Leg Exercise Bands | 30 Minute Exercise Bands Routine

Leg Exercise Bands | 30 Minute Exercise Bands Routine

Published by Trevor Theismann on 16th Aug 2021

Kbands Leg Exercise Bands 30 Minute Exercise Bands Routine

This video takes viewers through a 30-minute session of intense cardio and full body toning using the targeted resistance of the Kbands leg exercise bands. The moves demonstrated in this session can help any person at any experience level develop core strength and endurance, raise the heart rate, burn fat, and increase power, flexibility and range of motion.

With the added tension of the Kbands leg exercise bands, a cardio workout like this one moves quickly to the next level. Since the routine requires extra energy and drive, the heart rate increases faster. And since the extra resistance of the fitness bands places tension on large and small muscle groups, strength-building happens faster as well. Viewers can use this fitness bands routine to get more out of an ordinary workout and push the body to new limits within the same time frame.

As they tackle this fast, intense, and highly effective workout, viewers can build health and attack fat on several fronts at the same time: First, activating muscle groups always builds strength, but adding the Kbands fitness bands can target and awaken subtle muscle interactions that aren’t activated by standard lifts and twists. Second, once muscles are strengthened, they burn energy and diminish fat faster, even when the person is asleep. Second, strengthening muscles—especially those of the core, or lower torso— will make the entire body more efficient, so viewers gain more benefits from future workouts.

Kbands Fitness Bands: Executing the 30-Minute Routine

Viewers can start the exercise with a few seconds of trunk twisters. The feet should be planted shoulder width apart, the center should be slightly lowered, and the arms should be raised at the shoulder and slightly bend. The body can be moved in a controlled twist from right to left. Next, athletes can move into a set of unresisted knee lifts. The leg exercise bands have not yet been attached to the straps, so this move will be mild and low impact. Viewers can raise the right knee and then the left, planting the foot fully back onto the floor before raising the other foot. After about ten reps, viewers can shake the legs out and move onto the next exercise in the series.

Hamstring stretches: Viewers can plant the feet wide and stretch the palms toward the floor, first to the left, then the center, then the right.

Butt kicks: The stretch continues with rapid knee bends that bring the heel toward the glutes.

Static standing quad stretch: Viewers can stand with one foot planted and raise the other foot behind the body, holding in in place with the hands and gently stretching the quad.

Jumping jacks: Jumping jacks are a great way to gently loosen and stretch the muscles of the arms and legs, while building strength with the fitness bands.

Standing heel-up stretches: Viewers can support the knee while lifting the foot in front of the body.

Shoulder stretches: The arm can be kept straight and pulled gently across the body while being held in place by the other arm.

Tricep stretch: Viewers can raise the arm over the head and then bend at the elbow, stretching and loosening the tricep.

Arm circles: 20-second arms circles can start small, then become large.

Attach the Kbands Leg Exercise Bands and Start Building the Intensity

After stretching and warming up, it will be time to target the lower body. Viewers can clip the leg exercise bands to the leg straps and start pushing the large muscles groups of the legs, glutes, and lower back.

Forward and reverse lunges: The toes should be aligned and the hips should be centered. Start with the right, then the left. Complete ten on each side.

Squat Jumps: Viewers can spread the feet, lower the center, then jump straight up twenty times. The last two moves can be repeated again from the beginning.

Targeting the Abs

After working the lower body, viewers can move onto the abs. A floor mat can be laid down, the leg exercise bands can be clipped in place, and users can start with a set of bicycle kicks. The opposite elbows should touch the opposite knees in 20-second sets.

Long Scissors: Viewers can keep the hands underneath butt, the head back, and the legs straight. Raise the left then the right.

Sit ups: Keep the legs planted and hands behind head. Raise the body toward the ceiling.

Frog Chops: Form the hands like a hatchet and curl up. Complete 20 second sets.

Upright bicycle kicks: Viewers can sit up and begin kicking the feet forward against the resistance of the fitness bands. This can be repeated five times, followed by a return to bicycles.

Kbands Leg Exercise Bands: Full Cardio Workout

After working the lower body, and then the abs, users can now move into a full cardio workout session. The mats can be rolled away and viewers can return to a full standing position.

Knee Lifts: Plant one foot on the ground. Raise the other knee to the chest then push the foot back, then raise the knee again. Elevate the arms at each lift.

Foot plant without knee lift: Do the same move, but plant the foot as it moves forward instead of raising the knee.

Knee Lift with Trunk Twist: Viewers can raise the knee, but this time, touch the knee with the opposite elbow. Stay in balance, and keep the arms raised and under control. Complete this move for 20 seconds, then switch to the other side.

Full Body Lean: Viewers can plant the feet wide, raise the arms high, then lean forward and place the palms on the ground. Then stand up again and raise the arms high. Keep repeating this move for 20 seconds.

High Speed Knee Lifts: Viewers can repeat the knee lift move completed earlier, but at a faster pace. This can be followed by the foot plant with no knee lift, also at a faster pace. Then viewers can move into the knee lift that touches the knee to the opposite elbow. Then finally, viewers can move into a higher speed, higher intensity version of the full body lean.

At this point, viewers can take a break for a few minutes and relax, taking deep breaths and gently shaking the legs to relax the muscles.

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