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Using Dynamic Fitness Drill For Boxing Conditioning

Boxing conditioning entails many unique dynamics that do not apply to other competitive sports. First off, boxers and other combat sport participants often spend long periods of time training between competitive situations. This requires using many dynamic fitness exercises to ensure athletes are properly challenging their bodies by adapting and changing what type of training exercises they are performing.

Dynamic fitness movements are optimal for boxers and fighters due to the similarities these dynamic fitness drills will have with their sports specific training and movements during competition. No athlete ever just uses one body part or movement to be successful in their sport. Boxing is no different, as athletes must use a good combination of upper and lower body strength, quickness, power, and control in order to be successful.

Using dynamic fitness drills like the Boxing Conditioning Superset will allow athletes to challenge their conditioning, leg power, upper body and core strength, as well as mobility. Using the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands during the Boxing Conditioning Superset will further allow the legs to be conditioned and strengthened during the split squat portion, as their upper body and core are challenged during the spiderman push up portion of the Boxing Conditioning Superset.



Prepare Your Body For Dynamic Fitness

Before participating in any kind of dynamic fitness training or boxing conditioning athletes will need to go through a complete warm up. This warm up should include 3 components which are flexibility training, myofascial release techniques, and dynamic warm ups. Flexibility training incorporates different manipulations of the limbs and trunk of the body to increase the length of the muscle, increasing flexibility. Myofascial release techniques can be performed with the Recovery Foam Roller and will help to break up knotted muscle fascia to help limit altered movements due to soreness in a muscle. Dynamic warm ups help to lubricate joints and increase the number of muscle fibers actively working to move a particular part of the body.

All three warm up techniques can be explored in greater detail in the Recovery Section and Training Section. Use these techniques and drills to increase sports performance and limit injuries during training and competition.


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Advanced Boxing Conditioning Superset

The Kbands Boxing Conditioning Superset incorporates Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to create a dynamic fitness training experience for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Before beginning the Boxing Conditioning Superset, athletes and coaches should be sure to utilize the correct amount of resistance. Athletes who are new to using the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands should start with the Red Resistance Bands and perform 1-2 sets of the Boxing Conditioning Superset to gauge the resistance and intensity experienced with the Red Leg Resistance Bands. If more resistance is needed for the dynamic fitness drill athletes can advance into using the Green Leg Resistance Bands, and then into using the Blue Bands that will provide the greatest amount of resistance.

To begin the Kbands Boxing Conditioning Superset athletes will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands attached just above their knees. Athletes should also utilize a partner, coach, or stopwatch to keep track of working sets and recovery time.

Athletes will begin the dynamic fitness drill by performing a 25-30 second round of resisted “split jumps”. Split jumps require the athlete to move into the “split” or “lunge” position with one foot extended in front of the athlete and one foot extended behind the athlete. The front foot of the athlete should be directly under the knee so a 90 degree angle at the knee is achieved and the front thigh is parallel to the ground. The back foot will be slightly extended to support balance, however, the majority of the weight should be placed on the front heel. From this starting position athletes will powerfully shoot their arms up as they jump into the air, switch feet, and land with the opposite foot in the front and the opposite foot to their rear.

Athletes will continue this alternating split jump for 25-30 seconds before stopping and immediately moving into the spiderman push up phase of the Boxing Conditioning Superset. The spiderman push up portion of the dynamic fitness drill requires athletes to come into a proper push up position, perform one push up, then drive their knee to their shoulder. As athletes perform the spiderman push up they should keep their shoulders, hips, and chest square to the ground while keeping the thigh of the driving leg as much in line with their torso as possible. To complete the spiderman push up sequence athletes will perform one push up, then four alternating lateral knee drives (2 with each leg), before moving into the push up again and repeating the four knee drives. Athletes will perform 4 rounds of the spiderman push ups before stopping and resting for 35-45 seconds.

To complete one full set of the Boxing Conditioning Superset athletes will perform a 25-30 second round of resisted split jumps followed by four full sets of the spiderman push ups. Athletes will complete 4 resisted rounds of the full Boxing Conditioning Superset before moving into other dynamic fitness or sports specific training drills.

After completing the resisted sets of the Boxing Conditioning Superset athletes should remove the resistance bands and perform an equal number of sets and reps unresisted. Athletes should notice they have greater flexibility and mobility during the unresisted sets. The spiderman push ups should be easier to perform with a greater range of motion.

Dynamic Fitness Drill: Better Form Equals Better Results

To maximize the intensity and benefits attained from the dynamic fitness exercises which make up the Boxing Conditioning Superset athletes and coaches will need to pay a great deal of attention to how the exercises are being executed.

When performing the split jumps portion of the Boxing Conditioning Superset athletes need to utilize a great arm swing when launching off the ground. Athletes should also focus on driving off their front heel while bending at the ankle, knee, and hips when landing.

When performing the spiderman push ups athletes need to squeeze their shoulder blades together and ensure their hands stay in proper position in line with their chest and placed under the elbows. Athletes who struggle to perform push ups can perform the spiderman push ups from their knees.


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