High Intensity Cardio Workout


High Intensity Cardio Workout

Strength training and simple weight lifting can help tone and tighten large muscle groups in the arms, legs, and core, but working just one muscle group at a time will never help you fully maximize the body’s fat burning potential as well as a high intensity workout focused on cardio. This is because the body’s metabolic processes shift in response to the activity of one muscle, the heart, above all others. The heart holds primary control over which forms of stored energy are broken down to supply the demands of working muscles, and how this breakdown takes place.

When the heart moves rapidly from resting to maximum rate and back again, the body uses one form of energy (typically glycogen stored right inside the muscles). For longer periods of sustained moderate activity, it uses another (usually glycogen stored in the liver). The type of activity that directs the body to break down stored fat reserves in the most efficient way usually happens during a high intensity cardio workout with minimal breaks, one that lasts for at least five minutes.

This kind of high intensity workout pushes the heart rate into the “fat burning zone”, which happens when the heart beats at a speed between 40 and 65 percent of its maximum rate. The faster you enter this zone, and the longer you can stay there without stopping, the more the your body fat reserves will be tapped into, broken down, and burned away as energy.


Burn Fat with a Great Cardio Workout

Any high intensity workout with a strong cardio focus can burn fat reserves fast. But an interval workout that shifts demand from one large muscle group to another can also help build total body muscle strength. And since strong, well-conditioned muscle tissue requires considerable energy to sustain, a cardio workout like the one below depletes fat reserves on two fronts. First, when the heart rate rises into the 40-to-60-percent zone, body fat reserves are burned for energy. Later, when you are sitting still or even sleeping, their conditioned muscles continue burning energy at elevated levels.

In the video below, the Kbands trainers demonstrate a three-part cardio workout interval training set that targets the heart and helps you build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

High Intensity Workout: Squat Jumps

Before beginning the first set of this cardio workout, you will need to attach the Kbands around their upper legs to create a strong level of resistance. Then, standing with feet just wider than shoulder width apart, you will need to bend at the knees and push the rear end backwards into squat position. The hands should come down and touch the ankles, then you should raise your arms into the air and jump straight up. When returning to the floor, you should try to land lightly. For maximum effect, the move should entail an explosive jump followed by a controlled, graceful landing. This cardio workout move should be repeated 20 times in quick succession.

High Intensity Workout: One Leg Push-ups

For the second cardio workout move in this set, you will need to stand up straight, drop the left foot back behind the right, and raise both arms into the air. Once they’re in this position, you should bring the arms forward and lean toward the floor while lifting the left foot backward against the resistance of the Kbands.

You should fall forward until their palms touch the floor and their weight is supported by their arms. Then you should bend at the elbows and complete a single push up before standing back up and bringing the left foot back to the floor. After five repetitions with the left foot raised, you should switch sides and complete five more reps raising the right foot. To obtain maximum cardio workout benefits, it’s important to maintain control during this move from beginning to end.

High Intensity Workout: Squat Knee Ups

Without stopping, you should move quickly into the third and final set of this cardio workout cycle. This last high intensity workout set involves squat knee ups, which begin in standing position with the feet just wider than shoulder width apart. You should bend at the knees, push the rear back and drop into squat position, not letting the knees come further forward than the level of the toes. You should then straighten to a standing position while lifting the left knee up toward the chest. Then the left knee should drop down as the body returns to squat position. Each time you straighten into standing position they should raise the knee on alternate sides. This cardio workout move should be repeated twenty times at a rapid pace with no breaks.

During each of these exercises, you should concentrate on maintaining speed, breathing deeply, and staying in control of their body position. Tight control and a rapid pace will help you get more muscle burning and fat building benefits from any high intensity workout.

This entire set of three cardio workout exercises should be repeated three times. Between each full set of three cardio workout exercises, you should rest and let their heart rate drop for about 30 seconds. A controlled rest period allows the heart to maintain the energy to jump back into the fat burning zone as soon as the next round begins.

Cardio Workout: Final Notes

For all three of these cardio workout moves, the Kbands resistance training equipment can add an additional level of tension that allows you to increase your results and get closer to their fat burning goals. For more information on cardio workout routines, fat loss, strength training resources, and muscle building tips, visit the Kbands website at Kbands The site provides specific training kits for a wide range of workout goals including performance improvement in sports like basketball, football, cheerleading, and track. The site also offers purchasing information for the Kbands (used in this video) and other equipment including the KB PowerBands and the KB Duo.


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