kbands Resisted Knee Ups is a great way for athletes to develop their core strength for improved endurance, coordination, strength, posture and balance.
Core development is of crucial importance for any MMA, weightlifter, martial artist, boxer or sports athlete. Its importance can’t be stressed enough for the dedicated fighters who count on core strength workouts for increasing their explosive power, strength, mobility, while simultaneously reducing the stress on their bodies, as well as their susceptibility to injuries.

Earlier in this article, we discussed the resistance training with the
Kbands for an increased speed, core strength and explosive punches which can be attained by using the Kbands during boxing and MMA training sessions. If you feel inspired by the workout and look forward to having a strong core for an improved overall health, grab a set of Kbands and start training today


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