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A Resistance Training Workout Specifically For Women

Welcome back to the workout blog! Today we’ll be taking a few minutes to demonstrate how the KB Duo, Kbands, and KB Powerbands can be used specifically by women to support a balanced resistance training program. Strength training for women and strength training for men are similar in terms of technique and the way moves vary to fit specific goals. But since women’s bodies differ, we’ve been hearing a barrage of responses from women about our Flex2Fit workouts. Women viewers are asking how these moves can be customized and how they look when completed by female athletes. Women are also asking how they can get the most out of the KB Duo, Kbands, and KB Powerbands.

In response, Tracy will be joining us on the blog today to demonstrate some of the resistance training moves involved in targeted strength training for women.

Before we get started, make sure your Kbands are securely in place around your upper legs, with the short band in back and the long band in front. If you have trouble using the Kbands, check out this article and video on how to put on Kbands. You’ll also want to make sure your KB Duo is attached tightly to a sturdy overhead anchor point like a weight rack, as we’ve demonstrated in the video.



Workout Reps Workout Sets

One Legged Squat




10-15 2-3
Straight Arm Pullovers


Resistance Training and Strength Training for Women: Exercise 1

Hold a handle of the KB Duo in each hand and step away from the anchor point. Facing the anchor, lean back until your elbows are straight and your weight is supported by the bands. Then crouch into squat position. While your knees are bent, lift your right foot, straighten your right knee, and swing your leg wide at the hip. Feel the resistance-training tension in your glutes as you do this. Then bring the leg back in, straighten your knees into standing position, and bend at the elbows to lift yourself up. As you swing your leg out each time, don’t point your toes. Keep your heel flexed to maximize the pressure in your glutes.

Complete this resistance training move six to eight times on each side. Now let’s move on to some rotation work.

Resistance Training and Strength Training for Women: Exercise 2

For this next resistance training move, attach the KB Powerbands to an upright anchor point. Then grip the free handle and step away from the anchor until the band is tight. Standing parallel to the band with your feet wider than shoulder width apart, hold the handle in both hands. Keeping your elbows straight, pull the band to its full length, then relax it back to a point even with your midsection.

As you complete this part of the resistance training program, keep your weight evenly distributed over both legs. Don’t allow your body to lean in the direction of your motion. If you do this, you may compromise your results and strain your knees.

Resistance Training and Strength Training For Women: Exercise 3

Strength training for women often means targeting areas where women tend to want definition, and this next move can help define the line in the shoulder muscle. Keeping your body in the same position as in the previous move, shift the handle of the KB Powerbands to the hand farthest from the anchor point. Now repeat the previous move with this arm only. Keeping your elbow straight, pull the handle from your center line out to the side, and back during a count of three full seconds. Complete this resistance training move 12 to 15 times on each side.

Resistance Training and Strength Training for Women: Final Notes

These moves provide great strength training for women and men both. Just remember to keep an eye on your technique and keep the tension focused in areas where you’d like to build strength and add muscle definition. Subscribe above, and as always, we welcome your thoughts in the comment section below. Enjoy the workout!


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