Gladiator Workout Slams | MMA Training

Gladiator Workout Slams | MMA Training

Published by Trevor Theismann on 11th Dec 2021

Gladiator Workout Slams | MMA Training

Kbands Victory Ropes are a variation of the traditional battle ropes. The battle/ heavy ropes had their origin in the combat sports and are still, the most preferred choice for building strength and conditioning in boxing and MMA training. Particularly, in MMA, your fight is all about your core strength and calls for high-intensity, whole-body workout that gets your muscles moving in new ways. As a fighter, you need to have a strong grip, forearm, core, and shoulder strength.

Just one look at the dynamics of MMA fights is enough to understand how the movements like pushing, push offs, grappling, and punches can be enhanced with the help of ropes. Therefore, while the battling ropes are widely used by athletes, boxers and MMA fighters, their use is not limited to just the professionals. The beauty of these ropes is that they can be used by anyone, whether an amateur or a professional, for an increased strength, stamina and cardiovascular health. With the help of gladiator workout mentioned in this website, you can notch up the intensity of your workout.

Gladiator Workout With Victory Ropes For MMA Training

While there are many ways to use the ropes - whipping, slamming, dragging, or moving them in waves, the good news is that all of these movements will give you an intense all-over body workout. Our Victory Ropes will work the muscles in your abs, back, and glutes, and by incorporating movements, such as jumps, lunges, and squats, you can work your legs, too. These ropes offer you an unprecedented conditioning workout by utilizing the muscles in your shoulders and hips, stabilizing your core, and by balancing your spine during explosive movements. Therefore, when you use Victory Ropes for performing Gladiator Workout Slams, you develop a strong core, which makes it highly useful exercise for MMA training. After all, combat sports are about maximum conditioning and building a powerful core.

Added Benefits Of Using Kbands Victory Ropes

While working out with Victory Ropes is an intense workout for your entire body, it is also a highly safe form of exercise that does not cause injuries. Without putting excessive stress on your joints, these ropes allow you to maximize your oxygen deficit, heart rate and compound training. Unlike other high-impact activities, Victory Ropes do not strain your body; in fact, they work on the weak muscles of your body and infuse strength and power in them.

Besides, working out with Victory Ropes is also great resistance training. It works out your cardiovascular system, protecting your muscle mass, all the while increasing your strength. Yet another important feature of our Victory Rope is that they allow a greater range of movement, allowing for a huge scope for experimentation. There are many variations of exercises that can be performed using Victory Ropes, making it a relatively inexpensive way to build your core strength and body balance, which is the crux of MMA training.

Getting Started With Victory Ropes For MMA Training

Kbands Victory Ropes are a great way to increase Power, Strength, Endurance, and Explosiveness .The Strength and Conditioning Victory Ropes are an explosive training tool utilized to maximize power. The Victory Ropes enhance an athlete‚Äôs ability to train with resisted drag sprints, dynamic resisted agility drills, upper body power slams, and rotational torque drills. Each Victory Rope is 8 feet and can extend up to 20 feet. The Victory Ropes have 4 extra strength power resistance bands wrapped in a textured safety sleeve to make these an essential part of your training equipment. The Strength and Conditioning Victory Ropes are designed for power exercises, particularly useful in MMA training. Anchor Straps are attached to each end enabling athletes to train with the Victory Ropes in their hands, attached to a mount, ankles, or double up the Victory Ropes for up to 40 feet of resistance.

Gladiator Workout Slams - Double Arm Slam

Well, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Gladiator Workout Slams with Victory Ropes is kind of like running sprints for your arms .To get started with the ropes, you need to wrap the anchor straps around your wrists and pull them tight. The Victory Ropes are designed for a high intensity workout such that the resistance offered by each of the ropes is equivalent to the one offered by four levels of resistance bands. Because of the weight of the ropes, you are going to get an extremely high level of muscle activation on your way up and down. To get started with the Gladiator Workout Slams, first of all, you need to develop a firm grip on the ropes. Firmly grasping the rope in each hand, you need to bring the rope up and slam it down with full force onto the ground. Focus on your stance during the movement since posture is the key word here; your feet should be firmly rooted to the ground; you need to move explosively with your back flexed; keep great posture on your chest; your grip on the rope should be firm; and your legs should be slightly bent, in a ready stance. Remember to build the power in the core and deliver it through arms in each rep.

Gladiator Workout Slams - Single Arm Whip

Once you finish 30 seconds of the Gladiator Double Arm Slam, we are immediately going to get on with the Single Arm Whip. While remaining in the same position and stance, we are going to be working low and intense, right in front of our chest. As you grow tired, you will find that your arms will tend to move up higher and you will find it increasingly difficult to maintain the width between the ropes. As you strive to keep the momentum going by keeping the ropes right in front of your face, you will work out your triceps, lats and your entire core muscles.

Having Fun With Victory Ropes

While we have mentioned some of the best ways to workout with Victory Ropes in this article, there is no end to the amount of options to experiment with the Victory Ropes. As mentioned earlier, these are highly versatile ropes that can be incorporated in all sorts of training schedules. In fact, you can combine squats and lunges with whips, wave, slams or any other form of rope exercise to make it interesting and receiving added benefits and taking your MMA Training to the next level.

Since the Gladiator Workout Slams are both a strength and endurance workout, you can burn more fat, enhance muscle tone, and condition your body without having to visit the gym. The Gladiator Workout Slams with our Victory Ropes for only a fraction of the time spent in the gym will break you into a sweat, giving you great strength and conditioning. So, grab a pair of Kbands Victory Ropes and wave, slam or whip your way to a powerful core and a well-toned body.

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